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My Snatcher Review 🎧📱📹📷💻🔦🧺 ⤵️

I waited so long to BUY from this famous South African online store/shop ! Then when I finally do, this was my Negative experience❕😣 😠 ⤵️

I bought 3 items on Monday the 7/Nov/2022 (the courier delivery price was R79). I expected them to deliver it to me by Wednesday the 9/Nov/2022. But Monday the 21/Nov/2022 came & they still Never smsed me about this delivery❕😠 Only when I emailed them, They dealt with the delivery of my items❕😲 – I had to email them because all of a sudden, their “contact us form” on their site was NOT there❗ (when I kept clicking on their “Contact Us” tab – It didNt work..❕❔ When I clicked on their Chat button in the bottom right corner, a “Sundro” was there but didNt answer..❕😲). TG, I somehow found their email address which Still works, They Responded Same Day & my items were delivered to me on Wednesday the 23/Nov/2022 (this FastnFurious courier service delivery wasNt that bad – it’s only my s*** Hindu neighbors who were the problem, as always – Stay far away from Non-christians Coz all they do, is destroy..❕).

Their support desk/customer service email address is : info@snatcher.co.za [yeh, it’s shocking that this is NOT clearly written anywhere on their site (we use phones Not computers to access this snatcher site/our snatcher accounts) – This Support Desk email address of theirs Supposed to be clearly written at least at the bottom of their site, in case their “contact us form” doesNt work/exist..❕]

Almost every item/product on their site Lacks detailed description of/about the item/product & the FAQs doesNt help ⬅️ This is obviously very frustrating. Coz Every item/product Must have a detailed description answering all the questions we would have about that item/product❗Like with all South African online stores/shops, There’s definitely room for improvement with Snatcher here..❕As long as there are all these unnecessary faults/failures with them (on Friday the 25/Nov/2022 as well, When I clicked on their “Rewards” tab, It didNt work – Snatcher REALLY Needs to FIX their site..❗), I could so easily Rate them 3.5/5 ..but I Rate snatcher a kind 4/5⭐


Sluit by ons aan om globalisme te beëindig 🌏 انضم إلينا في إنهاء العولمة 🌏 Join Us In Ending Globalism 🌏 ☮️❕🙂 加入我们,结束全球主义 🌏 Doe met ons mee in het beëindigen van globalisme 🌏 Rejoignez-nous pour mettre fin au mondialisme 🌏 Schließen Sie sich uns an, um den Globalismus zu beenden 🌏 பூகோளவாதத்தை முடிவுக்குக் கொண்டுவருவதில் எங்களுடன் இணையுங்கள் 🌏 Csatlakozzon hozzánk a globalizmus felszámolásában 🌏

Bergabunglah dengan Kami Dalam Mengakhiri Globalisme 🌏 Unisciti a noi nel porre fine al globalismo 🌏 Junte-se a nós para acabar com o globalismo 🌏 Присоединяйтесь к нам в борьбе с глобализмом 🌏 Únase a nosotros para poner fin al globalismo 🌏 Följ med oss för att avsluta globalismen 🌏 Приєднуйтесь до нас у припиненні глобалізму 🌏 Далучайцеся да нас у спыненні глабалізму 🌏 Alăturați-vă nouă în eradicarea globalismului 🌏 Únase a nosotros para poner fin al globalismo 🌏

Ending Globalism & Replacing It With What❓ Answer : Replacing It With Christian Nationalism (coz we already know that democracy/communism/socialism doesNt work & only destroys countries)❕🙂

This post is a continuation & completion of https://speru2013.wordpress.com/2022/08/08 🙂



Globalism (which Yall commonly know as : DEMOCRACY ❕) was created by bad people, to benefit only the bad people ! 😠 Globalism introduced & brought Parasitism into our lives ! (🤭😆 ja, parasitism is a new word I learnt yesterday..! 🤭) Coz Before globalism, There was No parasitism in our lives..! ; It is the cancer (GodLess people & their GodLess societies) that’s eating away at every country through democracy (which includes multi-culturalism..)/communism /socialism /atheism..plutocracy/ technocracy.. All created by the Globalists (aka the elites – who are all dem/marxist jews btw – O now, it’s : who are transhumans btw..❕) ; By Forcing Us to live in multi-cultural countries/states /provinces.. & in heathen-led countries, & by messing with every industry/sector, The Globalists have created Whole countries of very angry people – Who are now gonna kill them..❕ ; So that then, democracy/multi-culturalism will be Replaced by Segregation..❕; I prefer to say “The Globalists” & NOT “The Jews” because If I say just “The Jews”, then all the stupid people will think that every single Jew is evil & must be hated & Then they will wanna unite worldwide in destroying Israel 🇮🇱 & We caNt have that Coz through the Bible God says Israel is His people.. As there are good people in our races, good people exist in this Jews nation too..❕✔️ Here’s some of the globalists who started this globalism problem from centuries ago.. ⤵️

