☮️ Sluit aan by die Wêreldvredesrevolusie ☮️ Joyina i-world peace revolution 🌍 Join The World Peace Revolution 🌍 ☮️ Rejoignez la révolution mondiale pour la paix ☮️ Unisciti alla Rivoluzione della pace mondiale ☮️ Junte-se à Revolução mundial da Paz ☮️ Únete a la Revolución de la Paz Mundial ☮️ Gå med i världsfredsrevolutionen ☮️ Γίνετε μέλος της παγκόσμιας επανάστασης ειρήνης ☮️ Bashkohuni me Revolucionin e Paqes Botërore ☮️ Присъединете се към световната мирна революция ☮️ Deltag i verdensfredsrevolutionen ☮️ Doe mee met de wereldvrede Revolutie ☮️ Liity maailman rauhanvallankumoukseen ☮️ შეუერთდი მსოფლიო მშვიდობის რევოლუციას ☮️ Schließen Sie sich der Weltfriedensrevolution an ☮️ Csatlakozzon a világbéke forradmához ☮️ Bí ar an Réabhlóid na síochána domhanda ☮️ Pridružite se svetovni mirovni revoluciji ☮️ Приєднуйтесь до світової мирної революції ☮️ Ymunwch â Chwyldro Heddwch y byd ☮️ E hui pū me ka World Peace Revolution ☮️ உலக அமைதிப் புரட்சியில் சேருங்கள் ☮️ विश्व शांति क्रांति में शामिल हों ☮️ 加入世界和平革命 ☮️ ✝️

Why are we joining This Revolution ,again ❓❓ ➡️ The rich doNt feel it ,If U’re apart of we the majority poor & struggling middle-class – U have been negatively affected by this cancer of Globalism over these 60 years but especially Now & U’re supposed to now help end globalism (these examples are real life daily negative things that happen to most people, So those idiots (the money-makers & parasites) who are doing so & just want this gone coz they are the ppl benefiting the most from this democracy/globalism – at Our expense..❕😠), CaNt call all this writing : “conspiracy theories” ➡️) [ Here’s 1️⃣0️⃣ Examples of Globalism ie. All the crises that the globalists created/ which has caused much suffering to billions of people… : 1️⃣. The Black Plague – If U or your family members/friends /colleagues /neighbors have been robbed/harmed/killed by a black Or the blacks came & took your jobs/they got the jobs over U non-blacks ; Did U Lose Your Job/lose your home/Have U been beaten by debt/Did your family member/friend.. commit suicide.. ❓➖ Thank the globalists for this❕OR 2️⃣. The Muslim Plague – Have U or your loved one been robbed/harmed/ killed By a muslim ❓➖ Thank the globalists for this❕Under this democracy/globalism, 1 of the ways The West has been drying up is by sending foreign aid to these Undeserving blacks & muslims, Under our Christian Nationalism there will be a foreign aid moratorium ✅ 🙂 OR 3️⃣. Economic Crises / Wirtschaftskrisen & Staatsverschuldung / Crises Econômicas & Dívida Nacional / Crisis económicas y deuda nacional / စီးပွားရေးအကျပ်အတည်းများနှင့် နိုင်ငံတော်ကြွေးမြီ – the Globalists began destroying America with their globalism when they created the Fed Reserve in 1913 & really got into it, when they replaced the League Of Nations, with Their UN (united nations) from 1946, To now have America in Debt ➡️ & cause its’ dollar to collapse soon..(& they’re trying to do the same with BTC too )❕😥 https://report.globalreset.news/globalreset.html 📱🖱️(but it’s possible that the globalists began destroying them Before 1913 coz apparently the globalists have been destroying the UK since 1066 – via plutocracy❕ 😢 The over 60 year olds 🧓👨‍🦳👵👴 will know the answer.. Ask them ❕👍 🙂)

▶️ / Under this democracy, Yall have or will soon have an Energy Crisis (No electricity or constant electricity cuts/rolling blackouts like here in South Africa) & Yall are energy dependent (No domestic oil produced) ⬅️ These problems too would NOT exist under our Christian Nationalism❕I remember how they cried for the construction of that Keystone XL Pipeline in the past 10 Years (coz Democrat Barack Obama’ 8 year presidency was on the way of this Keystone Energy Independence Coz Obama Rejected the permit to build it..!) – & we cried with them.. Our people should Never have to cry for basic things like domestic oil production.., hey❕😤 Under our Christian Nationalism, they would’ve had to ask just once & it would’ve been approved & completed a decade ago..! 🥰

▶️ Addictions – From our dear music legends to our family members.. Who died from drug addictions from living under democracy /globalism ,Which Means they would’ve lived for decades longer & some of them would still be alive today if they lived under Christian Nationalism all these decades❕ When U look inside the criminals’ bodies, U will SEE that they smoked a cigarette or drank alcohol or took drugs just before they did their heinous crimes So, substance intake & crimes are directly linked, Therefore substances would be Banned under our Christian Nationalism❕👏 ✅ /Dysfunctional Families = Dysfunctional Societies (all this LGBTQs crap is a classic example, it is how the GodLess people Chose to respond to globalism, So it a result of globalism..! 😓)

▶️ Homelessness ⬅️ This is another common thing under democracy, which would NOT exist under Christian Nationalism – Coz we love & care about people & we’d therefore ensure every person is housed (even if that is in a homeless shelter ⬅️ living in a homeless shelter is Better than living on the streets especially during cold rainy days/nights, So we must grateful when we get a place to stay in a homeless shelter ✔️) & That’s a win-win for us all❕🙂 Are U suffering WithOut a job or drowning in Debt or from an addiction or homelessness..❓ ➖ Thank the globalists for this too❕Under this democracy, even their Welfare System is Wrong..! We think We’ll get it Right❕🙂 ➡️

▶️ Then there’s things like your #Taxes (U’re Either Pro-abortion = Pro-murder OR Pro-life = Anti-abortion) ➡️ ⬅️ Your taxes being abused/misused ➖ Thank the globalists for this too❕Speaking of Taxes, These guys seem nice & cool 😎❕If we were ruling, we would’ve given these FairTax people a chance by now, To Prove that the FairTax works! 🙂 ➡️ ; Voting – Under this democracy, the democrats /liberals /commies/socs.. Are doing corruption everywhere..The LEFT cheats coz withOut cheating, they caNt win Coz their way is the globalists’ way of destruction (& yes, the NRSC knew of the illegal ballot harvesting & did nothing to stop it Coz the NRSC are RINOs ie. False conservatives, They are democrats Pretending to be conservatives..) ! ⬅️ This will NOT happen under our Christian Nationalism❕➡️ ; 1 of the Huge problems of this democracy /globalism is : Almost every elected official is corrupt – They’re never doing their jobs & yet they get to stay in that elected position..! 😠 ⬅️ Under our Christian Nationalism, there will be Term Limits & on top of this, every elected official will have to sign a contract that will state : If they doNt do their jobs every month every year, We the residents/citizens/voters will have the Right to Remove them from their position & Replace them with someone who will do the job, Which Means We woNt be stuck & very Unhappy with corrupt officials for 2-4 Long Years anymore❕✅ 🙂

▶️ OR 4️⃣. Looting/Riots/Open Borders & illegals problem/Civil Unrest/war – is common under democracy but would NOT exist under Christian Nationalism.. Under this democracy, Mr Derek Chauvin is in jail, Under our Christian Nationalism, He would be free & at home with his loved ones [same goes for Mr Janusz Walus who is Wrongly in jail for 29 Years now (& on top of that Black POSes just recently had him stabbed in prison..! Thank God We can hating the Blacks..❗) for Rightly killing anti-apartheid leader Chris Hani in 1993❕] ; Mr Derek Chauvin was Wrongly jailed for Rightly killing Criminal black parasite george floyd, Speaking of george floyd ➡️ ! Under this democracy, There’s the J6 Prisoners of the 6/Jan/2020 pro-trump rally which the enemies (democrats) turned into a protest /insurrection..! ⬅️ Under Christian Nationalism, there wouldNt be all this nonsense ➡️ & they (& Brandon Straka 🙂) would NOT be in prison, they would be free & at home with their loved ones now – Coz they would Not have had that rally protest in the 1st place..❕Donate to help #PoliticalPrisoners ‘ Families.. ➡️ https://www.patriotfreedomproject.com 📱👍

▶️ Under this democracy, Julian Assange is in prison 🙁 ⬅️ Under Christian Nationalism – He would NOT be in prison, He would be Free & at home with his loved ones.. Coz there would’ve been No info for Him to leak in the 1st place..! 🤭 #FreeAssange DoNt extradite him..! 1000s of hackers are doing much destruction to companies worldwide, making hackers more dangerous than Julian Assange & All whistleblowers but they’re leaving hackers free..Just so, govts must Agree to Drop All charges/delete the whole case against & leave Mr Assange free – On Condition that He never blows whistles ever again! 🤭😆 ⬅️ This is better than being imprisoned or dead So, He can agree to this Coz now everyone already knows that every government is corrupt.. So there’s No need to blow whistles on them anymore..! 🥰

▶️ Problème des immigrants illégaux / Open Borders allowing illegals to flood in & spoil & destroy our countries is happening everyday/every month under this democracy, But would NOT happen under our Christian Nationalism (yes, Bill Gates is 1 of the globalists but it’s George Soros‘ Open Societies Foundations that comes to mind..! ➖ the name says it all.. ➡️ Globalism /Democracy is Open Societies > Open to all kinds of pests, problems & danger > life’s been Dangerous under this their democracy 🔸Nationalism is Closed Societies > Closed to all kinds of pests, problems & danger > It’s therefore Safe under our Nationalism..❕So yeh, Them & Us are like exact opposites..! 🙆‍♀️) DoNt be deceived by Governor Abbott’ #OperationLoneStar etc. Coz there would Not have been any need for these things & yall would’ve saved so much.. if only Yall agreed to live Under our Christian Nationalism Coz We would’ve deported all illegals & closed the borders ➡️ ; We Respect 🥰 Congressman Paul Gosar for every time speaks up against this Globalist-controlled Biden Regime, Let’s hope this good Sir never caves, never gives in to their threats..❕We Obviously Support Mr Gosar’ Deportation Of Illegals Act (coz these politicians speaking up alone is Not gonna do it, We have to Support them to make it happen..) ➡️ It goes withOut saying that if I was President, yall would’ve gotten your immigration moratorium ie. The millions of illegals would’ve been sent back to their own countries ,by now ! ✅

▶️ Illegals in South Africa’ case ➡️ Ngaphansi kwale ntando yeningi eholwa ngabantu abamnyama/ubandlululo lwabamnyama, Sinemingcele evulekile evumela abantu bangaphandle ukuthi bagcwale ngaphakathi ⬅️ & Futhi laba bantu bangaphandle babulala abalimi bethu abayigugu abaMhlophe.& nokuza nokuthatha imisebenzi yabansundu bethu okudala ukuthi abansundu bethu benze iXenophobia kulabo bokufika..❕ ⬅️ Ngenkathi Ngaphansi Kobuzwe bethu bobuKristu, lezi zinkinga ngeke zibe khona Coz Kunalokho, Sizovala Imingcele > Abekho abavela kwamanye amazwe abangena > Akukho ukufa kwabalimi > Akukho Xenophobia & nabamnyama bethu bazobuyiselwa imisebenzi yabo..❕🔸 Ngaphansi kwale Democracy eholwa yi-ANC Eyabantu Abamnyama > Vula Imingcele, Ngo-2020 & 2021 Sibe nenani eliphezulu Lama-Scams AseNigeria Ase-inthanethi lapha e-SA (Imikhonyovu Yami Ye-inthanethi Ingxenye 1, Ingxenye 2, Ingxenye 3 & Ingxenye 4 Ama-Blogposts abonisa imikhonyovu yabo engaba ngu-200 abantshontshe ngayo abangu-1000 Yabantu abamnyama baseNingizimu Afrika abampofu nabaphakathi kwezigidi..! ⬅️ Lokhu kwakungeke Kwenzeke Ngaphansi Kobuzwe bethu bobuKristu..!

▶️ Illegals/migrants being housed in hotels in the the UK 🇬🇧 (& they’re now starting to do the same in the USA..! 😠) ⬅️ So Vote For Christian Nationalism via https://britainfirst.org & check out & share these videos of this illegals scourge..! 📱🖱️ ➡️ https://www.patriot-target.com/video_britain_first_exposes_the_chichester_hotel_in_essex_for_housing_migrants 🔸 UK Taxpayers – Your taxes are paying an estimated £5 Million a day for this, which Yall caNt afford..❕ (Can Yall See how these white countries being forced to house these 3rd-worlders, Is making them poor & it seems like the globalists want the UK to become in billions or trillions in Debt, just like they’ve done to the USA..❓❗😠) – All the migrants/asylum seekers.. in your country are Not doing anything good for yall So Yall shouldNt be spending 1 cent on them, let alone £10 Million a day – Yall Can demand all illegals be Deported now..❗ https://www.britainfirst.org/video_liverpool_hotel_packed_with_illegal_migrants?e=d7b07a06541aa7c2a6a28301de9e763b&utm_source=britainfirstpayments&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=liverpool_hotel1&n=3 🔸https://www.britainfirst.org/video_north_east_activists_find_migrant_hotel_in_sunderland 🔸 ➡️ https://www.britainfirst.org/complain_stop_paying_for_illegal_migrants_during_the_cost_of_living_crisis 🔸Buy to Read the Book “The Battle For Britain” coz readers are leaders❕📚 🥰 ➡️ https://www.britainfirst.org/battle-for-britain 📗 Rampant Crime/Lawlessness & Illegal immigrants flooding into your town.. Making your life 100 times Harder than it was a year/a few years ago❓ ➖ Thank the globalists for this too❕[Queen Elizabeth ll died on 8/Sep/2022 yesterday.. 🙁 & some are like :”Mam see now, because U stopped sending traffic to this blogpost, the Queen died..❕” (🤭) & I’m like : No, Globalism has made this world very Unhealthy Not just pollution-wise, So it’s this globalists’ Unhealthy world that caused the Queen’ death – which means : If the world functioned under Christian Nationalism > We’d have a Healthy World > & the Queen would still be alive now & would quite comfortably see her 100th birthday❕🙂]

