#Taiwanese Pepper Sausage Roll (Video) πŸŒ­πŸŒ―

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The Gastronomy Gal

These flaky sausage rolls filled with pepper pork and green onions are a twist on the popular Taiwanese street food, pork pepper buns!

Taiwanese pepper buns or hujiao bings (胑怒逅) are a popular street food and snack item that consists of a pepper sausage mix and green onions stuffed inside a flaky, lard-based crust. The buns are heated on high heat inside of a clay oven and are best eaten fresh out of the oven when it is crispy on the outside and incredibly juice on the inside. The buns actually originated in the Fujian province of Southern China and early immigrants brought the dish to Taiwan. Over time, the street food slightly evolved in flavor and is now more common in Taiwan than it is in China. It is typically made with sanxing cong, long green onions native to the Sanxing town in Taiwan. The green onions are thinner…

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