I’m Not making everyone hate only the Globalists ⬅️ They have been overusing their puppets ie. The Democrats/Communists /Socialists in every country to destroy us – It’s been/It Still is mostly the Democrats who are pocketing all the service delivery money, leaving us withOut water, electricity, jobs.. So everyone must equally hate & blame the Globalists AND the Democrats/Communists /Socialists.. ❕✔️ (Rithik, Josh..:”Who did it❕❔” “The Archons did it..! 😆” “The Archons created these Globalists So the Archons are to blame for our daily miserable lives..!🙁”)

Why have all the governments/presidents, govt departments.. just been listening to/obeying the Globalists, letting the globalists tell them what to do❓So, the globalists/elites are like Trillionaires who’ve made themselves like the rulers of this whole world❔⬅️ In this same way, any & every country can just kill them (to stop/end all their evil) ❔ & Because the globalists know this, They wanna just kill the billions of us now..❔ Alrighty, then..❕😤 [What❔❕Now it’s Their depopulation 2.0 (& transhumans) VS Our segregation 2.0 (& still fully human)❔❕😯🙂 So these 2 ⬆️ are your only choices that U have to choose from – Do U Choose Depopulation Or Segregation❓ Elias :”Well, When U put it like that ,it’s Segregation For Me Mam..! 🙂” ].

▶️ For those of yall who doNt know ➡️ We humanity are wrestling 🤼‍♂️ ,fighting with the Globalists (Chaz, Jake, Cody :”mud wrestling?” 🤭 “Nah, UFC wrestling!” 😆 “Maybe, judo wrestling..!”) Vying for/To win the Title/Prize Trophy 🏆 called : The Great Replacement ❕😮 The Great Replacement is Either gonna be their (yet another unnecessary evil) transhumanism/virtual age crap [which I hear Includes the metaverse & this is 1 example , scroll down to where a video of it is playing on the screen , around there it mentions amoungst other things “U’ll be able to attend virtual concerts” ➡️ Artyfact Metaverse https://artyfact.art/?fr 🔸Here are more examples ➡️ ⬅️ U can see they make it very catchy & all about fun/entertainment – To quickly reel & trap us into it..it’s causing more people to Live Online ,When they caNt afford it Coz they doNt have money for data/wifi /fibre to access the internet/online – So U can see once again, They’re NOT thinking about we the majority poor & struggling middle-class, All these online people also doNt care about us the poor ! They’re thinking Only of themselves – I heard that’s once again it’s the Rich people who have already made 💲Millions or 💲Billions off this metaverse stuff, when we the majority are still battling to get started..❗ ⬅️ apparently, this decentralized revolution is a counter To the globalists’ centralized revolution (CBDCs) < Erlind :”But U’re Not entirely convinced (U think that the Globalists are behind Both the decentralized revolution AND the centralized revolution, coz we’re so used to the globalists being behind everything nowadays)❔” – Yes.. 😕 “The centralized guys are coming against us decentralized guys ➡️ ⬅️ So Do U still think that they’re behind Both❔” ⬅️ Yeh clearly, the SEC is yet another globalists-controlled dep/org/entity but it’s still possible both the centralized & decentralized currency worlds are created by the Globalists..❕🙁 Wow, 1st doing gaming/entertainment & shopping in the Metaverse & Now they wanna do Tourism & HealthCare in the Metaverse❕❔😲 ➡️

▶️ From 2000-2015, They were busy making money off creating phones/smartphones.. internet stuff – They left us behind, In the past 3-7 Years/From 2015-2022, They were busy making money off crypto mining & NFTs While we couldNt even get started – They left us behind, They replaced bitcoin/ crypto mining with liquidity mining, staking etc. & here too, we haveNt even started – They left us behind ! (I’ve been shocked to see like the 100s of crypto casinos ,crypto betting sites & crypto game sites..!? < Now I know, These were like the prelude to this metaverse stuff..! 😕) & Now again, they’re busy making money off this metaverse stuff while again, we caNt even get started – They’re leaving us behind /We’re being left behind & Not because We’re too slow.. but because They Really Are Moving Too Fast.. Coz They’re purely driven by the fact that they’re making 💲Millions sometimes 💲Billions off all these tech creations of theirs..❕🙁😠😢 (While, If They were driven by love for We the majority poor -Then, a long time ago, They would’ve Replaced globalism with nationalism❕✅). We are So SicknTired of the rich getting richer & we the poor getting poorer ! 🤬 I’m irritated that this same Web3 that crypto is apart of, metaverse is also apart of ! coz it means that the globalists & all who are With them have now Already Spoilt even Web3..! 🙁] ❎ OR its gonna be our utopia of Christian Nationalism (an Uncomplicated, simple peaceful life that will leave us with plenty of time to study, work, progress & prosper each in our own lives) ..! 🥰 ✅


We were doing so well in being the way God created us to be.. We Hate the Globalists Coz THEIR Globalism got in the way between God & Us.. Globalism put TV, MultiMedia, Feminism, Addictions, LGBTQs, Blacks & Muslims, Islamic Terrorist Groups & every other Sinful thing on the way between God & Us, pulling & Taking us Away From God .. Globalism is responsible for All Our Worries..❗😠 🙁 We Hate globalism because in it, The rich doNt pay taxes (they call this sin of theirs :”being smart” !😠) & The other rich people like The Democrat politicians do Alotta corruption /The rich get richer & The poor have children in their poverty/The poor get poorer – While We Love Christian Nationalism because in it, These main problems : This modern world stuff On The Way & The rich-poor-gap problem & the too much corruption ,will NOT exist..❕👏


https://shop.dissenter.com/product/christiannationalism &

https://news.gab.com/2022/11/why-you-must-read-the-case-for-christian-nationalism/ &


