.. #Music playlist -> @RealBojoMujo ‘songs/tracks ! :)

This guy was greater than  oskido, dj sbu, (dj fresh etc. are nobodies compared 2 this guy coz its Not what the mainstream media forces down our ears, but its about what WE Like!). I say this guy “was” because he died in feb 2015 -yeh, he was 1 of those artists who died young..possibly killed by a fellow black/black artist (if so, I hope whoever killed him is really suffering & that Bojo’soul is resting in peace ; If a fellow artist killed him then thats probably the artist (who was signed under the same record label : House Therapy that Bojo was signed under)  who rose 2 fame in the 3 months after Bojo’death! Coz even though Bojo did his own thing & was underrated/under-recognised by the mainstream media/sa music industry ( as u can see from the no. of followers on his social media accounts, If the media/industry recognised him, Bojo too wud have millions of followers!), TO US Bojo was a multi-platinum DJ/artist -a Legend! Coz his songs/tracks (like a few other artists like Nathi, Mankayi, Mpumi…) crossed racial lines & brought out the africanesseven in us non-blacks ,& any black artist….whose songs can do that, is gonna b great/successful in Our eyes!

Of the 20 songs of his I listened to, 16 are nice/great & I’ve kept 7 on my playlist while off other famous DJs/artists, 8 are/great & we keep only 3 or 4 on our playlists <-look at that difference! If you know only overseas DJs’names then according to us, (its the voices of we the masses on the ground that matter, Not that off the ‘top dogs’in the media/industry!)  Bojo was like the Armin van Buuren or Avicii or Tiesto etc. from africa (obviously, not in terms of earnings/being the richest DJ but in terms of something far more important ie. good music that Uplifted our spirits ,made us happy & got us through life! His 7 best songs that will permanently b in my playlist & shud b in yours too are: Hlonolofatsa, Shiwele, Shine On Me, Unbelievable, Buya Kim, ThandoWam & Amazing Grace! 🙂bojmuj1bojmuj2


One thought on “.. #Music playlist -> @RealBojoMujo ‘songs/tracks ! :)

  1. i hear Rabs Vhafuwi is another 1 of our talented artists that could Not make it in our music industry coz its “mafia-style operated” (u’re either in or out, radio stations have their Favourite artists that they play…). I hope kalawa jazmee isnt behind the mafia-style run idea coz this will cause them 2 lose 100s of 1000s of fans. This reminded me that mafia-style way of living is also common of a problem in our neighbourhoods/townships/towns etc. too1 😦


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