On the 31st/Aug/2016 , #Whatsapp sent me this message

whatsapp1“Whatsapp will be ending support of certain phones by 31st/dec/2016 ~those phones are : blackberry os & blackberry 10 ,nokia s40 ,nokia symbian s60 ,android 2.1 & android 2.2 ,windows phone 7.1 ,iphone 3gs/ios6 ~the above phones dont offer the kind of capabilities we need to expand our app’ features in the future. If u use 1 of the affected/above phones, we recommend upgrading to a newer android phone (one that runs android os2.3+ or a windows phone8 or tom an iphone ios7+) before the end of 2016 to be able to continue using whatsapp. Once u have 1 of the recommended phones, simply install whatsapp & verify your phone no. on your new device to continue using whatsapp. Whatsapp can only be activated with 1 phone no. on 1 device at a time. there’s no option to transfer your chat history between your old phone & new phone (but we can send your chat history by email)”


Millions must make This BAD for whatsapp because this is them being heartless like so many businesses/companies have done {their businesses came up using US/WE the majority poor ,then now that they’re rich ,they’re backstabbing/betraying us with this latest message of theirs -coz they know we the majority poor cant afford any of the recommended phones (& if we can afford the phone, we cant afford monthly data costs!) }


By 31st/dec/2016, Millions of whatsapp users with older blackberries etc. must switch to using BBM -Yes, BBM’s gonna get their old users (that they lost to whatsapp) back ,they must! And also,Store Sales will be negatively affected because we the majority poor buy the cheap/er phones , they wont be able to sell their touchscreen phones using the ‘whatsapp availability’anymore -they wont be getting those phones sold & would have to Lower its’ prices… 🙂


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