▶️ OR 5️⃣. Climate Change / Cambio climático : extrañas sequías, inundaciones, agua y buena escasez / Klimaatverandering – The Globalists > the democrats… > space explorations & chemtrails’ & offshore drilling induced climate change induced droughts & floods & there’s these 4 pics..❔❕😳 ➡️ – Did U lose a loved one in a strange drought or flood ❓➖ Thank the globalists for this too❕OR 6️⃣. Unwarranted Wars If yall ended globalism & agreed with us to live under Nationalism decades ago, your loved ones would Not have been in those wars & would Not have become disabled or died in war, Instead They would Still be fully able-bodied, alive, well & here with us today – Coz Those Wars would Not happened in the 1st place❕Did Your loved ones become disabled OR die in a unnecessary war ❓➖ Thank the globalists for this too❕Under this democracy /globalism, there have been too many conflicts/wars between countries resulting in the formation of many unnecessary organizations & treaties.. like NATO who have been a constant threat /burden to poor Russia/Mr Vladimir Putin – While if during all these centuries/decades, all countries lived Under Our Christian Nationalism, For eg. They would Not have seen Russia as a threat & they would Not have formed NATO but Instead by now, Russia, China & all countries would be Only friends/allies with America – Which is the only way it should be..❕ ⬅️ Coz by now U must know, that because NATO is a globalists-controlled org, NATO expansion means globalists expansion..❕🙁

▶️ OR 7️⃣. Who Are The Globalists❓ They are the people who instruct the democrats, RINOs etc. In every country To do things that cause us suffering So the globalists probably told RINO George W Bush , his government & those Muslims to do that 9/11 twin tower world trade centres tragedy in Manhattan, USA on 11/Sep/2001..If they can do that to financial buildings, Then they will do that to other buildings too.. They doNt care that yall are innocent, good decent people..who look forward to once again seeing & being in your warm homes with your loving families going back home from work every afternoon..! 😢 ❕⬅️ This happened Under globalism , your loved ones who worked in these Twin Towers would Not have died, Instead They would Still be alive, well & here with us today – Coz this tragedy too, would Not have happened in the 1st place Under Christian Nationalism (coz We Christian Conservatives are people of very high integrity.. We would never choose money-making deals with the enemies, Over our country’ people ✔️)❕U lost loved ones on 9/11 ❓➖ Thank the globalists for this too❕Billions In, Billions Out..! 🤭 ➡️

▶️ OR 8️⃣. Online Censorship / Censure en ligne / Nettsensur / Censura en línea If U’ve been speaking/writing Truths, Mainstream ‘Woke’ Media ➡️ Facebook /Twitter/Tiktok/ Pinterest/Instagram… Must’ve Censored/ Cancelled/Suspended /Banned U/your account by now, Coz they doNt want people being Set Free by our TRUTHS (& they doNt want truths spoken in opinion form ,either ➡️ Under this democracy, the great Mr Alex Jones has been ordered to pay $49.3 Million for stating his opinion about that 2012 Sandy Hook elementary school shooting.. (Their Wrong policy of political-correctness is a huge weapon they use against us usually to make easy money off us, If they can sue someone like Mr Alex Jones – Then these democrats will do that to any of us too & we’re Not supposed to tolerate that❕The greater U are & the more truths U speak, the more dems /libs sue U..! 😠) We’re so disgusted 🤢😠 by the parents of that child, who’ve demanded this so much of money from Mr Alex Jones !) ⬅️ This would NOT have happened/Mr Alex Jones would’ve gotten to keep his money – if we lived under Christian Nationalism.. ;

▶️ All 3 of my Twitter accts gone, all 4 of my Pinterest accts gone, I’m currently on my 3rd TikTok acct.., If I used my Facebook & Instagram accts < They probably would’ve Closed these 2 too..❕😠 ,Quora keeps deleting some of my answers even thgh there’s never anything wrong with them (they like using that “it violates our spam policy” excuse/reason..! 😤) & Now Reddit just closed my whole Reddit account today the 7/October/2022 withOut any explanation (coz They doNt have an acceptable reason for closing my acct..❕) Coz my world peace revolution community was clearly reaching people & getting them over onto our side. (When they were taking my Reddit acct from me, ie. As I watching it die..! ,1st they said :”our server is currently down..” Then they said :”err_ too many redirects clear your cookies & data” Then they said :”incorrect email/ username or password” Then it didNt wanna load/went to a blank page & Then it said Page Not Found < which was like its’ heartbeat going dead, man..! 😢 Yeh, when they take our accts away from us ,it’s like they’ve killed a person Coz we use our accts/sites only to set people free with the truths..! So if U count all of our banned accts too, Democrats.. Have killed many many millions..! 🙁😢 )

▶️ Reddit was doing so well..It’s sad/I’m So disappointed to see that They too have now also chosen to become our enemies/dem/lib cyberbullies censoring us..Their CyberBullying is fast becoming CyberWarfare against us now 😦 ; & these MSM Cyberbullies closed all my accts Even Though I used a different name, a different email address & a different mobile number for each acct < I just had to ask myself :How did they find all these new accts of mine when I didNt give anyone these acct deets or my new email adds & cellphone numbers❕❔< This is 1 of the main ways How I learnt that They have their spyware on my phone with/through which they watch everything I do online, So through Their Spyware, They were watching me open all those new social media accts..❕😦 ..& it’s like govt-grade spyware therefore all the antivirus/antimalware /antispyware apps I’m dwnldg/trying out from the Google PlayStore is Not working to Remove Their spyware out of my phone..! < So when these demons have U marked, & they find U on their social media platforms, They just take your acct away from U (as if it belongs to them & Not to U..❕🙁) ⬅️ This is them choosing to behave like criminals because they are Preventing Truths from reaching people & setting people free (this shows that Democrats/libs/socs /comms.. doNt want ppl set free Instead, They want ppl to remain bound in their suffering..!) & What do we do with criminals ❕❔ Yes..Under our Christian Nationalism, these criminals will either be imprisoned or executed..❕(By them coming against my world peace revolution writings anywhere, This is they themselves Admitting :”We know we woNt get to do all of our corruption & destruction under your Christian Nationalism therefore we’re fighting yall to prevent your Christian Nationalism from happening..!” ; If all these wordpress blogs on this disappear – Know that it’s because WordPress has also been threatened by or agreed to be bought off by the Globalists..& therefore they took down these blogs, Let’s hope wordpress doesNt choose to become apart of our enemies..!🤞)

▶️ [Under this democracy, dem/lib parasites get to be weaklings.. Keith Johnson has sued Mr Elon Musk for $258 Billion ! (The fact that Keith J sued Mr Musk for this insane amount, Shows us that he doesNt deserve to get even $1Billion or $1Million from Mr Musk !) ⬅️ This also would NOT have happened/Mr Musk would get to Keep his money – if we lived under Christian Nationalism ; This case against Mr Musk must be dropped on condition that Mr Musk never messes with Dogecoin ever again. Can U See how democrats..like making easy money from their sinning against us❕❔ /Can U See how by their sinning against us, they get rich from making us poor❕❔ 😠 Rich People – Please, do NOT engage in / please refrain from racketeering… or anything that looks like it Coz we are surrounded by dem/lib.. Parasites who are just waiting to make easy money off us]❕

▶️ Under this democracy, They even censored/banned Andrew Tate (& what❔❕ banned/cancelled even his & his brother’ bank accounts❔❕😲..!) ⬅️ This would’ve Never happened if we lived Under our Christian Nationalism❕ ; When they suspended President Donald Trump Twitter account in Jan/2021 < This was a clue of their worser & worser censorship of us, to come & we’re now seeing the worst of it.. ☹️ They Censor /Suspend /Ban/ Cancel U/your account, & make examples of these influential people to make us live crippled by fear & to Force us to conform to living their politically-correct lying way – They doNt want anyone speaking truths, They want Everyone to Lie like they do❕

▶️ Have U been banned from using & Are U just Not getting to use Mainstream Media anymore❓ ➖ Thank the globalists for this too❕Under this democracy, When we protect & defend ourselves against corrupt governments, they call us anti-govt extremists groups.. The globalists’ puppets the Feds, the ADL.. Are currently coming against the who they see as an anti-govt extremist far-right threat.. I see the oathkeepers website is gone.. ☹️ Patriot groups like this would Never be investigated, arrested etc. Under our Christian Nationalism❕ Pls Keep the oathkeepers & all such orgs/groups in your daily prayers 🙏 ,TY❕🥰 On 3/Nov/2022, I heard the ADL is trying to in the same way, go after Mr Elon Musk❕❔😠 Speaking of “woke” ➡️ Under this democracy, Your children have been going to school/college /university & U’ve been paying for their Education , but they haveNt been learning much (& of the little they’ve been learning, much of it is lies as they rewrite history..😠) & then there’s the student loan debt problem , bullies.. & this! Our kids being Forced to get Covid Vaccines..! 😠 ⬅️ These problems would NOT exist under our Christian Nationalism❕🙂 ; Under this democracy, there’s now what❕❔ About 90 000 federal regulations..❕❔ ⬅️ Have any of these regulations been strangling your business & forced U to close down your business❓ ➖ Thank the globalists for this too coz this Regulations problem is another thing that would NOT exist under our Christian Nationalism❕

▶️ OR 9️⃣. Land Issues (land reform/land expropriation bill..) – As U grondkwessies ervaar het / Als U landproblemen ondervindt /Als u landproblemen heeft ondervonden / Wenn Sie Landprobleme haben Growing up these 20 years, While travelling in a bus or a car, I would see these huge swaths of land (I think they call 100s of hectares of land, in agriculture) Unused & it makes me so sad & I’d wonder & ask : the blacks wanted their land back, they now have their land back – So why areNt they doing all the good productivity on it, as we would’ve❗❓ Well, now I know – I guess, it’s because blacks sold or even worse, just gave their land to the globalists , All that unused land has been/is the hands/control of the globalists..❕& Its probably this same case everywhere else U see land Unused in other countries worldwide 🌍 🙁 [the globalists have their land, What did the blacks get/what do the blacks have ❓ blacks have this (fake/false) power, inclusivity etc. in this democracy /globalism nightmare..❕🤭 Why haveNt the globalists been doing productivity on all those Unused Lands❔ If they did, can U Imagine what they would’ve chosen to do..⁉️ They probably would’ve built only concentration camps & gas chambers for us on there❕😠]. U lost your land❓ ➖ Thank the globalists for this too❕

▶️ OR 1️⃣0️⃣. This Covid Genocide / Covid-Völkermord / Folkemordet på Covid ..] Is apart of their Big Pharma where all those different types of doctors see their medical practice only as a business, to keep making money off even we the poor, from (long gone are the days when Doctors/Nurses.. were doctors.. Coz they loved ,cared about people & wanted to heal people..for free even..)❕ – Have U or someone U know become sick/disabled or died After taking/being injected with a Covid Vaccine ❓➖ Thank the globalists for this too❕… ; Jerome : “Why are yall blaming all of our problems on the globalists” ⬅️ Coz besides the fact that they’ve created all our crisis it’s Their Wrong policies that are the causes of all of our problems.. “Wrong policies like ?” ⬅️ Besides open borders > Forcing Us to have destructive races like the Blacks & Muslims living amoungst us ,Letting non-whites become overpopulated (& then like idiots solving this problem, by depopulating them by killing them with Covid Vaccines..!) While our Christian Nationalism would solve the overpopulation problem by sterilizing the very poor > If U Also think that Poor people should NOT have even 1 child.. Donate to this now, people -TY❕That’s https://childfreebc.com 📱🖱️➡️ & making the rest to live by our 1-Child-Per-Family policy (& where only the super-rich will be allowed to have more than 1 child & even many of them doNt, many rich people have only 1 child Coz children are too demanding & just 1 child is too expensive to take care of So the poor must never be allowed to have even 1 child !) ⬅️ This is a holistic approach Compared to the democrats/globalists’ current depopulation agenda..❕(well here in South Africa, to we the minority races ,It feels like the black majority are Overpopulated.. therefore I say “by allowing Non-whites to become overpopulated..”)

▶️ This post is NOT a movement against black people, It is a movement against everyone who are living off of non-blacks (coz blacks are Not the only ones who’ve been doing this – No, other races have also so shamefully been living like parasites off the Whites.. nothing spells “failures!” Clearer than that, I guess ➖ Non-Whites❕Stop living like failures..❕) ✅ ; Even though these black & muslim parasites/plagues have the full backing of the globalists & of just all corrupt selfish rich people, The blacks & muslims caNt force us to accept them..We will always have the Right to kick them & keep them Out of our lives & far away from us❗✔️ ; This post is showing us all so clearly, how the sinful rich & just All selfish people have been & still are screwing this whole world over.. & then all these 3rd-world parasites on top of this, making life a million times worse..❕Yes, Sin (people choosing to Sin) is the root cause of globalism which is the root cause of all our problems 😠

All I know is South Africa is a 3rd World country fast becoming a 4th World country under its’ corrupt ANC ruling government therefore millions of people are suffering without a normal life coz their corrupt ANC (ie. African National Congress party) is Not helping them…

