Unfortunately, I Also Have To Recommend #Fasting :)

All Believers Are Suppose To Fast (Mark 2:20)

Young People Fasting
Women (Including Wives Mothers) Fasting
Men (Including Construction Workers) Fasting
The Elderly Fasting

DoN’t Eat A Large Meal Before U Begin Your Fast…
DoN’t Be Disturbed Over Headaches (This Is Your Body Burning Up Toxins/Poisons ,& Its A Sign That Your Fast Is Working)
Drink Plenty Of Distilled Water Coz Tap Water Has Chlorine That Will Make U Sick ;If Your Back Hurts ,This Is Coz U’re Not Drinking Enough Water
Repent Of Your Failings/Confess Them (Like In Psalms 139:23-24)
Intercede For Others ,Pray A Different Person Everyday
Concentrate On Gods’ Word ,DoN’t Watch Tv etc.
If U Can Fast For The 1st 3 Days, U Can Fast For The Whole 21 Days
Overcome Everything, Pray/Talk To God ,Your Breakthroughs Will Come
When U Break Your Fast ,DoN’t Eat Meat/A Large Meal -This Will Hurt Your Body -Drink Juices/Eat Fruit Instead

Isaiah 58 Is The Chapter Of Fasting

And Nothing Will Be Impossible Unto You ,But By Fasting & Prayer (Matthew 17:20-21)


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