Navam :”What’s this Blacks Blacks she keeps talking about..❔❕Blacks = The Black People = They look like this ➡️ Do U want your children to look Ugly like them ❓❗😠 ➡️ ⬅️ No❓ Then, Stay Far Away From Them & they’re NOT allowed to come near us…❗The Globalists created Globalism, which opened the door to the Blacks/Non-whites (when we rightly had the door shut to their pagan selves..!) ; The Blacks/Non-whites thought they can use, have been using/Still are using this Globalism to come into Our towns/communities /neighbourhoods & even into Our families (Therefore, when we tell them nicely “do NOT enter our towns…!” – they doNt listen/obey us & they act like they have the Right to live amoungst us – even withOut our permission..! 😡) – & We must now put a complete & permanent stop & end to this❕

Because of this Globalism, Blacks convinced themselves & everyone of the LIE that they can come into Our lives & be equal to us..❕God made us Superior to/over the Blacks but the Non-whites especially the Blacks are using this Globalism to come into our lives, to bring us down to their low level & to make us Inferior like them (Coz Blacks see all of us being equally inferior to/with them as : Equality..! Also coz Democracy is about : Blacks making us go down, So the Blacks can go up/Democracy is about : advancing the Non-whites especially the Black Race by degrading us Non-blacks so, at the expense of us Non-blacks then/Blacks can advance only by 1st degrading us, making us powerless so Blacks can become powerful/can have real power..) 😠 ⬅️ We obviously must Never let this happen..❕✔️As multi-culturalism is a big part of this curse/nightmare of a democracy/ globalism, Segregation of races & religions is a big part of our Christian Nationalism solution/cure.. Under our Christian Nationalism, Every Country will be a sovereign nation with parallel societies, Each Race living Segregated, having their own towns/provinces/states – The Blacks, Muslims etc. Never getting to live like parasites of us anymore..❕👏

Self-governing societies (segregation 2.0) But Under White Rule ✅ because all the Non-white races have Proven that they caNt rule properly /correctly rule over themselves & their towns/cities/provinces/states/countries properly/correctly – Look at all the Non-white countries – They’re all shithole countries, that U caNt go near..❕example : Like here where I live in KZN, South Africa > the Hindus are in the majority & they use this democracy like they abuse it in India ie. They unlawfully give us the ultimatum :”be a Hindu or suffer..!” (& Of course, the Muslims give people this same ultimatum :”be a Muslim or suffer..!”, wherever Muslims are in the majority..!) < Hindus, Muslims – All Heathens/Pagans ie. Non-Christians DoNt have the right to give us this ultimatum & They doNt have the right to persecute us, when we wanna live as Christians❕ They favour & live biased to themselves Forcing every Indian to be a Hindu ,This is how they have been/still are Preventing so many Indians from being Christians❕⬅️ This is how it is in Every Non-white country [We Indian Christians Want Whites Ruling over us in these Indian Towns here in KZN, South Africa So that We Christians will have Equal Rights to the hindus, muslims etc. ❕) – Millions of Indians, Asians, Blacks & Muslims Wanna Be Christians But the Heathens in our races ie. The Very Horrible Hindus, Muslims, Atheists & Democrats..Blacks etc. Force them to be hindus, muslims.. ❎ ⬅️ This must completely/ permanently stop/End now ❗]. Millions of us Indian Christians, Asians Christians, Arab Christians & Black Christians Worldwide Want White Christians Ruling over us So that we Will have Equal Rights to everyone else & Not suffer under these heathen/pagan govts/classes anymore ever again❗

▶️ So the self-governing/parallel societies of Christian Nationalism is Not the same as Anarchism (which is self-governing societies withOut a state body ie. Govt) ; After all the work America & Europe will also return to being the white-only countries (yes, white ethnostates) they once were before 1900 or whenever (there are black-only countries < These are black ethnostates) So, no one can call the white ethnostates “racist” etc.❕[No one can say or should be saying the Lie that this Christian Nationalism idea is by white supremacists who are antisemitic.. Coz Nowhere do we say that every single Jew is a Marxist Jew elite Coz we know of plenty of Jews who successfully merged their Judaism with Christianity < these 2 are NOT seperate anymore but have become One, Therefore they doNt call themselves Jews anymore (Coz the evil dem/marxist Jews aka the Globalists have spoilt the name Jews & therefore They doNt want to use the name Jews anymore..!🙁) ,They now call themselves judeo-christians or just Christians ! 🥰].