▶️ Yes, that Same ANC that Nelson Mandela was apart of his whole life till his death..So we haveNt thought of him as the great man, that the world sees him as – Just like how We doNt see Barack Obama as America’ 1st black president coz he only destroyed America even more..We will see only an elected christian conservative black man like Dr Ben Carson, as America’ 1st black president..❕👏 Nelson Mandela Freed his black people by Imprisoning the non-blacks! (He freed the blacks to do crime against us, making every place dangerous & this forced us to live like prisoners in our own homes..not to mention that He freed them to degrade every place !) ⬅️ Combine this with all the destruction Mandela’ ANC & blacks have done against this their own country (& the ANC Cadre are like :”We Blacks are so stupid, that we couldNt even destroy South Africa by ourselves ⬅️ To do this too, We needed those evil White Democrats/liberals/marxists..to help us do it !” 🤦‍♂️ “We blacks are Not destroying SA by ourselves, the White dems/libs have been/still are helping us destroy SA – All for our selfish financial gain, of course! So U’re Right Sam Mam, the evil dems/libs & their democracy are the destroyers & the problem, NOT U good christian conservative people..!”) (& were still waiting for yall to say “We blacks shouldNt have vilified/demonized those white apartheid creators..!” 🤨 & “We’ve Stolen so many 💲Billions from our black population these 28 years [⬅️ & the majority of the South African population are like : “yeh, because we Know they are criminals, Is Why we doNt vote in any election..!” ⬅️ Imagine! They would rather Not vote, Instead of doing the Right thing of : Vote for the Whites ! Therefore, as they’ve been suffering WithOut services, We Non-blacks have Not been feeling sorry for them..! (While if they voted for the Whites ie. Only the Christian Conservative Whites, We would show at least pity to them..!) ✔️] (⬅️ these are only some of the latest examples ; Black ANC..Politicians & their voters have been Stealing Millions & Billions over this 28 Democracy , Which Means By Now : They have Stolen a total of Trillions from South Africa/ns (Millions+Billions=Trillions) ❕😠 That’s Howcome our politicians are millionaires & billionaires – Now U Know, it’s Not because they’ve been doing their jobs❕ ) that now we’ve actually gotten tired of it So, now we are handing over the rulership of SA back to our predecessors ie. The White Apartheid government from before 1982 !”) 🤯 ⬆️⬅️ Where in this, Do U See that Nelson Mandela & his ANC are good/great people who did a good thing by ending the White apartheid regime❓❗ Bobbi :”Nowhere Mam, they are NOT good/great people Nor did they do a good/great thing by ending White Apartheid !”) ..our lives were so safe/nice under segregation..(we’ve been saying this all these decades, It’s Not something we realized only now..!) even blacks have admitted that life in SA was so nice/better under White Apartheid than it is under this Black Apartheid..(this from a black guy’ post on Fbk 2 years ago – amazing the things people admit on social media, hey!? 🤭)

▶️ As it is, the majority of people are still sticking to/with their Own Race..Segregation will just be like making it official..! When I compare the different communities, I See that the communities that are thriving & that are just so nice to live in, Are the communities where there are No Blacks #ImJustSaying ! 🤭

▶️ Under segregation, We Indians also didNt have water, electricity, sanitation..& yet had to still walk miles to school..! but we know Not to focus on this & to focus Only on the safety, peace..that segregation gave us -They let us live on land, grow our own food, have jobs, build our own clinics/schools etc. – Its Not like they gave us nothing at all & forced us to live in water..⬅️ Now that, would’ve been a HUUGE problem 😅 coz we are Not made to live In water, We were made to live On land..! 🙂 They were anti-democrat (as any sane person would be) & authoritarian but they were patriarchs..! 🥰 They were definitely NOT the evil tyrants that the blacks’ Lies say they were [the blacks are quick to pathetically feel sorry for themselves & say “those whites oppressed..us..!” , the Truth is 99% of the time, It’s Our Own people (their fellow blacks, my fellow Indians etc.) Who oppress us & cause us so much of suffering..! 😥 ; If those whites were evil tyrants who made them starve, many of the Non-whites would Not have been fat – U caNt be starving & fat at the same time! If those whites made them suffer, many of the Non-whites would Not have had big/large families (of like 5 to 15 kids in almost every family ! Life was good for the non-whites, therefore they had so many kids !) – Coz Real Suffering prevents one from marrying & having even 1 child..(these horrible Non-whites caused themselves suffering/made their lives hard by themselves, by having so many kids & then had the nerve to Lie saying the Whites were causing them suffering..! 😠) ⬅️ So these are 2 more things that Expose Blacks’ Lies about White Apartheid SA ✅]

; If those white apartheid people were evil tyrants, the Black POSes would Not have gotten to kill them as they did ⬅️ It Shows Us that those white apartheid people were just perfect good/great gentle giants like me, who U can only love..❕💚 As my Truths are exposing those dems’ Lies & showing everyone that the democrat/liberal way is Wrong – They’re trying to stifle/stop me by calling me racist/fascist/narcissist ..sociopath even Coz they’re getting irritated/nervous Coz More & More people even from the Left after reading this post, are coming to their senses, are agreeing with this post..& are switching from democrat..to conservative..! [..it’s Not this our segregation idea that’s laughable – No, it’s their opposing it, thats laughable Coz things are so bad, that even more & More blacks are agreeing with me/us/this post.. ⬅️ This means that this Black Plague the globalists created, is now turning around on them..! 😆🤭 & because the globalists knew that after reading posts like this, black people would come to their senses & do the Right thing of switch from democracy to conservatism/Christian nationalism – Is Why they created & go on funding their backup/plan B ie. The Muslim Plague to destroy us with…! We must Never fear for their jihadist crap, We must Never give up..Hugs! 🥰 ⬅️ Ava :”What’s that jihadist crap❔” ⬅️ It’s where Muslims are living amoungst yall & when yall are walking to somewhere, a muslim would come out of nowhere & all of a sudden come cut your head or arm off or stab U – in worship of & to please his demon-god mohammed/Allah (yes, only demons carry on like that..! ,When people worship demons – People become demons ,themselves ! 😓) ➡️ Shame, poor Geert❕ Can U Imagine Muslims..paying 💲20Million for Your head❔❕ 😥 Pray for Geert, his family, his friends & political party’ daily safety & sanity..Thank U -Hugs to Geert & everyone else like him…❕🥰 Netherlands ❕Wakker worden❕ Deporteer nu alle moslims uit uoverd Also keep BritainFirst’ leader Mr Paul Golding , his family & political party in your prayers, TY❕🥰 (Muslims doNt want us living in peace, Muslims want us to live in constant fear/uncertainty/unhappiness..) & This is how muslims have been & trying to still take over our countries/This is how muslims have illegally acquired countries, taken them as their own , that’s how muslims now have quite a few countries under their belt !

▶️ (Muslims have their own countries ie. The Middle-East countries, They supposed to have stayed in & made those Middle-East countries of theirs a great success – But they destroyed their own countries & had the nerve to come into & spoil/destroy our countries too..❕😠 Send all Muslims back to their Middle-East countries & force them to make those Middle-East countries of theirs a success, coz we just doNt want them living amoungst us..!) Therefore we must Never allow Muslims to live amoungst us – Deport all Muslims out of your countries now❕ ].

▶️ [“So, the globalists are responsible for all the suffering in every country/continent..❔” ⬅️ Correct So, We must NOT fight with/against each other –  If people wanna fight, They must fight against the globalists (wherever they’re hiding..! 🙃), I hate to say that but, the globalists are the one’s who started all this destruction – while we’re just trying to end all this destruction that they started..it’s sad Coz When U See those globalists, they look like normal, good decent sometimes such nice people & We Understand that they would want to be The Elite..but playing God with all of humanity keeping we the majority suffering daily for a century (=100 years) now & esp. For these 6 decades (=60 years) now, was Not the only (fun) way for them to be The Elite – Spending their 💲Trillions making another planet inhabitable & then going & living There ,Was the other & Better option that they supposed to have chosen to do a century ago..Really! If Only they did this instead, By Now They would Actually be living on that other planet..❕😮 This successful Revolution means the globalists will be tried for crimes against humanity over these decades /centuries, at the ICC .. Some people would want their trial to be splashed all over the media & go on for months…but We want it be short & sweet, done quietly.. (they walk into the court > their long list of crimes read out > then they’re sent to be executed – all done in 1 hour.. 1, 2, 3 – Finish❕) – Yeh, It must Not be on the media.. They’ve been given enough negative attention during these decades..Let these globalists bow out in Peace..! (In the globalists’ defense, they & their crimes against humanity.. Is just 1 of the Many results/ consequences of Eve’ sinning in the Garden Of Eden 5 Milleniums ago..) ⬅️ Grisha, Leo.. : “That’s very big of you, Mam..! 🥰” Yeh, I know..🙂 (& unfortunately all their youngsters will also have to be executed with them so that they caNNot continue this their father’/parents’ evil globalism against us & against the future generations..! ✔️)

▶️ [speaking of other planets, 🪐 I know – If Only They can guarantee 100% safety to & from Mars.. 🚀millions more would be supporting them But, Try to still fully support Mr Elon Musk & company’ “living on planet Mars” idea – get used to wearing those cute-looking glass dome/space suits etc. From Now..❕😅 Soon yall will be Marsians there who will video-chat 📱with us Earthlings here..❕😅 🥰 But This another dream that woNt happen, If yall doNt End Globalism Now..] ⬅️ This would’ve been a win-win for them & us 💁‍♂️ – Yeh, they would’ve really enjoyed being The Elite there on that other planet, having that whole planet only for their elite selves❕🙂] But we must Not be stopped, We must keep Trampling over them & all their terms of us & keep soldering on for God – Coz we got a world to save from those stupid sinners..! 🦸‍♂️ Our dear forefathers finish have their turn to save this world centuries ago, Now it’s our turn..! 🦸‍♀️ ;

▶️ DoNt confuse/mistake our continuous yearning for a safe peaceful society/life of law & order – with your racism rubbish.. & doNt confuse/mistake my pain-suffering-writing, with that hatred yall always see, out of your jealousy/envy of us ❕ 👏 Yes, we mustNt focus on what we doNt have, We must focus on what we DO have..It Is Possible to be poor & still live decently & be happy coz being poor is Not the problem, there’s nothing really wrong with being poor, It’s such a wonderful life – When U live it in True Christianity, It’s the Sinful people who are the problem..! ✔️ 🙂 Yes, coz life under White Apartheid was strict with the death penalty for criminals..therefore Instead of becoming criminals, people did the Right thing of just go worked any job..🤭 Segregation kept blacks in their place ie. Prevented them from harming us & spoiling everything for us..it kept the pests out.. Segregation protected us from this black plague..! (Joash ➡️ “like a mosquitoe net❔🤭” Yeh, like that❕🙂 ..Taj :”the white apartheid regime was a mosquitoe net regime❔❕🤭 U’re right, blacks are stupid, coz U would have to be a special kind of stupid to go against a mosquitoe net..❕😆”)

▶️ We wanted Mr Thomas Sowell to be America’ 1st black president in 2000 & 2004, Then Dr Ben Carson supposed to have been America’ 2nd black president in 2008, 2012 & 2016 (& They would have been presidents, if Not the problematic poor -No, but If the Corrupt democrat/liberal.. Rich (Oligarchs /Aristocrats) wereNt playing God controlling their puppets everywhere to mess up people’ mind, Rig elections etc.❕😠) Then Mr Donald Trump as president in 2020 & 2024 ; Yes, people have to be but especially Black people (coz blacks have done the most destruction & therefore have the most to make up for! ) have to be highly educated like Mr Thomas Sowell & Dr Ben Carson, to be deserving just to be in our presence..The Only time Blacks will be allowed to be near us is, when They are University educated – & even then, everyone but especially They will be scanned (think : airport radiation security scanning) , To ensure they’re carrying No weapons, powders..on them to harm or kill us with❕I told Yall, Its High Standards here under our christian nationalism..weak, stupid lazy people woNt make it here..! 🙂

▶️ Every Black Person just supposed to wanna be like Mr/Dr Thomas Sowell & Dr Ben Carson ⬅️ They also grew up Poor & I also am stuck with an evil family here, but these did NOT stop us from escaping into & becoming good great people from Education..❕👏 🙌 – So Blacks caNt use the “I’m poor” & “my family is evil” excuses, to be democratic parasites on us, as they are..! (Yes! This Democracy Is/Means : making excuses for the 3rd-worlders ! Therefore, democracy is sick..! ; This curse of a democracy has made blacks to be spoilt & lazy – While under our Christian Nationalism, we had blacks becoming & living like civilized good decent human beings! ie. being driven/ambitious /hardworking…in only all the good & right things like studying, working, earning their own money to pay their own bills with it..!) , Blacks being educated is Good 4 them, good 4 us – Good 4 everyone & everything..! 📚 So if blacks doNt wanna be educated..then they doNt have & must Lose their right to live..❕✔️ We wanted black man Mr Allen West to be the current Governor of Texas but the RINOs (Republicans In Name Only) & CINOs (Christians In Name Only aka the False Christians) helped the dems..Elect RINO Greg Abbott instead – This is They chose & let their fears, worries & insecurities win Over, Mr West’ brown skin & a safer & peaceful Texas & USA (Even Though Mr West was gonna do the Right thing of close & secure the Border there..!) 😯 For doing this sin, now everyone is suffering for it..! 😥- We are so so sorry to U & us about this..Mr West ! Group Hug! 🥰

▶️ & 90% of the music I listen to/love are by black people – Black People made the Best Music during Segregation…❕(& of course, 95% of this is from Before the year 2000…! 🎵🙂) [coz I just caNt stand the annoying Empty white people’ music ⬅️ Which is so, Coz They became Empty (lost their souls) When they replaced God With Sin especially from the 1950s..⬅️ This Emptiness has gone on showing & still shows in their music, Not just in their club/EDM/metal/heavy metal /trance ..but even in their main genres of contemporary, pop..Their music sounds only like Noise to us..as they say :”empty vessels make the most noise” ! ❎ 🙁 Its So important to cling/hold onto God while suffering for Christ..So that our music/talent will always be Soulful ,Fill our souls, Fill us up (Like good wholesome homecooked food 🍲 If made right, it beats any takeaway anyday..! 😋)! – So that we will want no more!/We will want for nothing..! ✅ 🙌 👏 🙂 ] (while racists never wanna see/hear Anything by black people..!) So I am/We are definitely NOT racist & we doNt hate blacks..❕✅ All the people who We admire & ‘worship’, studied & became Great during those years/decades/centuries of Segregation ⬅️ This shows us that segregation was/is a good thing, NOT a bad thing, Coz segregation made people to live the Right way ie. Always busy minding their own business, studying /working progressing & prospering in their right ,never causing problems /troubles for others & These resulted in a very nice world for everyone to live in❕✅ 🙂

▶️ Danger/Crime & the highest Unemployment (coz the blacks came & took our jobs using the ANC’ BEE (black economic empowerment, affirmative action..) etc. racist Policies, leaving us withOut jobs..! 😡) Entered our townships Only After segregation was lifted & blacks were allowed to walk/live amoungst us ⬅️ that’s Not a coincidence ❕Whites used to be so intelligent, Now many of them are stupid ⬅️ This happened Only After segregation was lifted & non-whites were allowed to be flood into their countries & they started mixing up with those non-whites (Non-whites have humbled the Whites so much & made them so stupid (coz it’s the democrats…who are anti-intellectualism..!) ,That blacks think that they have reduced whites To : “Oh, They’re just of a Lighter skin tone than us” < This being the only difference between non-whites & whites !) 😠 ⬅️ This is also Not a coincidence❕

▶️ We’ve seen abnormally record highs in every negative thing -Only After segregation was lifted…Its been very sad/tragic to see the deterioriation that happened to our schools /clinics/hospitals..& white countries Only After segregation was lifted & non-whites were allowed to flood into our schools..! ⬅️ Just by comparing photos from Before 1950 To photos from After 1950-Now, Shows us this so clearly 😰 & That’s When we say : Look at how nice (clean & orderly & just such a pleasure to be in..!) these countries were, when they were run by Whites but Look at how they’re now dilapidated since the non-whites/blacks flooded in & settled there..❕😥 & Of all these non-whites, Most of them have been/are non-christians ⬅️ it’s Not about race/skin colour but of these Non-christians, it’s been mostly the blacks who’ve done the most damage So When we are For segregation, We are NOT racist ,We are just wanting a safe & carefree life again, Segregation is Not just to preserve our races but to preserve everything (If Blacks were Whites & Indians, They Too would want to preserve themselves & never get sucked into the black race!)

