My #MightyEarplugs From @EarplugsOnline Arrived!

I had such high hopes on these earplugs but unfortunately i have a Negative Review – they didNt work 4 me ,for my extremely Bad homelife (where theres noise all around almost 24/7 AND im going through the last & worst bit of my Tribulation Life suffering! 😦 I followed the instructions ,stuck it in my ear & it didnt block out even my “mothers” noise in the kitchen. These Earplugs should be R90 & come to a total of R130 with shipping&VAT. I hope to find earplugs (that look like those earpieces celebrity singers wear when they’re on stage) that will work like soundproofing -soon 😦


To #PersecutedChristians in #SouthAfrica

Sites U shud regularly visit >> (VOM) , , ,, , persecution,org (ICC) , << Im being ostracized & persecuted by my family & neighbours (& a few others) 4 being a christian, praying 4 me is great, thanks but I’d like 2 Connect with you, who are out of/way past your tribulation lives coz maybe you can help me (the person who helps me must be preferably a man)

Another Fault with #MedimarlPharmacy in #Tongaat #KZN

MediMarlI sent them an email (to the email address provided in this newspaper ad of theirs) on the 8/july/2017, they could’ve replied (answering my 4 questions) on that monday the 10th/july/2017 but uptil now the 8/aug/2017 they havent! So then WHY did they provide that email address if they’re Not gonna reply/respond to our questions ??!!

@Facebook #Blocking Ppl’ worse than #Censorship !


Around the 27/Feb/2017, I saw facebook blocked my acct (whose name (not url) was “Carson Trump”) (they say “temporarily blocked” but since i cant use my acct at all, it feels like they’ve permanently blocked my acct!)

After i enter my login details, they ask me to rewrite a word captcha then they ask me to “upload my govt-issued ID which must include your name, D.O.B. & photo. Acceptable IDs include ; your passport, driving licence, military ID card, immigration ID with signature. Bear in mind that we cant accept your profile picture” (my profile pic was of a collage of Mr Trump & Dr Ben Carson…). More than once they say they’ll delete our IDs after they’ve reviewed it but…dont know if we can believe this.

It seems like this “upload your ID” thing is Compulsory coz when u click on “continue”, Under “choose file”, theres a box to tick & in brackets next to it, it says :(i understand thast i wont get help getting my facebook acct back, if i dont upload my ID)! On Thursday 2nd/March/2017, i Uploaded my ID ,afterwards it said ; “Thank u, we’ll get in touch with u at the email address u provided, after we’ve revieved your ID. U will now be logged out of facebook”. Afterwards they sent me a sms (text) with a link (coz i used to login with my cellphone (mobile) number , Not with my email address), clicking on this link went to Facebook Help who said : “U contacted  facebook, thank u for submitting your ID (open) Case no.#___”

About 3 hours later, they sent me a 2nd sms with a link, clicking on this link Facebook Help said “Thanks for contacting us. It looks like we couldNt confirm that u’re the owner of this acct because u didnt provide ID with info that matches the acct details (this is a lie coz they could’ve matched my facebook url to my ID name & seen that i am the owner of this acct & my ID upload DID show clearly my name, D.O.B. & photo but maybe there was a problem coz there’s Many other ppl with the same name…but then facebook shud’ve told me this!). The info we need includes :your name,D.O.B. ,your photo. If u dont have an ID, u can use other docs to confirm that u own this acct. To learn more about what docs u can send, pls visit the help centre & take a look at options 2 & 3. Then the link in this reply goes to : What types of ID does facebook acccept : 1. Govt IDs (10 different types are listed) ,2.Non-Govt IDs (17 different types are listed including : medical record, social security no.

We can see that by asking for my ID ,facebook has tried to make this look like this is about “there being More Transparency (& therefore safety) at facebook” but from the fact that they said they caNt accept my profile picture (which is of Mr Trump & Dr Ben Carson), we can see that this is about them clamping down on & to remove us patriotic christian conservatives off social media (as if we’re the illegal aliens….!) & i used to login to my acct just once a week & had a “Page” (about an online income opportunity) to take care of. My Bio said ; “indian introvert christian conservative” so they could’ve matched this to my ID & accepted my ID !!

Even though god knows we post truths to the world through our social media accts, sometimes god will take our social media accts away from us coz they were on the way of what He wants us (& what we’re just supposed) to be doing & so then to get us to simplify our lives so we’ll clearly see what He wants us to be doing & to get us to Really focus our clear minds on that particular thing He wants us to be busy with (especially like in my case, having to login to my facebook acct even just once every week was an extra burden that i just couldnt carry on with anyway so…)- & when we do this, thats when we do excellently in it -god loves us & wants us to excel in only the good & the right things in this short life of ours! 🙂 put in your #Music collection -> @Ishmiza ‘songs!

Outta the blue recently, I looked for an update about him & his music career & learned that he’s (thankfully) still alive & well & I got an idea of what he’s been doing musicwise during these past 12 years (yeh, I wasnt getting updates about him & many other artists for these past 12 years…!) so I totally forgot he was apart of P.O.C., Skeem & Jozi. I didnt know he had an album in/around 2005, that he even won a SAMA for !?  Through my search for updates about Ishmael Morabe, I also learnt that “Ghettoruff” that he’s signed under, is actually now the same “Muthaland Entertainment” record label (that Nathi & other great artists are signed under !? wow!) ( I wonder what an Ishmael & Nathi collab/duet would sound like? Maybe it would be too much coz… It would either be a huge flop or ward-winning duet…! 🙂

I thought Ishmael was completely outta the industry for these 12 years & obnly now he’s back, meanwhile he’s been somewhere doing something in the SA Music industry all along..! 🙂 Back with a 2016 single release entitled #KeWaka (this is a Great comeback song from Ishmael btw!) , It reminded me why/what is it that I loved about Ishmael when he had his no.1 hits in/around the late 90s (Roba Letheka, Ema O Tsamaye & Avulekile Asamango) -that smoothness in his singing that other artists just dont have! (in this smoothness I also hear the voice of an innocent young son & we LIKE hearing a certain level of innocence in any artists singing!) this smoothness combined with his versatility (ability to sing in other genres which I didnt know he had…) is like how he’s recapturedsaartspot our love 4 him/his singing (like a man in a marriage would after…Yes, when we like an artist, itb becomes like a marraige/they become like a marriage partner whom has to constantly make us happy) so trash must Not enter our music industries, No! Only those ppl who are serious abt having a 30 year long music career must..!

(I care to mention : I rate that “Habashwe”track an 8/10 (which is very good…!) that Ishmael did with fellow legend Arthur Mafokate -9i saw their in-studio performance of this) -they looked so cute (from u know, that ‘confident & comfortable’ that comes with being in the industry for a long time !? 🙂 ) also coz they’re from the same class (class of artists from the 90s) – It was so nice for us old-school artist/music lovers! I’ll always appreciate it when Ishmael & other artists will collaborate with the Right fellow artists (most artists have been collaborating with the Wrong fellow artists & this is also when support of SA music was at its lowest , so the low support wasnt just coz our radio stations wre playing mostly overseas music). Im glad that in these 5 years more artists have been getting their music careers Right -its most right, i wish it stays that way…

I wish only great success tp Ishmael Morabe – he deserves to be 1 of our legends & is again firmly on track to this…he should be (since alotta of Undeserving artists got to become legends over these past 3 decades to now -it just icked me, just hearing those particluar artists called legends at different shows/on different awards functions’stages..!)