▶️ I see alotta people are sad/shocked As if only now they’ve learnt that this whole “living amoungst other races” thing (ie. Multi-Culturalism) is of globalism & NOT of that Normal life we once knew & loved..! The people who tell us to love these horrible blacks & muslims, are themselves Not living with & amoungst blacks & muslims -No, They are enjoying feeling untouchable w/carefree lives in top security white-only neighbourhoods..❕ – So No one must listen to their hypocritical selves! ; Blacks & Muslims are still trying to open their mouths.. & call these my posts & us “rude” etc. ➖ REMEMBER PEOPLE❕,Because the blacks & muslims are only destroying this world, Their feelings & opinions doNt matter ,Only if they lived perfectly like us True Christians Then, Their feelings & opinions would matter❗Too Less God, Too much freedom & love too easily given to these 3rdWorlders – Is what has gotten us into this Globalism nightmare..! ) 👏 🙂 Stacy, Kaci.. :”Yall expect us to believe that yall who created this Christian Nationalism idea, are a multi-racial group who agree on all of us living Segregated❓” ⬅️ Yeh, we on the Right are all Sane over here, those ones on the Left are insane..! Even many of them can See that this is about Restoring normality/law&order , it’s Not about skin colour❕


Racism is a word that the Globalists created.. That the Blacks have been & Still are trying to use as a tool, to get jobs/money/land etc. From us Non-blacks, coz They’re sub-humans, they’re too stupid to make it in life on their own (If they are humans & are Not stupid ⬅️ The Only Way They Can Prove This, Is By : Agreeing to live Segregated from us)❕😲 So the Blacks’ Lies are : we do racism & hate-speech against them, “only Blacks can experience racism”, Blacks must get reparations etc. ➖ While In Reality, there’s No such thing as racism ,& Our Truths can never be hate-speech..❕👏/Daar is nie iets soos rassisme ens nie & Ons waarhede kan nooit haatspraak wees nie..❕👏 (& yet, Blacks still have the mainstream media sites/apps banning us when we speak the Truths..!

▶️ Remember, how Reddit closed my 1st reddit acct in Oct/2022 Coz ppl are joining this our world peace revolution❔ Yeh Now, they got Reddit to close also my 2nd/new Reddit acct on 29/Dec/2022 a few weeks ago – Coz I wrote 1 short sentence about today’ South Africa in the “South Africa group/subreddit” – So, I’m Also speaking from experience when I say Blacks are getting us banned from/kicking us out of all these MSM sites/apps that Whites created/built So they blacks can then take/have all these sites/apps too for themselves❕Imagine! These stupid fkg Blacks wanting us to suck up to them, if we wanna be in all these MSM sites/apps that blacks didNt create/build but that Whites created/built.

▶️ Yeh, Blacks wanting to turn the tables around on us, using our own things against us in this democracy..❕⬅️ Coz This Is What’s Happening coz we speak only truths, & they’re banning us for speaking the truths > So, we’re NOT getting to be on the MSM sites/apps but the Blacks are getting to be on the MSM sites/apps..! Yes, If U look closely, U will see 🔍 that in this physical realm & in the cyberrealm ,The Blacks are kicking us out & coming & taking everything/all of Our things ,away from us – to take/have it all for themselves…! ⬅️ & of course, This is apart of, as I said towards the Bottom of this blogpost : Blacks Using this Globalism/ Democracy & its’ AA=Affirmative Action ,To keep coming & taking all of our things away from us, Coz they’re sub-humans that want everything ready-made for them, They want Us to create/build everything & then they just wanna come & occupy it & take it all away from us – in the name inclusivity/equality /diversity/ Democracy Coz they are too stupid & lazy to go & create/build their own everything…! ⬅️ We’re NOT supposed to tolerate/accept this..!

▶️ (yeh – actually closing our accts, robbing us of those audiences of millions..!), everytime we speak the truths coz the truths exposes/goes against Their Lies.. (Ja, they really shouldNt have made lies their friend & truths their enemy..!👏) ⬅️ This is apart of : Blacks wanting us to bow down to them..coz this Globalism/Democracy is about a transference of power. From us humans, To these sub-humans ! Blacks want to completely Replace the Whites/us Non-blacks, & Under No circumstances can we ever have the Blacks Replacing the Whites/us Non-blacks..❕

▶️ Nuhash :”Mam, Living In South Africa, U Get To Study These Sub-Humans (The Black Race) Alot – So Tell Us, WHY Do The Blacks Come & Live Amoungst Us, When They Know They’re NOT Allowed To Live Amoungst Us ❓❓❗❓❗”  ⬅️ The Blacks come & Live Amoungst us, Not just to come & take everything away from us..The Globalists created this Globalism/Democracy that’s protecting & empowering the Blacks So much, So that, it will be easy for the Blacks to come & take everything away from us & the Blacks are feeling so protected & empowered that they are using this democracy evil to do & so are doing, this multi-level transference against us ➡️ The Blacks are taking our power & superiority away from us & giving us their powerlessness & inferiority, They’re taking our intelligence away from us & giving us their stupidity, They’re taking our land, jobs, money.. away from us & giving us their unemployment & poverty, They’re taking our beautiful White skin away from us & giving us their ugly black skin (not to mention, that curse of a hair ,of theirs..!) 🤢 (yes, they’re trying to cause us to go extinct, they wanna Replace us with themselves So that, the Black Race are then the only humans on earth..! 😦), They’re taking our voices away from us & silencing us (yes, Blacks wanna create “hate-speech bills” against us, to protect themselves & Silence Us Coz they want us to just let them go on taking everything away from us..!) ↩️ Yes, This multi-level transference is the Black people’ end goal – If U say : Democracy Is : The Black Agenda /The Black People’ Agenda ❕,Just like how the Globalists’ end goal is Transhumanism (which is just another way of saying : demon-possessed people – Yeh, those Transhumans would just be the latest forms/versions of demon-possessed people..!)

