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I’m Sami [an Indian born & raised & still living in always Sunny & Hot KZN (yes, this is the province that Durban is in), on the East Coast of South Africa πŸ‡ΏπŸ‡¦ by the warm Indian Ocean..! 🌊 (The Ocean too, is Indianβ”πŸ€£) ; There are 4 main races in SA ie. white ,indian ,coloured & black ⬅️ I have to mention it like this because if I just wrote I’m a South African , U would stupidly assume that I’m black -as if only blacks live here in SA❕ Even though U know South Africa is known as the 🌈 ‘rainbow nation’ because there’s different races living in it ❕ We whites & Indians would Never wanna be black ,We shouldn’t be forced to become black in any way for any reason…Our straight hair is hard enough to manage everyday,  thank U very much ❕& If black people were whites & indians ,They Also would never wanna be black, They would also wanna Remain whites or indians…❕]. (One can see it like this : Just a trustpilot acct wasNt enough So I had to get a reviews blog..β•πŸ˜†) Here ,I write my opinions & reviews about businesses/companies & their products & sometimes share the online income opps I’m with ❕U get video bloggers (vloggersπŸ˜„) who I think are for attention-seekers so if U like to always/be daily getting attention ➑️ vlogging is for U..β•πŸ˜„ Then there’s we who are bloggers who are good at writing about (& sharing) our experiences but we can do withOut alotta attention ,Almost All the attention then goes to our writing..(so, what do they call us❔ wroggers❔❕ ☺). Alot of my posts have the “@” before the store/shop/company/business’ name coz those are their twitterhandles on Twitter..

If U wanna know anything about me, Ask me directly βœ… coz If U ask my neighbors about me, They would tell U LIES & negative things about me coz They’re Hindus (heathens & false christians = Satan’ Children) consumed by jealousy/envy/hatred of me..They woNt tell U How they’ve been & Still are wrongly persecuting me to death (even though I’ve never gone near them…Therefore I look & live the way I do..Show me a goodlooking persecuted person & I’ll pay U❕ ⬅️ Coz such a person doesNt exist, Any innocent person who’s being persecuted, looks like the hell that they’re burning in..❕), As they the criminals look like good decent people…they’re Not gonna admit their crimes & Yet I’ve Still remained a True Christian, continuously daily doing the greatest impossible of things & I’m therefore the greatest human being alive on earth here in this place…being God’ only light in the darkness here..β•πŸŒŸ If U have any questions, ask in the “comments” section to this page or on whichever post. I am on Whatsapp , Telegram…but might change my no. soon so…I am on facebook & twitter but its quieter & better 2 talk Here ,doNt U think ❔ πŸ˜ƒ