Another #Star Analogy!

(What can I say, I’m an old person in a 20-something body -haha!)

Just As A Wrong Satellite Aerial Connection =No Clear Picture Or No Picture At All ,Just So No Connection With God (Jesus Christ ,The Only God There Is)=No Clear Knowledge, Wisdom & Understanding Of Life *Get Your Free Connection With/To God Today*)


#Just As U’d…..

Know that the difference between a BMW X3 & X5 is the X3 is bulkier, u’re supposed to know that noisy ppl are miserable (& still cant get rid of their misery & guilt) ,while quiet ppl are peaceful (1 with God)

The Blacks Across #America …


Protesting (ie. Taking Incidents (Like Ferguson From Oct/Nov) & Turning Those Incidents Into Reasons To Protest) ,When Clearly No One Is Supposed To Be Protesting etc. Over Those Incidents ,Is The Blacks Only Telling The Whole World That The Black Race Is The Problem. These Stupid Democrat African Americans Are Not Suffering In Africa ,They Have It All In America & Have NO Reason To B So Disgaceful As They’re Choosing To Be (There’s The Daily Black-On-Black Chicago Deaths) ,If Al Sharpton & Company Weren’t Causing These Sinful Distractions (To Prevent Us From Seeing How Obama Is Destroying America ,From Inside The Whitehouse , On His Trips ,Meetings etc.)) If Only We Had Segregation, These Stupid Ungrateful Blacks Would Not B Putting On A Show For Us All Like This ! People -Have The Balls To Fight For Segregation Wherever U Are (ie. Racial ,Religious,& Class Segregation)! Thank U.

Yes, My Dear True #Christians …


After Our Enemies Lost To US (Imagine ? We ,All By Ourselves/On Our Own -Won The Full Blown Cancers They Were To US In & Around Our Lives!) ,They Carried On Lying Not Just About Us ,But Even To US About Our Actions In Their Last Ditch Attempt In Really Trying To Either Make Us Mental Of Kill Us (This Is Usually In The Last Minutes/Hours/Days Of Our Tribulation Lives) ,Almost Lying 24/7 Just Their Father Satan ,So God (Jesus Christ The Only God There Is…) HAD To Kill Them For US (As We Christians Do Good On This Earth ,So If We’re Killed ,There’ll Be Only These Stupid ,Sinful/Evil People Here On This Earth) *Stay Blessed My Fellow True Christian Winners!* 🙂

Unbelievable! #People ,Please Buy Your..


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