The Constitution Of #India Says It Declarred…


The Right To Freedom Of Religion To Be A Fundamental Right” -This Is Obviously A Lie (which even we outside India can see!) With Hindus Persecuting/Killing Christians Regularly & With 80% Of The People Still Trapped In Hinduism ,14% Trapped In Islam & Only 2.5% Of The Population Getting To Be Christians ,Free In Christ !
Reading On Hinduism/The List Of Hindu Deities ,We See That Hinduism Is Complicated & NOT Worth Following , While Christianity Is Simple & Worth Following As We All Need A Simple Life To Reach Our Goals ,Be Successful/Accomplished & Prosperous Today!

Never Fear For The Stupid, Intolerant Hindus ,Muslims etc. (Who prove they are off satan by coming against Christians !)
Become Apart Of 1 Or All The Christian Ministries/Organizations/Missionaries Nearest To U
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Jan 25th -Join The Colorado Caucus Training Meeting At Douglas County , Fairgrounds & Events Center Conference Room #2 ,500 Fairgrounds Drive ,Castle Rock ,CO ,80104 !

Jan 26th -Join Revive714 At The Heritage Assembly Of God ,5051 Northeast ,5th Street ,Des Moines ,IOWA 50313 !

Jan 27th -Join The Denver Organizational Meeting At The Great Scotts’ Eatery ,Cruzin’ Room ,No Host Breakfast Buffet ,1295 Cortez Street ,Denver ,CO !

Feb 6th -Join The Del Norte County Organizational Meeting At The Republican Headquarters Office ,290 I Street ,Crescent City ,CA !

Feb 7th -Join The Humbold County Organizational Meeting At Eureka Womens Club ,1531 J Street ,Eureka ,CA !

Feb 11th -Join The San Diego County Organizational Meeting At Dennys’ Conference Room (No Host Dinner) ,4280 ,Clairemont Mesa Blvd, San Diego ,CA ,92117 !