& I Had 2 Finally #OptOut Of @SFIUpdate …!

on the 27th /August/2015 !

At time of leaving, this so-called “Number 1 affiliate marketing company on the internet” who’s been doing overhauls of SFI/Tripleclicks/Pricebenders since November last year (2014) to better the site, still didNt have BASIC Things like these done -> 1. I had 2 ask Support 2 have those “Games” Badges On/As apart of the Affiliate Badge Gallery List (under the Reference Tab) [only 2 have them reply : at some point they may have it on there, i’ll suggest it to the tech team (when they supposed 2 have immediately not just said but done my request!)]  2. I had 2 ask Support 2 add the gold trim 2 my “Daily VP Streak” Badge, (when at the end of my 365th day, they supposed 2 have automatically added it!) [Yes, i clearly had NO intention of opting-out of SFI as i tried so hard 2 believe i’ll start earning $10 to $20 p/m From all my hard work, having made a new start too after my 1 year anniversary with on the 4th/August/2015 !]

SFI says anyone can earn money with them without investing any money but we now F ormer Affiliates know (that even as you read the knowledge base thoroughly) everyone has 2 spend lots ( an average of $20 – $30 p/m is alot for the majority!) & still dont even earn that $10 – $20 p/m.

In total i spent $156.12  (this is R1700 in my currency – which is ALOT for me ,an Unemployed person (there were EXTRA charges of $14 (R167) in total too!) & in total i earned only $3.55 (R45) (on which there’s a $1 fee , so that $2.55 wont even be sent 2 me…! Millions of ppl just like me must have also lost so much of money on SFI thinking that all their hard work advertising SFI/Tripleclicks links everywhere will finally pay off ,by the end of every month -but of course IT NEVER DID !

SFI is NOT supposed 2 have their “BBB Status” ,as clearly SFI is like many of those other online income opportunities that really just make money off desperate job-seekers ! SFI is for the Middle-Class, Not for We The Majority Poor!

Of the 3 online income opportunities i’ve Invested lots of time & money in, I invested the Most time & money in SFI , & earned the Least money (yeah, i got the most marketing etc. experience from logging into SFI & working the business Everyday BUT this is like getting the bronze medal, when u worked for the gold medal -at a sport!). As some cold comfort, i…& as i Delete my 100s of SFI/Tripleclicks/Pricebender Links frpm Cyberspace, i know that on the day i opted-out, about probably 100 000 other ppl must’ve also opted-out!

My testimonial from my 1 Year & 23 Days with SFI => DONT SignUp with sfimg.com !