▶️ ⬆️ Yes, Blacks are using this democracy to be evil against us like this, Coz they’re demons – So Yall are very stupid to see them as humans & to feel sorry for them…! That’s Right – by agreeing to Democracy, tolerating & accepting them… – Yall have gone/are going on joining the Globalists in raising up The Black Race, As an army of demons against us & they are already an army of over 1 Billion demons.. 😠 So Quit It, Already ❕I doNt think it’s a coincidence that the words Democracy & Demons start with the same 4 letters – They start with the same 4 letters Coz the Demons Created this Democracy evil (they created it, after their name !) ⬅️ Which Means : For as long as Yall have been accepting/tolerating/allowing Democracy, Yall have been joining the Demons against us humanity, everyday for all these decades.. – No wonder, the world is destroyed..❗😡 – So Yall REALLY need to completely & permanently End Democracy Now..❗(So all we can do is hate & kill the blacks !) & We doNt owe the Blacks 1 cent, let alone 1000s/millions..! We doNt owe it to them to let them live amoungst us, We doNt owe it to them, to even Like them..! They doNt have the Right to come near us, let alone Disrespect us as they’ve been doing all these decades & still are doing..❕👏 I Repeat 📢 The Only Way that Blacks & Muslims can Prove that they are NOT parasites, Is : By agreeing to live Segregated under our Christian Nationalism ❕✅

▶️ #EUROPE 🇪🇺 Replace your Democracy /Communism/Atheism.. With Christian Nationalism now❕⤵️

▶️ #CANADA/AMERICA 🇺🇲 Replace your Democracy with Christian Nationalism now❕⤵️

As/If the democrats & all the parasites doNt wanna join us, We doNt have to beg them to join us, We doNt need them (They are the parasites who live off us, remember?) .. If They wanna remain the zombies/slaves /useful idiots of the globalists’, Then They must NOT take us down with them ❗ Because we love, care about & wanna Save ourselves is why We want to secede so that we will NOT suffer anymore from the Globalists’ main weapons that They’re killing us with ie. : 1️⃣. Their very deep & widespread Corruption, 2️⃣. Black & Muslim Crime Crisis http://www.redvoicemedia.com/2022/11/george-soros-das-called-out-as-responsible-for-americas-crime-crisis-ray-dietrich-drew-berquist/ 3️⃣. Multi-culturalism, 4️⃣. Illegal immigrants, 5️⃣. Online censorship 6️⃣. Covid Genocide (& Now their 7️⃣. Social Credit Score https://www.redvoicemedia.com/2022/11/mandatory-digital-health-passports-for-all-human-beings-g20-leaders-kickstart-one-world-beast-slave-system-alicia-powe/


8️⃣. CBDC & 9️⃣. Transhumanism crap) ,anymore ever again❕✔️ Once our secessions are Complete, There’ll be No more Corruption, No more multi-culturalism & illegals ,We Will NOT be censored online anymore, We will be Free from all Covid & transhuman mandates & We will be Free from that Social Credit Score & CBDC Coz we woNt have to comply..! 👏 In Every Country, The Globalists & The Government are Not supposed to Prevent us from seceding, If We Want To & We DO Want To Secede from the democrats, heathens.. We’re just supposed to get to do that..❕

Below ⤵️ I mention America & South Africa Coz Both these countries are similar – Both are multi-racial countries, Both are Republics/both supposed to function as republics but Both function as democracies Coz the Globalists have forced our governments to function as democracies! ⬅️ & This has Resulted only in the destruction of our countries ; Both are supposed to be 1st-World countries but both are now 3rd & 4th-World countries..❕

▶️ In America, All The Red States are supposed to secede ; there’s 4 border states being influxed with millions of illegals, 3 of these border states are Red States ie. Texas, Florida, Arizona < these 3 Red States supposed to have started the #RedStatesSecessionNow ! Their Governors Greg Abbott, Ron DeSantis & Doug Ducey supposed to have Already begun this secession process at least from Jan 2020 – To Prove That They’re On Our Side (but We can See that it’s like They are Asleep..! 😠), Them Not doing this secession process Proves that they are just some more Globalists’ plants..! 😠 Right from now the start of our secessions, We are doing the Politicians’ Jobs – Yes, Now we are seeing the truths about them so clearly – They doNt care about us ,They do alotta speeches/ interviews/meetings.. But they doNt do their jobs of serving we the people, & yet they’re still getting paid..❕❔ (Really! This Time Is Showing Us So Clearly Who all the problem people/our enemies are – The people who are NOT doing anything against globalism, NOT doing anything to help secession proceedings, Are all democrats/libs/ commies/socs & heathens ⬅️ They are the ppl trying to stand on our way & doing what we knew they would do..threatening us with civil war ⬅️ This is showing everyone That We Really caNt co-exist with them & that, That’s why we have to Secede❗✔️) They’re NOT supposed to be getting paid, As we’re now seceding, we’re putting the politicians out of bizniz/out of their jobs ! 🙂 ✔️ (U can write in the Comments section to this post with proof, Which of Your Politicians of which provinces/states are helping yall with your Secessions 👍 🙂) ⬅️ Oregon counties❕; In September/2022 last month, Texas was again talking of Seceding ➖ They too, Should Actually Be Doing their secession.. #Texit ⬅️ That’s Texas Exiting the the globalists-controlled cesspool America❕They would then be the Republic of Texas❕🙂 ➡️ 🙂 ; A guy said yesterday, that the very 1st secession was actually when California tried seceding/ becoming a sovereign state from 2016-2019 ⬅️ They should’ve ! Coz democrats/libs/ commies.. Have destroyed that state of California & this has been causing people to flock Out of there & into the red states ⬅️ If people are gonna do this & enjoy a nice life in our red states, Then They must be made to always Vote for Christian Conservatives – that’s only Fair❕✅ ; Apparently, the mostly Hispanic county of San Bernardino, California was talking about seceding from California in September/2022 last month ➖ They Should’ve..❕ ⬅️ People, the days of talking are over, We’re now living in the days of action – ie. Actually Doing The Secessions coz Our politicians or celebs ,No one is gonna do the secessions For us – We have to do it ourselves..❕

