O, My Fellow #Bitcoiners !

Many May B Asking The Facuets : Why AreN’t U Paying Me Out When I’ve Reached That Huge 10 000 Satoshi Mark ??!? Answer : The Dollar Surging (The Euro Falling, The Yen Crashing) (The Bitcoin Price Is Wrongly Tied To How The Dollar Is Doing) May Be The 1st Cause ;U May Have A Wrong Bitcoin Address Set With A Particular Faucet (eg. U May Have Your x-value.com Bitcoin Address Set To Receive Your Hard-Earned Satoshis From A faucet ,& U Must Change This Coz x-value.com is a scam That’s No More !) ;I’m Weekly Tweeting About The Performances Of Our Faucets -This Should Help Keep Them Behaving ie. Paying Us Out Soon (not waiting for us to reach over 40 000 satoshis in order for them to pay us out) & Communicating With Us (faucets areN’t communicating with us ,is a big problem -yeh, I know!) http://www.bit.ly/1zQHg8p 🙂


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