Join Us In Being AGAINST #HumanOverpopulation !


Its Because The Sinful Have Multiplied Themselves In Sin & Evil Every Day For Centuries Till Now (Especially Now -Like Stupid Are They Hey ?! Yeh, U Become Stupid When U Choose 2 Give Jesus Up Be A Child Of The World aka A Child Of Satan’ !),

That 27 Million People Are Trafficked Worldwide Annually ,50% Of Them Are Females (For Forced Labour ,Organ Theft ,Prostitution ,Illegal Adoptions 2 B Used As Domestic Workers).

Laws Are Usually Lenient On The Criminals Hard On The Victims (Woman ,Children The Poor Are Usually The Victims). There’s No Justice In That Sinful World Out There -Its Not Worth Having A Kid -Just Get Sterilized Now -Thank U !


Happening Now #Worldwide


We’re Living In “The Latter Times” >>

1 Timothy 4:1 (NIV) >> The Majority Of People Calling Themselves Christians Have Abandoned The Faith (ie. Living ONLY In Agreement With & Obedience 2 Jesus Christ) & Are Instead Following Deceiving Spirits (Having Sold Their Souls 2 Satan 4 Him 2 Use Them 2 Do All Kinds Of Sin Destruction (These 2 Are Inseperable!) Worldwide) {These People Are Christians By/In Name Only -Calling Themselves Christians REALLY Living Against Us True Christians God ,Bringing The Greatest Dishonour/Mockery 2 Jesus -As They Get Along So Well With The Heathens ,They’ve Convinced Themselves Of All Lies Including That God (Jesus) DoesN’t Exist They’re Deceiving God (Which They’re NOT -God Just Gives These Bitches Bastards ,A Long Rope 2 Eventually (ie. NOW) Go Hang Themselves With ! (As We Say Here In The Townships -These Are Indeed The False Christians)}

Matthew 24:12 >> Because Iniquity Shall Abound ,The Love Of Many (The Majority Of People Calling Themselves Christians) Have Grown Cold (These False Christians Are Daily Chosing 2 Be Intentionally Knowingly Sinning With Their Normal Brains -They Have Not A Single Acceptable Excuse 4 Any Bit Of Their Sinning -They Will Be Burning In Hell 4 All Eternity Just Now!)

Daniel 12:4 >> Many Are Running To & Fro (Travel Tourism Industry Is Booming) & Knowledge Is Being Increased (Technologically-Driven Daily Lives -Satan Trying 2 Have Technology Only 4 Use Of His Sins Evils Against Us Humans (Gods’ Creation!)

Matthew 24:14 >> The Gospel Of Gods’ Kingdom Is Being Preached In All The World As A Witness Unto All Nations & Then Will The End Come (SOON -Think One World Government Money System!)

2 Corinthians 5:18 >> I/We Have The Daily Privledge Of Urging Everyone 2 Come Into Jesus’ Favor & Be Reconciled 2 Him 🙂

1 John 2:18 >> The AntiChrist Is Coming (SOON ! -Think One World Government…)

Luke 17:28-30 >> As It Was In The Days Of LOT…Even So It IS Now ,Just Now The Son Of Man Will Be Revealed (rapture) 🙂