▶️ Under Democrat ANC-led SA, We have daily water shortages, daily electricity cuts ( https://residential.eishkomsolar.com/ 📱💡🙂). Highest Unemployment & Crime rates & a R500Billion Debt [that we caNt pay back coz our economy is sinking coz our workforce is shrinking.. As a result of their democracy, More & More of the educated keep emigrating out of SA ,taking their skills with them [it is very painful to see them standing in the queue at the airport emigrating out of SA..! 😢 U can also just see the pain on their faces (coz many of them were born & raised here, this is home – which they now are having to permanently leave just coz these horrible blacks doNt want to do the Right thing/live the Right Way..Our way..! 😐) So, It’s painful for them to leave & It’s for us to have to watch them leave – It’s painful all round ❕🙁 ] – leaving SA with a skills-shortage that is further sinking its’ economy ,While if they stuck with Segregation, those people would Not have emigrated, They & their job skills would’ve Stayed in SA & the SA economy would be booming by now] so it’s gonna keep getting worse..The more money we borrow from them, The Harder it’s gonna become to pay those Loans back & then the More of our land the Chinese..will come take & occupy..⬅️ This is already happening in the USA, Zambia, Jamaica…We doNt wanna be next..❕ All companies in any country who are in bed with Communist China, are a Trojan horse & direct threats to our Republics, China is Not our friend (Coz They are heathens , While if they were Christians – Then, We would be tempted to trust & work with them..Oh Yes! How we would love to have the Chinese on our side, hey.. Of course, they can be Christians ! China – Join Mr Guo in overthrowing your tyrannical Chinese Communist Party ,In a peaceful manner So the 1.4 Billion of you will be freed ➡️ https://nfsc.global 📱🖱️👍)

▶️ We doNt wanna be owned by the world bank or the Chinese ! If the Chinese rule over us, They’ll probably force us to fully communicate in Their mother-tongue of Mandarin ! Have Yall Seen Chinese Writing ❓❗ We’ll never make with that ! 🙃 & if it’s impossible 4 us, It’ll definitely be impossible 4 Yall 2 learn..!) ⬅️ This would NOT be the case if those dear Christian conservative whites were ruling! So No one’s allowed to tell us that the Blacks are doing a better job running SA into the ground & that they deserve to rule SA! Every country on earth is just supposed to be ruled by white conservatives..! ⬅️ In which case, what lovely prosperous 1st/2nd world countries they would be, hey! So its currently such a great loss to us, hey! So dear White people, We are so so sorry that that is Not yet the case..We have been joining yall in daily weeping about this & will continue..until democracy/pluralism is completely & permanently Ended just now – Hugs! 🥰

▶️ We build them buses, trucks, trains, schools (we build them schools, they burn it down, & Then they wanna come into Our white & indian schools❓❗ No! They must Never get to do this..!), malls.. & they go burn it down [We are facing a serious water shortage problem here in South Africa So, we need to have & take care of the water tanks we are given & have put up in every neighborhood Yet, even recently on their 24th-25th/Aug/2022 strike/protesting, blacks here in my town burnt down some water tanks – So when they need water, what are they gonna do ❓ where are the water trucks gonna put that water in, when they burnt down the water tanks that the water trucks fill that water in ❔❕😠 Can U See how stupid blacks are..❕❔ So we can call them whatever term we want & they are Not allowed to say a single word or do a single thing against us..❕] Just coz they want their grievances heard & met ! (While modern human beings Talk – To get their grievances heard & met !) ,Blacks only damage/destroy & go.. It’s always we non-blacks that have to pay the usually Millions in Costs, to clean up/replace all the damaged/destroyed stuff -& all that Money doesNt fall from the sky..❕ ; We give them jobs & if they see our wages to them as low pay, They kill us – If they want more money, They’re supposed to go work a second job for it , Not kill us..! 😠 Blacks supposed to have stayed in their own countries, Yet they’ve come into our countries & esp. In the last 2 years 2020 & 2021, taken down our Confederate statues (calling them racist statues/symbols..!) ⬅️ Who told these black scum that they can do this❗❓ Chris, Jim, Moa.. :”probably their same globalists masters ,that they are the minions/puppets of❕Yep, the globalists probably told & paid the blacks to do this too..! 😦” Under Christian Nationalism, those our statues will be re-erected..!

▶️ We build, They destroy (this includes the fact that they have the nerve to multiply in their poverty -They can see how they look, & they know that today’ humans would Never wanna look like them -& they still multiply & try to mix with us..! 😠) Therefore we caNNot coexist with them coz we doNt build things, so that they can come in & destroy it U see, thats the thing..❕ We upgrade, They downgrade/degrade 👎 We progress, They degress. (& the Blacks are like : “Why did Sam Mam have to go dig/bring up the past ❕❔” ⬅️ Coz the past is still continuing..the blacks are still using the past to spoil & destroy the present & wanna continue this destruction into/throughout the future too! 🔸”Why is Sam Mam being so mean❔❕” ⬅️ “Coz we blacks have been/still are mean to them so now we’re simply getting all that mean-ness back to us..we’re getting back what We gave..So save your tears black people..❕” ✔️) ; ( We must remember & Understand, Sam Mam is right in the epicentre of black destruction there in South Africa ie. The South of the African continent itself..! So she’s allowed to write criticism like this..If We were living there..We would also want segregation..!) ; Yeh, they should’ve known that all their incompetencies, bad treatment of & crimes against us, were always gonna catch up to them someday -& that someday is Now, already ❕ ⬅️ Jabu & Nk ➡️ “Eish ! We arrived there already..?!” “Ja Nk, we’re there already..It’s Not payday, It’s paybackday for us..! 😥” (🤭) ; We definitely doNt owe blacks anything – They Owe Us, for all the damage/destruction they’ve done throughout this world all these centuries❕ So U would have to be amoungst the most stupid people..to believe & think that we owe them money/jobs/property.. 👎

If we owe anything to anyone, It’s Only to all those dear White Christian Conservatives (Not the White Christian Democrats U see on TV, online..) who built this world & have gone into the most horrible & dangerous places saving us all with the gospel/Bible message..! They made everyone civilized..! If it wasNt for them, We’d all still be so cursed, stupid & miserable trapped in the Bondage/Sewer of Hinduism/Islam/ Buddhism… or some other satan-created pagan religion/cult..! Yes, We owe everything to the White Christian Conservatives -Hugs..! 🥰 Thank God I’m Poor, so they ain’t getting any money from me! 🙂 ⬅️ I say this Coz we owe them so much, that every single 1 of us would have to be a multi-millionaire to be able to repay them – That’s how much of good they’ve done on this planet…So because we doNt have money to repay/thank them, the least we can do is continuously greatly respect them..! 🥰

▶️ Under Segregation, rules & laws were followed in every home/community/in every part of society- Law & Order Ruled The Land ! ⬅️ & This is how life supposed to still be & must forever be..❕✅ See, the people of India, Asia, South America, Middle East..are poor but they’re happy or making it just fine – Coz there are No black people Adding to their problems & suffering there !..& we should be able to say about the white countries too❕(⬅️ This is like how the blacks in most parts of Africa would say :”See here!? We’re poor..but we’re happy coz there are No white people owning & using our stuff here..!” – So the blacks caNt say I’m insulting them..! There’s nothing insulting about this segregation idea, Its just that Their Lazy Asses doNt wanna let go of the money/nice life ,that their pea-brains think they will have, only under democracy & Coz they doNt wanna keep busy Working Hard 4 their money/nice life under segregation ,Like we normal people do..we doNt respect lazy people..! ✔️) & the Indian, Asian.. Presidents are like :”O doNt worry Sam Mam, we’re never gonna allow blacks to enter our countries ,We have plenty of our own problems to deal with..!🙂” 🤭 Yes Sirs, we can only deal with our own problem people ,We caNt deal with these problem blacks on top of that..its too much, We caNt manage..caNt manage..! 😣 & Strict Is BEST ,coz we are lovingly strict Not strict in an evil way❕

▶️ Everyone Knows that life under segregation was so nice/great ,Its just that They Deny It (but quietly nicely benefit from it though!😠) While We Admit & fight for it ; When we look back at our lives..think carefully, We see that it’s only the democrats, liberals etc. (Not just the White democrats..but the democrats, liberals..even in our Own races !) Who hurt us, Were vile to us.. ,Not the Christian conservatives ! The Christian conservatives were the ones who were always so nice/kind to us ⬅️ & This we think about, remember & talk about even decades/centuries later 🙂..kindness goes a long way..May God forever bless these dear Christian conservatives worldwide..! 🥰 Under Segregation, We still heard the Gospel.. (& shockingly enough, under segregation, people were allowed to be of other religions – my fellow Indians were allowed to be hindus, muslims..! ⬅️ This is another thing that shows us that those white apartheid Christian nationalists were Not evil tyrants..! So doNt believe the Lie that under segregation, everyone will be forced to be a Christian..!) & there were still mixed-race marriages [Coz when people are in love, No law can stand in their way Coz they give up everything to start a new life as a happily married couple together “Awwhh, so sweet..! 👩‍❤️‍👨 ” They lose their family/friends/jobs…to be with their Love ⬅️ (some call This true maturity & true love..!💞 🙂) This itself is their punishment So, the Law is Not supposed to punish them on top of that ! ✔️]. So since segregation would Not stop the spread of Christianity through non-white races & would Not stop their love..No one must call segregation racist or any other such term ;

▶️ Only the sinners are benefiting from the democracies of now (& even though they benefit from it – look at how they’ve still destroyed this world..❕ 😠) & anything that benefits them automatically comes against us good people So we must hate & destroy anything that benefits them , that includes their democracy❕ Only the people who are making money off this current world democratic state would oppose & sabotage us..& would join the idiots in saying We’re causing division..These Money-Makers doNt care about the Black people when they say that, They only care about the Money they might Lose when democracy is ended soon..! ⌛ (we already know that if they choose the Money & P.., life will continue being this Hell on earth..) Are They Once Again..gonna Choose The Money & P..Over Peace (The peaceful life of segregation) ❗❓ Lets Wait & See..❕⏳ 🙂

▶️ Yes, even when our enemies call this segregation idea of ours “laughable” [they laugh Coz for too long the stupid Democrat/Liberal Whites have been giving & giving & giving to them ⬅️ & the blacks have been taking it for granted, so much so (it’s sickening to see) that they now feel they’re Entitled to use the past to just keep getting stuff From us..(just the other day ,Monday the 18/July/2022, I had to remove the fungi out of the raisen bread..block my nose & down it..! So blacks must Stop their pity-party, They must Stop demanding that everyone feel sorry for them & give them stuff, as if they’re The only ones who know suffering..!)✔️]

▶️ The Blacks are like :”I’m black, so gimme! gimme! gimme! I doNt wanna study & work for anything, Just gimme what I want ! & Just do everything for me! – Coz I’m black ! I’m Not qualified for that Job but Gimme that Job, Coz I’m Black ! (it’s so sad & angering to see how 100s & 1000s of white owned & run companies , When they had only White employees gave us excellent customer service, But now that they have Black employees, they give us bad/terrible to non-existent customer service ⬅️ & This is After we’ve taught them how to do that Job..!?! & yet they still get to keep that Job & still get paid the wages/salary for it..- Coz they’re black! While we would get Fired if we didNt do our jobs correctly..! 🙁), Let me do all kinds of crimes & doNt punish me, Coz I’m Black ! ( Under that precious White Apartheid, If U did wrong things even like litter the environment, U would get such a hiding, U would wish that U were never born..! , therefore the environment was always clean -lol! 🤭😆 ⬅️ & This is how strict life everywhere supposed to be..!) ..I want FREE water, FREE electricity, FREE housing, FREE schooling..FREE Land..FREE everything..Coz I’m Black – the non-blacks can pay for everything ! & if anyone doesNt agree to keep giving us stuff, we’ll cry racism..showing everyone we’re stupid & really do have s*** for brains..!” ⬅️ This, Their song “my socialist daydream” Is the only song they sing everyday..❕😠 ⬅️ We want them to Stop being Pathetic like this..! For Those Of Yall Asking : “What is this/Who are these black people she keeps talking about” (🤭) ⬅️ Answer : Black People Look Like These ➡️

⬅️ Tarak, Karam..➡️ “😦 Omg Mam! They look like those..what’s that word❔ Neanderthals – Yeh, those archaic humans, the extinct species of hominids..!” ⬅️ Mm, Only they’re Not extinct, They’re still here ! – In the form of these blacks..& they live like it too..! Whether U give them jobs or marry & have a family with them ,They still kill U..They always bite the hand that feeds them, They’ve got No gratitude/appreciation for all we do for them..! Stay far far away from them…! “But why are they like that ❓” ⬅️ Coz their black governments are corrupt & keep Failing them & doNt teach them the Right way to live & Their Black Celebrities & middle-class also doNt go into the black townships/squatter settlements to teach them the Right way to live – All their rich, live selfishly also hiding in their nice houses with top security..They doNt care about their poor (& yet they wanna make money off them by wanting those same poor to buy their music, watch their shows/movies..!), They just let them do crime, damage/destroy..even though they know that’s Bad for everyone..👎 & it’s NOT our job to take care of black people! Each Race is just supposed to take care of Their own race…! ⬅️ If they doNt want to do this, then they must either be killed so that the remaining ones can do the job of take care of their own people OR every single 1 of them must be forced into extinction – Yes, Either take care of your own people OR go extinct ⬅️ These are your only 2 options..❕✅