▶️ Just like this In South Africa, As We Whites, Indians & Coloureds wanna secede from the blacks, heathens – We’re just supposed to get to do this but U must see how everyone here is being stupid & just staying stuck like glue where they are (As if all the globalists-controlled govt admins are holding guns to their heads saying “doNt move..!”) It’s like this whole end times globalists WW3 apocalypse destruction that’s gonna happen against us at anytime now, Is just Not registering with their thickheads (as if they’re Not reading these posts Yet they spend so much time online, taking in alotta rubbish..! Coz all they know is : relaxing & their convient lives & entertainment.. – oblivious – Just as the Globalists want ! 🤦‍♀️) ; They’re waiting for the apocalypse to be happening just now – Then they wanna look for solutions – Then idiots, It’ll be Too Late❕But let’s hope they are secretly trying to get permanent clean water sources & they are stocking up on alotta backup power & have started growing their own food… ; Botswana 🇧🇼 was the 1st to Secede, Lesotho 🇱🇸 was the 2nd to Secede, Swaziland 🇸🇿 was the 3rd to Secede, Orania was the 4th to Secede & now the Western Cape is gonna be the 5th to Secede ✅ > So that’s https://capexit.org ! 📱#Capexit ! 🙂 Wes-Kaap❕ Die Swartes het geen reg om ons met Burgeroorlog❕ te dreig nie Hulle het ‘n Keuse.. Hulle moet dieselfde energie gebruik om af te sien & Gaan maak hul Black-Only Towns ‘n sukses, ver weg van ons nie-swartes.. ❕➡️ [What are We Seceding From❓ We’re seceding from all corrupt Globalists-controlled political parties (here in SA, that’s the ANC, EFF etc. ; In America, it’s the Democrat/UniParty ; In the UK, it’s most of the parties..) & to be free from their evils as I mentioned a few paragraphs above]. We are waiting to spend our own time, energy & our own money doing the government’ Jobs (sorting out our water, sewage systems, electricity, road potholes.. & we are already Homeschooling our children, like so ➡️ So we doNt have to worry about all those public school problems.. & then we are already living healthily.. So we doNt need BigPharma’ products that only make people sick & making them die early..! 😠) Which Means We Are qualified to govern/rule over ourselves = to have our self-governing societies❕✔️ ; Yes, towns/cities/provinces /states in every multi-racial country seceding means : We will be more divided than we’ve ever been ⬅️ This is the globalists/ democrats/communists/socialists’ fault – At least this time, We’ll be divided for Peace sake..! So doNt think about the division, think ONLY about the Peace that we’ll have After our secessions are Complete❕✔️

▶️ Then there’s these two 🤭 ➡️ #AUSTRALIA 🇦🇺 & #NEWZEALAND 🇳🇿 They’re still acting like they’re already functioning under our Christian Nationalism & therefore they have No problems at all – lol! 🙂😆 ⤵️

But we know the Globalists are messing with them too, Australia also needs to Exit the UN & WHO [but the globalists are threatening them with trade sanctions (which will devastate..!) IF they leave the WHO & the globalists are probably threatening other countries like this too 🙁] AUSTRALIA, Check out Maria’ videos every Wednesday ➡️ https://rumble.com/v1mowk8-zerotime-weather-modification-smart-cities-and-exiting-the-globalist-agenda.html 📱🖱️🔸Get your survival supplies here ➡️ https://www.survivalsuppliesaustralia.com.au/?b7=zeeemedia 📱🖱️

▶️ #INDIA 🇮🇳 अपने लोकतंत्र को अब❕ हमारे ईसाई राष्ट्रवाद के साथ बदलें ✝️ உங்கள் ஜனநாயகத்தை இப்போது எங்கள் கிறிஸ்தவ தேசியவாதத்துடன் மாற்றவும்⤵️

