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Outta the blue recently, I looked for an update about him & his music career & learned that he’s (thankfully) still alive & well & I got an idea of what he’s been doing musicwise during these past 12 years (yeh, I wasnt getting updates about him & many other artists for these past 12 years…!) so I totally forgot he was apart of P.O.C., Skeem & Jozi. I didnt know he had an album in/around 2005, that he even won a SAMA for !?  Through my search for updates about Ishmael Morabe, I also learnt that “Ghettoruff” that he’s signed under, is actually now the same “Muthaland Entertainment” record label (that Nathi & other great artists are signed under !? wow!) ( I wonder what an Ishmael & Nathi collab/duet would sound like? Maybe it would be too much coz… It would either be a huge flop or ward-winning duet…! 🙂

I thought Ishmael was completely outta the industry for these 12 years & obnly now he’s back, meanwhile he’s been somewhere doing something in the SA Music industry all along..! 🙂 Back with a 2016 single release entitled #KeWaka (this is a Great comeback song from Ishmael btw!) , It reminded me why/what is it that I loved about Ishmael when he had his no.1 hits in/around the late 90s (Roba Letheka, Ema O Tsamaye & Avulekile Asamango) -that smoothness in his singing that other artists just dont have! (in this smoothness I also hear the voice of an innocent young son & we LIKE hearing a certain level of innocence in any artists singing!) this smoothness combined with his versatility (ability to sing in other genres which I didnt know he had…) is like how he’s recapturedsaartspot our love 4 him/his singing (like a man in a marriage would after…Yes, when we like an artist, itb becomes like a marraige/they become like a marriage partner whom has to constantly make us happy) so trash must Not enter our music industries, No! Only those ppl who are serious abt having a 30 year long music career must..!

(I care to mention : I rate that “Habashwe”track an 8/10 (which is very good…!) that Ishmael did with fellow legend Arthur Mafokate -9i saw their in-studio performance of this) -they looked so cute (from u know, that ‘confident & comfortable’ that comes with being in the industry for a long time !? 🙂 ) also coz they’re from the same class (class of artists from the 90s) – It was so nice for us old-school artist/music lovers! I’ll always appreciate it when Ishmael & other artists will collaborate with the Right fellow artists (most artists have been collaborating with the Wrong fellow artists & this is also when support of SA music was at its lowest , so the low support wasnt just coz our radio stations wre playing mostly overseas music). Im glad that in these 5 years more artists have been getting their music careers Right -its most right, i wish it stays that way…

I wish only great success tp Ishmael Morabe – he deserves to be 1 of our legends & is again firmly on track to this…he should be (since alotta of Undeserving artists got to become legends over these past 3 decades to now -it just icked me, just hearing those particluar artists called legends at different shows/on different awards functions’stages..!)


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