▶️ Everytime blacks say or do a single thing against us, They are Only fueling this our segregation idea..for every 1 person objecting to this segregation idea, There are 10 people liking & supporting this segregation idea ,So we will Not be Stopped from bringing world peace through segregation..! 🌍 By opposing segregation, They automatically admitting that they are parasites..! The best/quickest way To prove U’re Not a parasite, Is by being on our Christian Nationalism side 🙂 In Their World of Babylon out there, they are told/forced to Deny the truths about their democracy/ pluralism , & to be stupid & to make excuses for the Blacks (& all who are doing this, I guess deserve to get killed by those same blacks..!) , They’re so used to everyone being stupid & joining them in this, They thought that we too will join them in that – & We caNt Coz if we do, then the Non-whites/blacks will get to go on destroying everything..❕

▶️ Yes, only the globalists’ parasites are trending hashtags like “christiannationalism is evil OR christiannationalism is dangerous OR christiannationalism is a myth.. OR christiannationalism is a cult” ⬅️ This is : the parasites are Not happy as they are being flushed out of our systems – Lol❕; Those that are saying “forget about the past, go with the flow, Sam’s being petty..” & “she’s such a bore & toxic to the core..!” ⬅️ Again, this us apart of all the things that they’re brainwashed into thinking/saying about us – there in their Babylon..We must Never get stopped by all their words against us! 🙂 “..if U doNt like it there, then move..!” ⬅️ Are people with small minds & who clearly doNt live in reality & are saying that from their nice cushy/comfortable lives hiding in some white neighborhood somewhere❕ So they doNt have the right to comment on this post or to turn people against this segregation idea..! [telling me to move, is telling me to run away from my problems, & If running away from our problems was the solution, Then all of us would be rich So that we could easily emigrate..Can U Imagine If we all emigrated to the USA everytime we had problems ❔❕ There’d be No place left in the USA/UK..! 😅

▶️ Besides – What’s the use of living in America but U live in your car or on the streets because the cost of living there is so high ❔❕(It’s common sense that if U are Unemployed in South Africa, U’re gonna be Unemployed in America..!) U caNt enjoy freedom when U’re suffering like that ! (This same democracy /pluralism/globalism has turned that once great 1st-world country America 🇺🇸 & now doing the same to dear Europe 🇪🇺 ,Into now just 3rd-world countries – So we must Really hate & come against this Globalism❕If U invite someone from a 3rd-world country to come stay in America or Europe, They might laugh & say :”your country is now also a 3rd-world country like South Africa.., where the only difference is that we have a black president & yall have a white president ,everything else is the same..!” ⬅️ This is how Bad the decay of America, Europe..now is..❗” 😢) Leaving SA & moving to/going & living in another country is like taking the Easy Way Out ⬅️ & only cowards , weak people do that..!] ✅ & as for the idiots saying “that segregation is her/their pie in the sky dream..!” ⬅️ These people have already given up the fight, chosen to live like cowards & have already chosen the Money & that Hell of democracy, Over world peace ⬅️ & that Wrong choice is Nothing to be proud of & We doNt respect such people..❕ DoNt worry, Just now They will go kill themselves Coz money doesNt create/give us peace (only doing the Right thing like enacting segregation worldwide, creates/gives us peace ✅)

▶️ Democracy/pluralism/polytheism (which obviously includes their secularism) Is : The heathens & their paganism + the RINOs (Republicans In Name Only) + the CINOs (Christians In Name Only) aka the False Christians/Christian cultural marxists & their False Christianity aka Mainstream Christianity – are apart of that Babylon over there, that is the thing that has given birth to all these different types of people/sinners that we hate so much, They have us keeping busy hating each other! While Segregation ensured that we didNt even think about each other, So we certainly were Not busy hating each other – Instead, We kept busy focusing on being & living Right with God & progressing (So doNt be stupid, telling us conservos to “stop with your hate..!” Instead, Yall are supposed to go up against the creators of your democracy/pluralism since they/it is the root cause of the hate ! ; As for all of yall who are black sympathizers – U can see their stupidity that the Blacks have been/are taking advantage of, there..! 🙄 (Really, people! Segregation will Cure us all from these idiotic democrats..& their stupidity! 🤭). What good/great thing/invention have the Blacks done for Yall/humanity lately ❗❓ Nothing – That’s what❕

▶️ I just have to think about all the crimes blacks have done against us these 30 years & yall can never get us to join yall in sympathizing with & feeling sorry for them! (Even just yesterday Sunday the 24/July/2022 , a Black girl killed her Indian husband (They were a 20-stg couple with 1 child..) ..just a couple of metres from me in the block of flats behind mine here! Boy! U didNt deserve that..! From the beginning, I said she doesNt deserve U -& there, look at the terrible way she’s proven that ! Boy, at least now, U’ll now be at peace forever Free from that demon..! 😢 RIP Boy..! (Can U see what the Blacks do when U feel sorry for them & give them a chance..❕❔ Our dear White Apartheid creators/leaders were therefore Right to Never give blacks a chance..❕) ➖ Ja! We must Also Never listen to & Let people Force us into Marrying Young especially..It always ends badly..! ☹️ ⬅️ Proving that We Are Right to want to live separated (segregated) from them..! ✅ All they do is spread their stink around & reduce the quality & customer service of every place, to like Zero..! While under segregation 2.0, the blacks will be made to keep their filthiness & stink to themselves, & the heathens, their godlessness/atheism to themselves – & we’ll all be happy ! ✅)

▶️ The White People’ wealth is Not here for us to live off of & Every Race supposed to study, work, create & have their Own wealth❕Because Blacks only spoil & destroy every place they live in, They caNt then at the same time say :”share your wealth with us..!” ..since alotta Blacks have such big mouths, They must progress on their own – WithOut the help of a single White person..! ✔️ (⬅️ Anyone with a normal brain..will say in agreement with us :”Now, That’s Fair ! 👍 While living off the Whites is like socialism, & that’s very Unfair !” 👎 Speaking of Socialism ➡️ ) ; Every Race throughout this planet earth is just supposed to be a Christian nation, Is just supposed to be on their own, Never looking at or comparing themselves to & Never competing with any other race..there must never be competition between the different races Coz the Whites have always had & still have Unfair advantages over us, because of their sinning against us in the past (Why do I say “never looking at…” ⬅️ Coz How did this whole democracy nightmare start❓❗ It didNt start with the ANC/SACP/MLK Or even with those sinful white democrats /communists who sided with the ANC ..! No! It Started with the Black people Looking At & Doing The Sin Of Coveting white people’ nice lives..& Then they formed the ANC, SACP [& the USA’ NAACP ,MLK Civil Rights Movement ..BLM… & others formed all these “equal rights for Non-whites groups/ organizations” worldwide ,For these advocacy groups /organizations to get for them a life like the white people’ lives ❕ – Together with those globalists (sinful/evil Democrat/Marxist Jews) taking advantage of their stupidity & Using them for their end goal. of globalism /NWO

‘Weaponised’ Martin Luther King Was A Soviet Puppet

Yes Black People, I Repeat : white democrats..doNt care about Yall, They have Only been & still are Only Using yall for their end goal of globalism..While at least we Republicans /Conservatives are completely Honest with Yall, about how we see & feel about Yall – & Yall Supposed To Appreciate Our Honesty, By Just Agreeing With Us To Live Under Christian Nationalism /segregation 2.0 ✅ Ja! These Non-whites have taken their equality rubbish too far now, hey..& it must stop – now❕] & Then got the sinful white traitorous democrats/ communists/socialists/marxists..to join them against us (& then those sinful white people unleashed the black people like a black plague on us under the guise of democracy like this..! 😖😠😥)❕Coveting Means : Wanting to have a life like someone else’…Blacks wanting to have a life like the whites Blacks’ democracy was borne from sin, & anything borne from Sin fails/collapses & ends in destruction❕We must never look at & covet the white people’ nice lives, Coz If we do – We’ll End perfectly Working regimes like white apartheid.. Non-whites ! , Stop Looking At The White People’ Lives..❕😠 🤬 & Since we already know that if U whites flaunt your nice lives..it’s only gonna cause the idiots to covet it & fight for democracy ➡️ White People ! , Stop flaunting your nice lives in front of us❕😠 🤬

▶️ Segregation Ensured that we never saw, We never looked at, let alone coveted white people’ nice lives (coz each race lived in their provinces & towns far separated from each other..!) but Instead focused Only on sorting out ourselves/our own lives.. We must Always be so grateful for, happy/content with the little/less that we have..less is Better than nothing❕✅ 🙂). Non-Whites ❕- AreNt yall so SicknTired of the sinful dem/lib.. Whites constantly showing off their nice middle-class/high-class houses, cars/lives..which will always be so Unattainable for us because of their sinning against us in the past century.., & being so evil against us, always looking down on us ,Even when we are being most miraculous/at our best, kicking us while they know we’re already down/suffering So much ,to kill us innocents..❗❓😠

▶️ When they were selling to people their democracy/pluralism idea, This is what they said : “there’s strength in diversity” & “there will be reconciliation, responsibility, freedom & respect amongst our diversity” but this has Not been/is Not the case! For a long time now, We have been SicknTired of seeing the Worst Of The Whites & the Worst Of The Blacks..! 😖 ⬅️ This is Not what people signed up for, When the dems/libs were selling to them & Forcing everyone to buy their Democracy idea..❕😤 (Cindy ➡️ “Are U Saying that this democracy/pluralism that We voted for, Is the Same thing/reason Why I’ve been on/taking depression medication these 20 years & Why almost everyone we all know are sick in some way & Why we now have the highest substance abuse & suicide rates more than any other time in history… ?!” ⬅️ Yes Lady, it is❕ U could’ve saved all that Money & would be better off for it today – If only U voted for Segregation..! 💁‍♀️ ; Edith ➡️ “U know, now that U’ve mentioned it, I’m 70 now & when I look back & compare then to now – U’re Right, Life looked/felt coz it really was more Stable back then..Coz the different races were Not problems to one another like now ,Instead they had only their own problems to deal with..! 🙂”). To the sinful people, Democracy/Pluralism Life is so nice/better , To We righteous people, Democracy has only destroyed this world (“diversity” is a code word for non-black or white genocide ⬅️ ; Dear White People, Under Segregation – Yall woNt have to worry about antarianism & loxism either…! 🙂)⬅️ Democracy/Pluralism came at this highest price , when it didNt have to – If they didNt give in to Sin & become totally depraved, Democracy might have worked.

▶️ This current world democratic state is Unliveable, Even for the democrats..That’s how bad this cancer of democracy now is- Like all cancers, It must be Removed before it does total destruction❕( & the idiots who say.. ” we doNt care..!” coz that’s them like having given up on life – they can always go kill themselves, To Remove themselves out of our way, So We Who Have Chosen To Live, can keep fighting against & overthrowing all corrupt democrat..oligarchies/regimes.., To have/live in peace through world segregation! ). Whites❕AreNt yall so SicknTired of the daily mad rush/scramble/rat race of having to keep up with everything, while constantly stressing/worrying about the safety of your lives ❓❗ Whites ! 9/10 times, when an experience or vacation of yalls got Spoilt, It was spoilt by a non-white! Coz most ie. the Heathen non-whites are Not peaceful people, They are never at peace – therefore they doNt let us be peaceful..! 😤 Cmon people, Admit it ! – the answer to 99% of our problems is : Living Segregated [Under segregation 1.0, We didNt have even some basic necessities.. Under our segregation 2.0, Life will be Fair – They will not treat us as their slaves..or deprive us of what we need..this time, We’ll have everything we’ll need, We’ll just live/function in a segregated way -Not all mixed up & miserable, like now ! ✔️ (here in SA, We woNt be forced to converse in Their mother-tongue languages of Afrikaans Or Zulu..Anymore 🙂 -No, They’ll keep those to themselves like we keep our mother-tongue languages of Tamil, Hindi..to ourselves..) ]

▶️ The Blacks thought/are still trying to think that they can get through life by piggybacking on the Whites (lol❕😂 Wherever the Whites go, the Blacks go! As if there’s a “Follow The Money” Sign stuck on every White person..! 😆 Blacks – stop stalking the Whites..! 😆🤭) …ending White Privledge by replacing it with Black Privledge (like how they ended white apartheid & replaced it with black apartheid..! 😤) & have become Undeserving of our goodness to them ⬅️ This & them wasting/ abusing their freedom & liberty, has led to their own demise…❕ ; With Segregation, We’ll will be making it clear to them that : They’re NOT entitled to anything ❕ & that They must keep busy studying & working 4 everything that they want -Like we do! ; The idiots who are trying to laugh at us are the same idiots, Who instead of joining us in enacting segregation, Are choosing to judge us & our writing, to character assassinate us, to get jealous/envious of us, to hide like cowards in their homes/offices..& to hide behind all the terms they’re calling us & are just letting the dems/libs destroy everything – These idiots are apart of the problem/cancer That’s destroying everything as they are so brainwashed by the dems/libs..that they see our truths as hate speech & dread it ; because of all their sinning (Like : they doNt have the guts to join us in doing this Right thing of enacting segregation..which means They want the nice life but withOut fighting for it..!).