▶️ #MIDDLE-EAST استبدلوا إسلامكم بقوميتنا المسيحية الآن.. ❕⤵️

Remember what I said in the 5G Section Below > That whatever we create for good, the globalists come against it So as we’re trying to help set free Iranians from that horrible life under Islam, The globalists have come against it by having created this Spyware (which is like Malware..bad for your phone !) Version of this Signal messaging app So follow the instructions in this PIC to correct it ➡️ ; Iran, doNt fall for these Hackers’ message ➡️

How much a bet these muslims were first christians Milleniums ago but then the Globalists used whatever, to make them this miserable violent destructive curse of a nation to all of us, as they are now ❗❓ لذا ، عد إلى الله (يهوه يسوع المسيح) لأجدادك ، الشعب❕ العربي

▶️ #SOUTHAFRICA 🇿🇦 Replace your Democracy with our Christian Nationalism now❕⤵️

1️⃣. There’ll be No electricity Coz the Blacks/Black ruling ANC political party have been pocketing all the 💲money that was meant to be used to maintain our power plants, So our power plants Not getting the care they’ve needed ,are therefore now being shut down..! 😭 😢 & It’s like no use buying inverters/ups etc. [Just like how it’s No use saying “I caNt wait for elections 2024!” Coz 2024 is Not gonna happen Now & it irritates me when ppl say 2024 elections Coz They are using that as reason to Not do anything against globalism NOW❗🤥 If everyone doNt come against the globalists & globalism now, It’s Not gonna go anywhere & we’re only keep suffering from it & keep complaining (just coz it makes the news channels money ⁉️) & I doNt believe there’s gonna be the year 2024 Coz these globalists/elites & their scientists already have everything they need to create their transhumans, So this means They doNt need us & can kill all of us off right now..❕ Even though the Globalists are destroying this world slowly, Well they’ve really speeded things up now – Now that more & More people’ eyes are being opened & they’re seeing..] Coz inverters, generators.. themselves need to be charged with electricity & there woNt be electricity Or filled with petrol/diesel & there woNt be fuel for motor vehicles or generators (Not to mention : U can die from carbon monoxide poisoning from suffocating from the smoke from your generator !) so..

▶️ & then there woNt always be Sunshine 🌞 to power our solar panels to power our electronics, Just like how if we all bought our own little wind turbines – there woNt always be Wind to power them to then power our electronics & solar & wind power will only charge our devices ,Not connect us to the internet [& No, Mr Elon Musk’ Starlink Satellites🛰️ are Not gonna come save yall by providing free internet for yall ❕⬅️ Really, yall caNt expect this from him..Coz what have Yall been doing For him & his company all this time❕❔ Nothing, that’s what ❕ Therefore, Now yall caNt expect anything from him, He does Not have to do anything for yall ! ✔️ Nothing is free, someone/ people always have to Pay for it & it shouldNt have to, it caNt be that Mr Elon Musk Or China provides free internet access for yall & yall Agree to be their slaves in return < it just woNt work, Therefore they’re gonna kill us all & Replace us all with their Optimus etc. robots soon, For the robots to be their cost-effective slaves < Which means They will spend Less money & they will save more money..❕ ]. ⬅️ People, that’s Data that never expires NOT never finishes..! 😂 .After the initial Chaos -It’s No use being angry Coz that will only makes things Worse..After everyone has Calmed Down.. 2️⃣. Food shortages are here (the main points were mentioned in the 3rd minute of this 20 minute video) ➡️ https://zeeemedia.com/interview/shortage-full-documentary-we-must-prepare-for-unprecedented-food-shortages/ & Then there’s famine/mass starvation that the globalists wanna do against us ➡️ ; This Reel Gardening Box is nice Coz it uses Less water (there’ll be a Severe water shortage like drought & famine conditions, So we will need to use Less water for everything..✅) & Then we must learn how to grow fruits & veggies in pot plants Coz Alot of us doNt have even small yards /gardens..but we do have balconies with pot plants though ⤵️

https://www.lovethegarden.com/au-en/article/growing-fruit-and-veg-containers & https://www.newstarget.com/2016-03-28-6-sweet-delicious-fruits-you-can-grow-indoors-all-year-long.html 📱🖱️

▶️ & 3️⃣. With the global economic collapse happening just now, All currencies are gonna possibly plummet to zero & become valueless..DoNt accept the CBDC coz it might be the ‘mark of the beast’ even though They say it’s just gonna be the solution to the GEC = Global Economic Collapse (Our fiat currencies crashing just now) !🤦‍♀️For us, it’s the global economic collapse/WW3/end of this world but for the super-rich, it’s just a recession 😂 (yeh, They’re downplaying it to a recession !) – Either They live in their own world, Or They’re in Denial.. or they’re Lying (or all 3 , which it really could be..!) 😠 (⬅️ This would be like the USA getting a Digital Dollar, Japan getting a Digital Yen, South Africa getting a Digital Rand, India getting a Digital Rupee etc.) – If the SEC & corrupt politicians.. Get their way, we woNt be able to Sell our cryptocurrencies.. Which Means We woNt have Fiat or crypto currencies – No currencies Means No Money❗ ➡️ So We’ll have to create our own currencies for those Rare occasions that we’d need to ask for stg from someone & would need to have stg to trade with – it must be stg that every person can get, it must Not be stg that only the middle-class & rich people can get Bec. Obviously then they will get everything & we will get nothing..this is most Unfair to us..! &

