#Feedback I luv @bitbillions_GBBG ‘idea of…

paying us to read articles on their site but they pay out only into either a Paypal or Payza wallet  (this is inconsiderate of them as it’s them thinking only abt their american members ,not us from other countries). If Bitbillions likes having Only american members, then they should say Clearly somewhere there on their homepage : “this site is for americans only”!

Coz i tried having & linking  a Paypal account to my basic FNB bank account & after much hassle, it didNt work (I learnt that paypal can be connected only to credit cards, Not basic bank accounts <- these online wallets dont say this clearly on their homepages!) & I had to close both paypal accounts (yeh, I tried having a paypal account twice, in different years..!). Now Payza said If I open a Payza account, I’d be able to link it to my basic FNB bank account but after my bad experiences with paypal, I dont wanna bother with online wallets -But I still like Bitbillions’ “We’ll pay you to read on our site”idea, so whats the solution ??

Pay me/us with Satoshis/Bitcoins (200 satoshis per article) into any of my bitcoin wallets since this payment option is straight-forward ,coz Bitbillions would just need my bitcoin wallet address & they’d so easily be able to pay me once a week (set day in every week like maybe every Thursday, so I’ll know to check for their payment in my wallet balance the next day -I think it takes 24 hours for all payments into our bitcoin wallets to show) 9yes, we can see this payment solution comes with quite a bit of responsibility but what doesnt ,hey !?)

For this payment solution to work, the team of Bitbillions would have to have alot of Bitcoin so they could share some with us their members like this! 🙂 They better start now otherwise Bitbillions will lose members or will not see much activity from their members on their site…Bitbillions is a great site & I dont want it to become another obsolete site. Just by doing the bitcoin (& Moneygram) payment solutions, they can save this site coz it will cause us who love reading to give them the extra support of Also now reading on their site 🙂

This site is Not to be confused with bitbillions.org (lol!)


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