▶️ Under their godLess pluralism (Babylon), anything goes – creating & admiring/loving every kind of freak/weirdo U can imagine..!..”it’s my body, I can do what I want with it..!”.. Life is all about entertainment, fun & enjoying life & therefore it is Hell there [Who started all this❓ The evil White dems/comms/libs/progs/socs… Who continued/are still continuing all this❓ Other money-making whites (& heathens) -Just So that everyone will like/love them & not hate them..❕🙃 👎] (their democracy/pluralism stopped/is Not working !) 🔸 Under our God-centred nationalism (the righteous side of the world), We live Only for God’ glory, life is always strict & serious but yet it is Heaven here – So anyone with a normal brain..would choose our theocracy (peaceful christian nationalism – which is different from & NOT colonialism or imperialism ! ) over their democracy (miserable godLess pluralism/internationalism/globalism) ! ✅

No matter what, Keep fighting for this segregation.. When their arses are drying up, Then We’ll be the one’s laughing at them ,Ok? Ok -Hugs !🥰 (yeh, soon we’ll be laughing & saying about them :”remember that time of black/african renaissance, when they tried to be a successful democratic republic ❕❔🤣🤣 😂” ⬅️ this is funny, coz there’s No such thing as a successful democratic republic, there can only be a successful conservative republic..! ✅)

▶️ They say we’re causing division coz by now, Whites (& the dems in other races too) & Blacks have like a co-dependent (unhealthy//bad/unhelpful/toxic/abusive) relationship with each other coz the White democrats..are like :”blacks are the most stupid race on earth but they’re also the biggest consumers of all the rubbish we put out there, so if we have to coexist with them – Then we’re gonna keep making money off them..its So much fun making money off their stupidity haha!”! (They doNt care about the Blacks, they care only about making money – when supporting this democracy..!) & the Blacks in turn have been enjoying taking advantage of & using whites’ stupidity, to humble them ⬅️ this is really painful to see, It really needs to Stop now! 👏]

▶️ White Apartheid Worked ,It Really Worked❕It made blacks to dress, speak & live as civilized decent human beings ⬅️ Rare thing, that ! 🤭 🙂 – It really was very amazing to see..! 😀 & if it can work on these thickheaded blacks here in Africa -It can work on people, anywhere..! It Worked Not coz they deprived non-whites of certain things to give themselves an advantage..No, but coz Segregation is just the Right way for life to be [coz it prevented the different races from sharing all their wrong/bad lifestyles with each other – they had to keep their sinful ideas to themselves -lol ! 😆 & prevented them from uniting/being united in Sin again..That’s Right – During the Tower of Babel days.. Genesis 11.. 📖 When people were united in Sin, What did God do❔ Yes, God Separated Them (by confusing their languages..) ⬅️ Just So, Now As people are again united in Sin, We God’ Children must Separate Them via Segregation 2.0

▶️ (Many Are saying that their US Constitution says there must be a separation of church & state which means Christians must Not be involved in politics ⬅️ So They’re Using this as an excuse to Not help make this revolution a success, Also Coz They’ve become too used to living as losers & cowards under this globalism..❕😠 Newsflash❕ Yall doNt need your democrat government’ permission to join this revolution❕🙂 A Democrat /RINO must have written that part of their constitution Coz They know how greatly we Christians would rule if given the chance & Coz A Real True Conservative would’ve only Encouraged Christians to be heavily involved in politics so that globalism would Not have started in the 1st place & So that Now, we would Not be in this predicament of trying to end globalism 💁 Christians doNt support division, It’s just common sense that when certain races are being a Problem to us, We must Separate from them, to save ourselves ⬅️ No normal person would/can call this racism/bigotry/prejudice..❕so yeh, We doNt see anything wrong with this..We only see it as we’re doing the Right thing that’s only for the good of all humankind), Yeh, people must never get to unite/be united in Sin Coz if they do, we’ll have this Hell on earth that we have now..❕ ].

▶️ Sharon ➡️ “If White Apartheid worked, then why was it ended❓” It was Ended Not coz it was a failed system but coz people chose to be stupid, believing those white & black democrats.. Lies/exaggerations about that time..! 🙁 ⬅️ Lillian, Serhii… ➡️ “So, that means the Blacks & their ANC/SACP of South Africa got their independence through Lies & therefore now they must automatically Lose their independence by We the International Community enacting this universal segregation law ❓❗ We the other countries were Wrong to stop supporting U white apartheid people & We were Wrong to support & send billions to the ANC/SACP in/from the ’70s & ’80s especially, Coz the ANC & blacks have Only been pocketing billions & has thereby only turned SA into yet another shithole african country.. & that means we now owe U white apartheid people…❓” ⬅️ Correct. Therefore Yall the International Community must now pay us what yall owe us, By like imposing sanctions on South Africa to force to abide by this universal segregation law (so that South Africa’ majority black population will Not need to vote, they like every other country will just Have to abide by this segregation law…since If the stupid blacks had to vote, the majority of them will keep voting for the ANC or some other black-led party.. , & of course, the leading black parties in SA ie. The ANC & EFF.. DoNt want the International Community to intervene coz if it does, that means they will Not get to keep destroying SA by pocketing billions anymore..! 😖) Only If Countries overseas did Not send 1 cent to the ANC/SACP in the 70s/80s , Then Yall can say “sorry, We caNt help yall..” ;

▶️ The International Community must correct their mistake, By now doing the Right thing of enacting universal segregation to make up for that colossal mistake.. – Hopefully Soon, We’ll be saying : “Thanks to the International Community..The only thing that Saved South Africa from the brink of complete, total & utter collapse/destruction /from becoming just another shithole african country, Is South Africa having Ended black apartheid & replaced it with/returned back to their white apartheid..❕🙂” ; As millions of blacks keep voting for the corrupt ANC or some black party, There are also millions of blacks who Stopped voting/who haveNt voted for 10+ years ! from seeing their ANC Not delivering basic services to them ⬅️ These blacks are looking & waiting for a Hero to save them (& they know a black party /black apartheid is NOT gonna save them, Only white apartheid is…)…Will U join me in being their Hero❔🙂

▶️ This Segregation 2.0 can/will work & the Top 2 reasons why it will work are : 1️⃣. Because this time, it’s Not about/we will Not be fighting over land etc., This time we’re doing it for peace & If they become proud, start fighting over land & pocketing service delivery money – We will Remove from the country..! (The new white apartheid president etc. must Never be proud, They must be so Humble that They must Not have even that 1-2 Hours Inauguration ceremony/speech thing Because South Africa is in such a terrible condition that this is Not a time for celebration.., Instead of celebrating, They together with us Must get straight to cleaning up & restoring South Africa back to its’ former glory..❕✅ 🙂 2️⃣. I will Not be taking the credit for all yalls’ Work that made it happen – No! Yall will get the credit for whatever yall did to make this segregation 2.0 dream a reality (then yall will be able to be so proud of & feel very good in yourselves, that yall Finally achieved/accomplished at least this 1 great good thing ,In your entire lives…! 😅🤭🥰).

▶️ Beware of the RINOs (ie. Republicans In Name Only) & CINOs (ie. The False Christians) Who may have already started Using & fooling yall with this segregation idea (ie. So shamefully lying to yall that they will make this segregation happen, when really they have No intention at all of doing it – U know like how politicians make false promises to us during election time & After they’ve been elected, They doNt fulfill those promises to us..coz they were Lying the whole time❔ ⬅️ Yeh, like that❕) – Just to get yall back into their fold & to get increased memberships to their site , organization or church.. ✔️ ⬅️ Sana, Nate, Klaudia ➡️ “But Mam, How will be able to tell if they’re Lying to us Or telling the Truth❓” ⬅️ If they’re Lying, They’ll Procrastinate/delay on putting up these segregated entrances.. for Years..! If they’re telling the Truth, They will already be putting up these segregated entrances.. (Coz our towns belong to us, We pay the bills of/for our buildings – So We Can just start putting up these segregated entrances..to our buildings when we want – We should Not have to ask the government for permission 1st, to do so – Coz being a Democrat government, They’ll obviously prohibit it..! 👎)

▶️ Also Beware Of The Copycats (like this 1 > their website url starts with cr & ends with .com) who are using the words : “world peace revolution” just to get yall to signup/become a member of their org.. ➡️ If Their Org is Not doing anything to Stop/End The Black Plague & The Muslim Plague, Economic Crisis.., Then they’re Fakes who are Not doing anything helpful for this world So in this case, DoNt support them ✔️ (but Report them, instead ! 🙂). Elias, Marika, Tyler… :” How do we know if a website/company/TV Program /Ministry/place of worship..is worth supporting” ⬅️ If your church is Not even mentioning the word globalism & Not doing anything to stop/end globalism – Then that is a False Church ⬅️ In This Case, Leave it immediately & go find a church that IS doing things to stop/end globalism❗ (https://louderwithcrowder.com 📱🖱️🙂 ➡️) (Ending Globalism means Saving This World – So if they’re Not doing anything to end globalism, Why must they get Your money – Yes that’s right, They have to earn your money So if they’re NOT joining us in Ending Globalism < This Means they’re NOT earning your tithes & offerings❕❔ No, The Deal is : They Join Us in Ending Globalism, Then we will gladly give them our tithes & offerings❕✅) ; If they haveNt joined this revolution, it means they are apart of the problem, they’re living selfishly/thinking only of themselves & they are with the globalists against us ☹️ In this case, DoNt support them & leave that church/temple/mosque , stop watching & supporting their TV & social media channels now! & find one that Has joined this revolution❕

▶️ Brooke, Dirk.. : “How do we know which side they’re on ❓” ⬅️ If they’re Not vocal about & publicly supporting this Christian Nationalism – Then, They’re automatically on the side of the democrats /globalists 😥🙁 ; The moment people mention They want a multi-cultural society ⬅️ This is a dead giveaway that they are democrats (globalism-minded) who would Not live up to our Christian Nationalism standards (like in South Africa..it’s the democrats..who ended Christian Nationalism > So They would do this to us again Therefore we doNt trust them..So always be wide awake & alert, people ❕) ; RNR here looks more like our Christian Nationalism..! 👍 While AFP here can join us & So should the UniParty, Forward Party, GreenParty..! Encourage Them to join & become apart of our Christian Nationalism❕ Hugs! 🥰 “& what do the Black Conservatives have to say about these segregated entrances” ⬅️ “We doNt like them but We Understand that because of those stupid criminal Black / Non-whites Democrats who make Every Black Person look bad..!😠 Those democrat blacks make us Ashamed to be black people..! 🙁…Is Why to safeguard yourselves, Yall have to put up these segregated entrances, So put them up…Hugs!🥰”

▶️ Stacy, Amani, Jean.. Wanting a picture of how this Segregated Life will look ➡️ “Under Segregation 2.0, We’d have separate everything for Whites & then Non-whites but let’s say a black president or governor like Dr Ben Carson ruling over us – How would that work ❓” ⬅️ They would be staunch Christian conservatives like us so it would feel just like White Christian conservatives ruling over us a Republic, Not an Oligarchy/Aristocracy like now! 💁‍♀️ ; When they would try to pass a single democrat/socialist policy/piece of legislation ,We will immediately oust/impeach/get rid of them..So People, when a black man is elected into office, it’s Not the end of the world ok? Ok! 😄🥰 “& the coloureds/mulattos ❓” ⬅️ They would go in the Non-whites section. “& the Whites who married non-whites ❓” ⬅️ They & their coloured children would also go in the Non-whites section ✔️ (If they really love their non-white spouses & colored children, Then they wouldNt mind having to use the Non-whites section ; It might be a real test of their love..Lol❕🤭).

▶️ There will be separate entrances Only in certain places like in the CBDs 🏥🏦🏨🏩🏪 (ie. Central Business Districts)/shops, churches/religious places, schools, univ/all education centres & entertainment places “& Inside of those places❓” ⬅️ Inside will be separated in half – 1 side for whites, the other side for Non-whites 👍 “& the Churches.. 💒 ⛪ ❓” ⬅️ 1 side will be for the whites, the other side will be for the Blacks Or If the church is big, 1 set of pews will be for the whites, the next set of pews will be for the Blacks…✔️ (Wave Hi ! From the across the aisle -Lol❕😆) “& the 🏀⚽🏈🏒Sports Teams ❓” ⬅️ Currently, Each school/college/univ/club has 1 main team made up of different races – Under Segregation 2.0, They will have 2 Teams ⬅️ This means that the youngsters who have been sidelined all this time, will now finally get a chance to play for their school/college/univ/club’ team… – they woNt have to be sidelined & depressed/sad anymore! 💁‍♂️ 🙂

▶️ In Every Country, As much as we would like to have the 1st best ie. 1 or 2 whole provinces or states only for each of our races , In Reality – Relocating millions of people out of each province/state would be a huge challenge right now..! So, we’re all gonna have to settle for the 2nd best ie. Races being separated & relocated WithIn each province & state❕In Every Country, There Are Provinces Or StatesIn Each Province or State, Each Race will have their Own Towns eg. “Whites-Only” towns, “Coloureds-Only” towns, “Indians-Only” towns, “Asians-Only” towns, “Hispanics-Only” towns & “Blacks-Only” towns – Each Race will equal of everything & must use it wisely, So that No race will need/have to ask anything of another race Or So that No race will come against another race for anything.. ⬅️ This is Equality NOT that Fake evil racism rubbish..! ✔️ (& the Coloureds /mulattos are like :”Wow! Finally, we’re gonna have our own towns..yeah, we think we’re also fairly special, & deserve to have our own towns..it’s relocation time..!🙂” 🤭) (& obviously, the schools..in each race’ town will be only for that race e.g.. Schools in the White towns will be only for the Whites, Schools in the Black Towns will be only for Blacks, Schools in the Indian Towns will be only for Indians, Schools in the Asian Towns will be only for Asians.. So there would Not need to be separate entrances there)

▶️ [like here where I live – there are schools in almost every neighborhood.. When I stand by our front door, I See a primary school & when I look out through my back bedroom window, I See a high-school ⬅️ & This is how it’s supposed to be everywhere! When Yall look out through your windows or stand in your yards, Yall must see an education centre Not a shopping mall or entertainment thing ! (obviously Coz withOut education, U caNt get a job, U caNt earn your own money & U caNt go shopping..! 💁‍♀️) . Yes! Coz education must be our only/main distraction, Not entertainment..! 👏 Everyday we thank God for all the schools we have – It Really comforts us to be surrounded by education centres..❕🥰 Now, we’re just waiting for Segregation 2.0 to be enacted > for the Blacks to be Removed out of here already! So we can finally start cleaning up/removing all their filthiness & stink out of every inch of these our townships, To return our townships to the continuously clean hygienic conditions they used to be in before 1994-1998..! (Lidija ➡️ “Mam, what’s a township ❓” ⬅️ A township is a semi-rural & a semi-urban kind of town 🙂).

▶️ Yes, It Is Possible for townships to be in a continuously pristine condition..! 🙂, We’re just waiting to remove all blackness Especially out of our schools..so the kids can/will once again happily go to school every Mon-Fri & actually learn life skills, like we did back then in our day..❕ It was so hard 😢 but so good for us, hey❕ Ja..! 🙁 🙂 👨‍🎓 👩‍🎓 ✅ Yes! School is supposed to be hard – To prepare U for the fact that adult life in the real world is hard..! While nowadays, school is Easy & after they graduate, They expect adult life in the real world to also be Easy (..just act silly in front of your phone’ camera & make 💲💲/get rich overnight..❕), So when They find it’s Not Easy, They become frustrated/angry big problems to us all & their suicide rates are high..! 🙁]

▶️ Ian ➡️ “& Mam, then there’s that relocation issue ? 🤭” ⬅️ Most areas/towns already have a majority race..they will get to stay while the minority race will have to leave to go live in a town of their own race (They will be given 1 month to leave – the state police/government will help them get everything done in that 1 month, So it’s Not like they will have to do everything by themselves..! If People Really want Peace, Then they will move/relocate WithOut complaining..❕eg. blacks are supposed to look forward to going & living amoungst their fellow blacks, just as one excitedly looks forward to going on that vacation..!) (Like here in my town – we make up the majority so we’ll get to stay while only that 1% blacks will have to go back to their black towns – Blacks wanted their land/farms back & they got it back ! So now, blacks are supposed to be build houses & live nicely on their farms, far far away from us ❕ They caNt have their farms & live in our White & Indian Towns too..! Space is limited for us & is enough only for us, there is No place for Blacks in our towns❕) (but then again, like idiots they sold/gave their lands to the globalists ⬅️ That’s Why even though the Blacks got their lands back, they’ve Not built houses to live nicely on them, but have instead been/are living in cities & towns – just as the globalists want..! 😠😣😓)

▶️ Only Some areas/towns where there are 3 or 4 different races living in it, In those towns…the ones who pay the most taxes, will get to stay in that town, While the ones who pay less to No taxes, will have to leave/relocate..(if the few rich & middle-class blacks in white towns pay the same amount of tax as the Whites, those rich blacks will still be made to leave & go live in black towns – If they doNt wanna leave, saying it’s bad in those black towns..then are proving that what we say about black crime, is True..!) but there’ll plenty of state police to ensure things go smoothly..there’s No corruption/cheating with your tax records..Get & Keep your own personal digital & hard copies of yall’ latest tax receipts/statements etc. ready 👍 🥰 Non-whites ! – We must be grateful that we’ll still get to share the same countries/states /provinces/cities/towns /buildings..with the Whites ,Just Not the same sections – similar to this Pic ➡️

⬅️ Look at how close those entrances were ! – that’s too close ❕ – they NOT supposed to have been that close ❕ – but they were – It Shows us that those white apartheid people were Not those evil racist..like the Blacks’ Lies said ! They were Not 100metres or a mile apart, like the Blacks’ Lies made it sound..! In fact, These separate entrances NOT supposed to be that close to each other..Blacks & most non-whites doNt deserve to be that close to Me ! So how much more, they’re Not supposed to be that close to White people ❕The horrible non-whites caNt/doNt live properly with their own people & they wanna go near the whites ❕❔ 😠🤬 No no, First they must live properly with their own people (their fellow blacks, their fellow indians, their fellow muslims, their fellow hispanics…) ⬅️ After They have mastered this, Maybe then -Maybe, they can then go near White people..! 👏 ]. Under Segregation 2.0, Make Sure those separate entrances are at least 5 to 10 metres or more apart please [Not just 1metre apart like they were under segregation 1.0 ; .. like get them away from us..! Yeh! Get those ticks & fleas off of us, already..! ⬅️ Yeh, This is what it’s like being a Non-black living in South Africa..! ⬅️ Doris, Daphne :”🤭 shame, that poor child..!” “Ja, those poor non-blacks there in South Africa & in all 3rd-4th-world countries..!🥰” ]❕

▶️ (When they say “this is silly, let’s not do this anymore..!” ⬅️ This is whites giving in to Guilt & laziness..- Guilt & laziness..which they NOT supposed to have..❕; On top of creating democracy (As if this wasNt bad enough..!), blacks created the extra lucky charm called : White Guilt ..! For How Long Did The Blacks Think that they were gonna get To hide behind & use the word racism & Use this White Guilt & political-correctness ..which are apart of this democracy/pluralism /globalism ,To keep getting whatever they want from us ❓❗….! ; To the Stupid People, These segregated entrances look like prison..caged up/boxed in But To all of us who have normal brains, These entrances look like that Safe, Secure life that We All need/want..Well, We doNt have to dream about it..We Can make it a Reality..❕👏 ). Another Reason Yall doNt have to feel bad about ⤴️ is : Most people nowadays shop at home (buy all their stuff online & have the stores deliver their groceries etc. To them at their homes), Which Means They doNt go out at all to do their shopping..So they woNt really See these entrances..Only the people who are always Outdoors/hang out in the Malls/CBDs..alot, Will regularly See & will have to use these entrances..✔️

▶️ Whites Worldwide – Wake Up From Your Sinful Slumber ! Rise Up !, Unite & Say In 1 Voice 📢 “Ok, We’ve paid reparations to U Blacks all these decades, Yall have come a long way..but that’s over! No more will yall live like parasites off us ,the Whites !..We will Not pay reparations to yall In the same We will never Enslave yall ever again ! We also had the Indians & Asians as slaves but look at how they make it on their own – Just like that, U Blacks must now also make it on your own, Segregation is now the Enacted Law worldwide❕”

▶️ Scenes From The Near Future (yes, that is After segregation has been enacted soon !) ➡️ Regina, Travis with their kids Ava, Madison, Ruben ➡️ “But mommy/daddy! We have a study & play schedule with them, remember?..We miss our non-white/non-black friends!😢” …”yall will still get to text/video chat so it’s Not like yall will never see/hear them at all…much better than in your grandparents & great grandparents’ days of segregation..they didNt have internet & cellphones..so, doNt complain..hugs🥰 Now go get dressed, we must leave for the meeting in 45mins time..Then we’re gonna go out & hold our heads up high & smile – as if there’s nothing wrong/weird with living in a segregated society ,Yall doNt have to laugh & act happy -No, just put on a little smile.. Ok! C’mon, Yall can do it..! 🙂” 🟧 Andrzej saying with that cute little child giggle ,to his parents Ria & Eduard ➡️ “Look mommy! A brown person! 🤭” & daddy with rifle in hand says “…😄 No brown people are allowed in our towns, anymore..!” 🟧 Tori to her mother Marie when I visited them & I’m at their door ➡️ “Mom! Pest Control Services are here 😅 – Er, I mean Sam Mam’s here..❕😆🤭 Come in Mam..🙂”

From my very own AMA Sessions ! 🤭 (For those of yall doNt know > AMA means Ask Me Anything) ➡️ 🟧 Cecilia, Timur, Patryk.. ➡️ “Ok, We Like & Agree With Segregation Idea (coz blacks & muslims are becoming a Huge problem here in Europe – When, They’re NOT allowed to do that..!) ,So How do we make it happen❓” ⬅️ That’s Right, Segregation will end your muslim jihad attacks problem too. In whichever country U live – Start by putting forth a Referendum Voting For Segregation Over Democracy

👍 (with the majority in any country saying :”enact segregation into law now !” – Your Presidents are just supposed to do it ! To ‘executive order it !’ – If They doNt, Then they’re dictators – Yall voted for dictators..! 😠 🙁 ⬅️ In this case, talk to every political advisor etc. In your every province/state/ country ,to know how yall can enact segregation into law ,Even with a dictator of a president..! 🙂 Remember, all the Presidents who’ve been keeping their borders open & allowing illegals to flood in & invade our countries have been committing Treason by doing that & We can impeach them for Treason 🥰 Alot of people keep mentioning 2024 elections & I say that If people wait for 2024 – by then the globalists’ NWO plan will be complete too..! 🙆‍♀️🤦‍♀️)

▶️ In Those Countries where there are Whites & other races (like in the USA, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand & In the UK & some other European countries) – Segregation will be to separate them especially by race 🔸 In The Countries where there are No Blacks (like in India, Asia & some European countries), Segregation will be to separate them by religion e.g. In India – it means the Hindus, Muslims & Christians will be separated, So the hindus & muslims caNNot hurt/harm/persecute the Christians anymore ; In Asia – it means the Buddhists, Taoists, Muslims & Christians will be separated, So the buddhists & muslims caNNot hurt/harm/persecute the Christians anymore] ⬅️ Aleksandr, Israyil.. ➡️ “So Wow, 😮 😀, it’s this our Great Awakening/ Universal Segregation VS those democrats /marxists’ Great Reset/Universal Egalitarianism❔😲” ⬅️ Yeh..! 🙂 Support Mr Alex Jones..! 🙂

🟧 Onkarabile, Katlego, Sbusiso.. To Me ➡️ “Look At What U’ve Done ! – U Have Awakened The World..❕Are U Proud Of Yourself, Mr Gandhi ❔❕😅 ” ⬅️ They’re Calling Me Mr Mahatma Gandhi..! 🤣 [shame! Coz Mr Gandhi led & successfully defeated colonialism with a Peaceful Resistance in/from 1930, & Now I’m leading a Peaceful Resistance to successfully defeat globalism (which is All parasites living off the White People..!) ] – Yes, this is bringing these 92 Years full circle..! Yes, I’m very proud of myself & Yes! Mr Gandhi Too, is very proud of me..🥰 Madeline ➡️ “I like saying Sam Mam is Mr Gandhi AND Mother Theresa In One! Coz she sees us her fans, as her children..!” ⬅️ Awwwhh, so sweet ! 👩‍👧‍👦🥰 Roxana : “From No children at all to now having 1Million+ children in under 1 Year !? U’re doing very well for yourself, Sam Mam..! 😄 🥰”

🟧 Haylie ➡️ “Mam, In seeing that this is a Real Revolution & Not a joke ,They wanna see the face of the person who started it/the leader of it – which is U Coz They’re so used to like, past revolutions having their famous leaders’ faces to them..” ⬅️ People, I’ve only started this revolution but since the millions of Yall are really gonna make it happen..I haveNt put my face as its’ leader..This Revolution is Not about me afterall, It’s for all humans throughout this planet earth to be peaceful. With This Revolution, all of Yall’ faces are to it.. ⬅️ This should actually make yall very happy [& this way too, We woNt have to worry about any type of infighting going on.. ⬅️ Coz there is No time for that, There’s only time to make this revolution a success.. 🍾 🥂 ❕Ok, See the girl’ picture by the 3 flags on my “About Me” Page – I look similar to her, that’s the closest picture of me I can give yall right now.. 🙂 & then yall will say “Hey! Sam Mam looks like us..! 🥰” – Yeh, I look like yall & definitely Not like some outer-space creature..! 😅 ;

▶️ This is Not my revolution, This is Our revolution ; U’re Not doing this for me, U’re doing this for U & your family, your friends, your neighbors, your employees/colleagues, your church members… 📢 Do what U can – write that text & make that phonecall about this revolution, advertise it wherever U can, call a neighborhood meeting & Tell Them to Join This Revolution / Sag ihnen, dass sie sich dieser Revolution anschließen sollen / Dites-leur de rejoindre cette révolution / Dite loro di unirsi a questa rivoluzione❕ Stop voting for democrats /liberals/ communists/socialists.. In the meantime, Every Town worldwide must follow the example of this Maine town that went the food sovereignty route from 2011 (yeh! The towns/provinces/states that started this independence early, will REALLY thank themselves for that now..! 😅) by going full sovereignty – So that when the globalists’ economy, water/energy sector, retail sector.. Collapses & apocalypse is happening just now, Yall woNt have to stress & worry Coz yall will NOT be dependent on anything of theirs Coz yall will have your own money system, water, electricity & food systems.. That would NOT be dependent on any part of government (all governments unfortunately are controlled by the globalists) 💁‍♀️ 🥰 Having 2 give up your convenient comfortable lives for this huge change ⬅️ Thank the globalists for this too, Yall would NOT have 2 give up your nice lives – If it wasNt 4 the globalists & their constant evil plans for us humanity ❕ Only the globalists wanna have/enjoy a nice convient comfy life – they doNt want us to have the same 😢 Jenel, Andria.. : “So because of the globalists destroying everything, is why we’re gonna Lose our nice comfy lives & are gonna have to live like campers Everyday❗❓” Yeh, guys..! ; Yeh! Let’s See Which Country is gonna get the Gold Medal with this challenge !🥇is gonna🥈🥉have the guts to Lead in enacting this universal segregation law ❕❔ (..No guts, No glory❕🙂) For this week, There have been the same 3 countries..Top 3.. But unfortunately, I caNt mention them because if I do, the globalists etc. Will get to them ie. Will hit them with 1 or 2 more maybe big or huge crises (like causing the stock markets to crash or an economic collapse or an apocalypse..❕) & I doNt want to see that so.. Hugs❕🥰

▶️ Yeh People, If God did NOT want this Revolution to happen & If He did NOT Choose & want Me to have started it – Believe me people, Then He would NOT have put this post in my mind & allowed me to write it out..Instead, He would have controlled me to Not be online & to be doing something totally different instead like : maybe working 2 jobs to pay my bills..(About those people who really are working 2 or 3 jobs a day to pay their bills – Wow, much respect to yall..❕🥰 & May God daily give them the strength & make them remember The Good Reasons Why they’re working 15+ Hours EVERYDAY – to begin with..! 🤭 In Jesus’ name, Amen 🙏) ; This was meant to be, So doNt get stuck on my secret/hidden identity..! 🧡

▶️ Having to show my face now, while I’m suffering in hell here means, Yall would be seeing my suffering self & Not my real self (it’s common sense that I would be beautiful if I was Not suffering) ⬅️ & That’s very Unfair to me.. Knowing that due to my terrible situation here, I would Not be able to show my face Right now – Yet God Still Chose Me to start/lead this greatest Revolution of all time (even just 1 month ago, I myself did Not know I was gonna be leading this greatest Revolution..I’ve always loved news, politics.. But I’ve Never ever thought of even the word Revolution, let alone starting & leading one..❕) Which Means I am the way God wants us to be, God Trusts Me & sees me as fit for this part – God doesNt trusts & chooses just anyone, No! God always trusts & chooses the/His best/from His Chosen Few, to do great things like this – So if God Himself Trusts Me, Yall should too 🙂

▶️ The people who wanna 1st see me in order to join this revolution, Are just using that as an Excuse to Not join this revolution Coz They’re so used to living selfishly/like cowards, & always looking for distractions, looking at people’ faces in this democracy ! ⬅️ If I show my face, these same people would spend 90% of the time sinning against me about my outward appearance (this is 1 of the ways they would sabotage this revolution..!) ,When they’re supposed to spend all their time making this revolution a Success..! I’m Not doing this for attention, fame&fortune – If I was, Then I Too would have my own YouTube & TikTok channels with video versions of this post..but I doNt have any channels..! Since Yall are dying to see faces to this revolution & since I doNt wanna spend money I doNt have & I doNt wanna get into financial suffering as a result & Since the globalists’ minions have obviously already hacked into this my phone..sabotaging my internet, causing setbacks, destroying us good people is all they know..! & trying to Stop people from seeing/reading this post Coz this post is telling people the Right way to live… & Since my fellow Christian conservatives are already famous & already Have the platforms..like https://rumble.com 🔸https://bitchute.com 🔸https://banned.video etc. 📱🖱️We Must just Support Them ⬅️ The Deal Is : Yall with me become their increased listernship /viewership/membership & They must become the faces of this revolution ⬅️ That’s a win-win for us both sides (if they doNt, then it means the globalists are again crossing the line of threatening them & it Proves they are also Fake/False Christian conservatives & ⬅️ & in that case, Yall can Stop supporting them ☹️)

▶️ Showing my face is Not gonna magically make this revolution a success, for I am Not a billionaire or trillionaire..No, I am apart of the poor like yall..If God thought that showing my face was necessary for this successful Revolution, then He would’ve Chosen someone else like a famous & rich celebrity to start/lead this revolution but God doesNt think showing my face is necessary for this revolution to be a success, So why must yall ..❔ Yall mustNt think showing my face, is necessary either 💁 Past revolutions had faces & marches/protests to them – With This Revolution, there’s No faces & marches /protests to it > we’re trying to kill/end the Cancer of globalism that’s in the body of this planet earth 🌎 here! (Bryan, Manuel.. :”Oh, Like a silent revolution❕❔” Yeh guys..! 🙂 “..I should’ve known that the greatest revolution of all time, was gonna be a silent one❕😄” “Seeing as this globalism Cancer negatively affects every part of everyone’ lives, We’re In..! 👍”) & How Do U kill/end a cancer❓ Not from the outside (past revolutions – faces, marches /protests) But from the inside [1st part – U cut open the body of globalism (I’ve already done this part for yall – with this post ! 🙂) ,Now all Yall have to do is The 2nd part – U kill & remove the Cancer of globalism with all its’ cancerous cells of : multi-culturalism, political-correctness, democracy/remove all the corrupt democrat/communist/socialist presidents & their corrupt government officials.. out of every organ in that body – Out of every country/industry /sector/business/ company.. as these globalists’ minions are everywhere – the Cancer that they are, has really spread..❗😠] by killing everything that this globalism Cancer thrives on, So Yall must ask : What are the things does this globalism Cancer depend/thrive on❓ Once Yall have identified those things & made a list of it (I mentioned most of it in the 10 examples of globalism at the Top of this post) – Yall must start killing it in every continent/country/state/province /town/ neighborhood/industry/sector/company business..❕👏 🙂

▶️ Wendy, Tony, Rhonda.. ➡️ “God can see that Sam Mam is in such a terrible situation there & how much she’s suffering & yet He still chooses her for this..Is God Crazy❗❓🙆‍♀️” ” (I think God has also become insane from this globalism..!🤭) “What terrible situation❔” Mam is living like a political prisoner under house arrest there..” “that was fast !” “Yeh, U know our enemies doNt waste time in stifling us..❕😠🙁” “yeh, & on top of imprisoning her, They torture her day & night there – & yet she still managed to write this post as a letter to the whole world, telling them to save themselves from globalism by ending it now… 🥺 -Mam is Amazing..! 🥰 The Greatest People go through the greatest suffering – As Proof of their greatness 🥰 Yes! The Greatest People are definitely Not the celebs etc. -Nope! The Greatest People are we the ordinary people who God has made extraordinary, for His Purpose ❕🙂 ” “God’ Ways are Not our ways..That’s coz she’s apart of we the majority poor..She can relate to us While the Rich people caNt (coz when they’re Not relaxing in their mansions, they’re too busy Enjoying life, choosing to be oblivious to the destroyed reality all around them❗ Rich People are out-of-touch..& caNt relate to us – When people are Rich, They are Unreachable/Unavailable to God/for God to Use them for all His Good Work ; Only when we’re poor, God can Reach us/We are Available to God & He can Use us to do great things” 💁‍♂️ ].

🟧 Nurlan ➡️ “What made U write this post..❓” ⬅️ Well, 1️⃣. We all have problem family members, neighbors etc. Which is bad enough & Yet On Top Of This existing nightmare, There’s the nightmare of all this Globalism crap afflicting us..it’s too much..& it must be completely & permanently stopped/ended now, So that we will then have Only our existing nightmares to deal with & will therefore be able to deal with it much better than we are dealing with it now..! 🙂 2️⃣. Only White people are qualified & deserve to lead/rule every country.. [The black people’ Way Is the way of filth, mess, degradation ⬅️ This is Not our way & it must Never become our way…! So, When we compare the White Man’ Way To the black man’ way, We See that Only the White Man’ Way Is Right & the black man’ Way can/will Never be right…! Uptil now there are blacks, who think that they can blame all their problems, failures.. On the whites, blacks think that they can hate the whites & yet still ask/demand things from the whites & still live in white countries❕ The deal supposed to have been : If blacks wanna live in white countries, Then Every African Country must first be ruled by Whites..❕; If the blacks & muslims can Disrespect & kill Whites, Then they will do that to we Asians/Indians/Hispanics…❕ A problem/ threat to the Whites, Is a problem/threat to us all (as the blacks & muslims have made very great problems to the Whites, At the same time they have made themselves very great problems to we Asians, Indians, Hispanics…❕) & Besides the fact that only Whites made everyone civilized & modernized human civilization – When we need help & solutions, We run to the Whites So Obviously then, our allegiance must always & forever be only to the Whites (coz the blacks are too stupid/useless – they caNt/doNt & woNt help us in our times of need..!) ; [Yall can Never get me to hate whites Coz (the question is : Why Are Those Sinful/Evil Whites like that❓) ⬅️ I know/I have this understanding/Answer to this question is : That 20%-50% of whites who are sinful/evil, Are like that ,from having to live amoungst Non-whites in this multi-culturalism democracy/globalism – these same evil whites would Not be evil, They would instead be such nice good people if they lived only amoungst their fellow whites under Christian Nationalism for example 🙂, They are victims of this evil cancerous democracy/globalism as we are victims of it..✔️) ; This globalism has gone on/is going on bringing out the worst in everyone Coz we’re Not meant to live all mixed up like this..❕ ✔️].

▶️ The White people have for the most part, given us such a good/nice life/taken such good care of us [when they really did Not have to – yes, even with the slave days past – every single one of them could’ve chosen to be completely heartLess to us..& coz they always had their own race to take care of..! But they chose to be good to us – So Now, We must choose to be always Loyal to them..(doNt ever think U can Use white people & then just discard them & Not be punished for that)❕], So we must always side with/fight alongside the Whites against our enemies.. ⬅️ This is the least we can do, as a show of our gratitude to them (It’s been very sad & shocking to daily see this Cancer of globalism eating away at our beloved white race..Globalism has made whites an “endangered species”..! But we’d rather call white people are our “protected species” instead – doNt touch ❕ 🤭 🙂 🥰 We must NOT punish the good Whites, for what the evil whites are doing..❕

▶️ Clarence, Amelia.. ➡️ “They all look/act the same ,like naughty – So how can we know who are the Good Whites & who are the Evil Whites ❓” ⬅️ the good whites are Christian Conservatives who keep busy studying, working (sometimes 2 or 3 jobs) to pay their bills.., they go to church at least once a week, live as law-abiding citizens & they’re usually Not rich Coz they spend so much of their money uplifting people Out of poverty (..if U’re helping people & they’re Still poor, U’re NOT really helping them ; Only when they’re Not poor anymore, U have helped them) – While the evil whites doNt (they are the democrats/socialists who are usually rich from doing sins against us…) 💁 & After asking them what’s their name ❔ U must ask them what’s their religion & political affiliation ❔ That’s what I do – I love doing that ! & seeing the expression on their faces..❕😆 🤭 (if they proudly chose to be on whichever side > If they’re proudly Christian Conservatives OR atheist democrats/socialists.. – Then they must just as proudly tell U so..❕)

▶️ Segregation is NOT us punishing the good blacks, for what the evil blacks have done/are doing.. I doNt know who told blacks to see segregation as racism/bigotry..& as a punishment – I’d like to see that person who told them that decades ago ❕(coz they saw blacks are stupid & knew blacks would believe that LIE & live it out against us..!) Blacks must love themselves & believe in themselves, blacks must believe that they can live prosperously, living in black-only towns..! & blacks Ask : “But Mam, We look so horrible & are so stupid, So how do we love & believe in ourselves❓” ⬅️ Answer : Never Compare yourselves to we non-blacks..

▶️ “How do we never compare ourselves to yall❓” ⬅️ Think on the fact that we also have our own ugly people, unemployed etc. ,Which Means We also had to Learn to daily love & believe in ourselves & study & work our way up.. everything was NOT given to us on the plate..! ⬅️ That should Stop yall from comparing yourselves to us & from coveting our lives ; (“but it’s easier for y’all coz yall have better body features than us” – N it’s Not easier coz we have our own family members living against us, which means it’s just as hard to love ourselves & come up in life, as it is for yall..❕).

▶️ Segregation will help yall to Never look at us, to Never think about us & Never Compare yourselves to us & to never covet the lives of we non-blacks, & In Effect Then, Segregation will help yall to focus only on yourselves, It will help yall to also Learn to love & believe in yourselves & work your way up..! 🥰 & when there was segregation in the past decades, blacks DID love & believe in themselves & work their way up in black-only towns ⬅️ Blacks were on the Right Track, We Christian Conservatives had blacks on this Right Track ❕➡️ because they loved themselves & were living the Right way, We loved them too… democracy/globalism has made us to only Hate blacks Coz it’s been the blacks forcing themselves on us, Which we caNt appreciate & must never tolerate ,While segregation made us love blacks So Blacks Must Think To Themselves : “If the globalists Only Used us to destroy everything, which has obviously then Only made everyone hate us & If Only segregation made them love us blacks ,It’s common sense then that, we must return to segregation ! 💁‍♂️” That’s Right, Blacks & Muslims – Have some pride/dignity about yourselves ! – doNt live, where yall are Not welcome❕ Janae ➡️ “Mam, do U know how many times U’ve mentioned the word segregation in this post ❕❔” ⬅️ I doNt mean to be shoving it down your throats, but As multi-culturalism is a huge part of their democracy/globalism , segregation is a huge part of our christian nationalism..] 🟧

🟧 Jenny ➡️ “Mam! What are U doing❕❔” ⬅️ Well, What do we do with parasites in our bodies ,Jenny❓ Do we let parasites live in us & eat away at our organs & kill us ❔❕ “No, Mam”. Then what do we do with them , Jenny❔ We kill them & flush them Out of our bodies, doNt we❕❔”Yes, Mam”. That’s All we’re doing with our Christian Nationalism – we’re just flushing these black & muslim parasites Out of the bodies of our countries, So our bodies of countries will finally get to Recover & will be well again..❕🙂 🟧

🟧 Trey, Peyer, Meggab, Pavel ➡️ “Mam, under your government – Will lynchings be back ❓” ⬅️ There will be segregation to ensure blacks, muslims & all dangerous people doNt come near us but in those rare cases that they have the nerve to cnatiocross town borders & come near us – Yes, if yall can do lynchings responsibly, Yall Will be allowed to lynch them – Lynch them to your heart’ content (it means there’d be less money spent on prisons etc. & that means more money Saved towards the country’ recovery)❕🙂 (“Well, She’s got my vote..!” “Just 1 Q&A is all it took, hey !? 😆” “U heard Mam – lynchings are good for the economy..!🙂” “& U know another good thing under Mam’ presidency – We’ll actually get to vote with voter IDs < that means illegals & dead people woNt be voting anymore..! 🤛” ) ⬆️ Alyssa :”😱 Mam, how can U say something like that ❕❔” ⬅️ Well Aly, U must remember that blacks, muslims.. are destructive races just short of cannibals – They are very quick to do crime against us even though unprovoked ie. Even though we doNt go near them (They’re so horrible, of course We doNt go near them – they come near us..! 😠) They have to Ask for Our Permission to be near us – & They will Never have our permission to be near us, They doNt have the right to come near us..so if they’re gonna have the nerve to come near us, harm or kill 1 of us – then they’re gonna be made examples of..❗✅ 🙂 🟧

🟧 Brett ➡️ “Mam, it seems like all the other political parties/candidates & even the RINO establishment have fallen away & the competition Or choice is now only between Trumpism VS Christian Nationalism (& Some People Are Like : “O, God ! 🤦‍♀️ Another Faction has come up – it’s called Christian Nationalism – Or is it an offshoot from Trumpism ,I doNt know 🙆‍♂️”) ⬅️ But Is This Really True❓” ⬅️ 🤭 🙂 No, it shouldNt be (The Main & Centre Stage is now already between Globalism VS Christian Nationalism so it caNt then be trumpism VS christian nationalism..!⚡🙂). We love & admire Trump’ UltraMAGA supporters & we doNt want them to be the opposition, We have too many political parties/candidates & it’s only resulted in too much division & problems (We’re SicknTired of divisions.. We want Unity..❕) We want Trump & his supporters to Stop copying us & Instead Join Us/ Become apart of our Christian Nationalism ⬅️ They would do this, If they really guts & balls.. otherwise They’re just some more loudmouths..! & proving that they’re on the side of the globalists 🙁 Mr Trump is already White So now, all he has to do is Replace his Trumpism With our Christian Nationalism, Replace his/their policies with ours (Christian Nationalism is the way Trumpism Supposed to be❕) & Prove that he’s Not another globalist WEF puppet – & then we will have become One ie. Christian Nationalism & we will gladly support him 💁‍♀️ ✅ 🟧

⏩ We are all conservatives at heart – It’s Babylon that forces everyone to be democrats/liberals/socialists…& every other type of trouble-maker & parasite.. ! 😤 So we must Really Hate Babylon..❕✔️ Come Out Of Her ie. Babylon, My People.. Come & Return To Your True Heart & Home ie. Conservatism now ❕💛 💚 🥰 (Amor ➡️ “What’s Babylon, again❔” ⬅️ 🥰 Babylon is that sinful world out there, where only all the heathens & false christians live & daily enjoy themselves in every sin, because there is No God there..globalism thrives there in Babylon ! 🙁)