▶️ 4️⃣. then we can have JoJo tanks to collect rain water But it woNt always rain.. & how about boreholes for water ❔ But then can U Imagine if they drilled in many places in every neighborhood in every town ⬅️ Surely this will weaken the ground, cause cracks to form & meet each other, causing the ground to collapse underneath us & this will Swallow up everything (like in an earthquake) – our homes, cars.. & us < We would’ve paid this highest price, paid with our Lives – trying to get water from this other source ie. from underground❕😓 & then seawater/oceans /rivers are polluted not just with dead ppl & animals.. & oil & gas from offshore drilling but also raw sewerage has been flowing into our rivers/oceans from Blacks NOT maintaining things correctly under this ANC-led Black apartheid democratic South Africa..❕ 😥 Blacks caNt take care of anything..! Blacks have No right to run/rule any country..! (while there is still water, when U need to treat the water, there are companies like this to do that.. ➡️

Home – Micon Water
https://miconwater.co.za/?gclid=CjwKCAiAheacBhB8EiwAItVO28uqhVsR6mTQBmQbgxqDhfyU9d03Qk6aLCfaS0oymJWhaJX-vU867xoCT9UQAvD_BwE ) 🚰

▶️ Mbali, David, Dineo.. :”So basically either way, We are all so very screwed – Thanks to the Globalists❗❓” ⬅️ Correct, There’s gonna be NO water, electricity, food, jobs, currencies & welfare checks for people to go & collect (that’s right idiots, Yall are Not gonna get to go collect those child support grants btwn the 1st-5th of every month or at any time, also coz it’s Your Fellow Blacks who’ve been Stealing that money).. (so because apocalypse type crises are gonna happen..Is the other main reason why I’m So against poor people having children..While at least if U Remain Single, U will have Only Yourself to worry about & provide water, food & electricity for❗) , the Globalists are Non-christians So doNt ever see we Christian Conservatives as the problem -No No no, Coz we’ve been the only ones constantly warning people, solving problems trying to fix/repair countries..❕;

▶️ (Here where I live, We never used to get water & electricity cuts but Now we get water from our taps 2 maybe 3 times every week & electricity cuts sometimes everyday (Even though we Pay our monthly electricity bill & when our electricity is cut, our ISP network cell towers also suffer outages & we caNt access the internet/be online) & almost everyone all around me here are Unemployed..❕⬅️ This is why it’s easy for me to write ‘doom & gloom’ posts like this !). With this No instant water, No instant electricity, No instant food etc. – Because people are so used to the convient life, It’s gonna be near impossible to get used to the long wait for everything (Now we get water, electricity, food..instantly While in a few months time, We’ll have to wait for Hours for that same water, electricity, we’ll have to wait for 1 month for our food to grow before we can cut them ,prepare & eat them – Can U imagine waiting 1 Month for a meal 🍛❗❓😥 [Maybe Now Yall will respect our ancestors /elders who had to grow their own food..! & Maybe Now Yall will Appreciate our farmers & Guard them & Their farms – With your lives❕for feeding us, our farmers have been doing all the hard work of growing our food for us & then going & leaving it in the shops, making it so convient for us..! 👨‍🌾 Really! Just Now the governments will tell us :”If Yall wanna have food to eat, Yall (as in every family) must grow your own food Coz we will NOT be providing food for yall anymore..!”] ⬅️ & when we’re waiting for these things, We’re Not gonna get to take out our phones & be online because we woNt have internet..! 🙁) So, because the elite too think that we woNt make it..they say : To save us all the suffering & To save themselves all the trouble of fighting with us.. They’re just gonna Exterminate the billions of us just now & Im asking : With what❔ Dropping nuclear weapons on us❔ Well, the globalists-controlled IRS seems to be ready to do Nuclear War against us (This is them threatening us saying :”If Yall keep fighting against us trying to end our globalism, Then We’re gonna do Nuclear War against Yall !” < This is more reason Why we must defeat them ➡️ So I’m trying to prepare myself for this❕by trying to imagine what that’s gonna feel like..❕🙇‍♀️ (while the stupid weak people are like : Well, we’re too used to the convient life So, we’re just keep going along with everything the globalists create & force us to participate in eg. ➡️ ⬅️ Yes, These 2 guys in this pic are apart of the globalists) 😦 & of course, the globalists have bunkers etc. For themselves & For all the democrat/commie/soc country presidents, politicians, rich people (as only We get destroyed just now🙁)

▶️ #ASIA 🇨🇳 现在❕就用我们的基督教民族主义取代你的共产主义

https://nfsc.global & https://gnews.org 📱🖱️

Of course, China Can become a Christian Nation – functioning only under christian nationalism❕🙂 🎶 ➡️ ; https://jbwm.org/?lang=zh-hans ➡️

▶️ Buy to watch this DVD 📀 to better understand about this Covid Bioweapon the Globalists are killing people with (yes, these bioweapons is either to kill us or turn us into transhumans with) ⤵️

https://framingtheworld.com/store/ols/products/covidland 📱🖱️

▶️ There’s plenty of sites/podcasts/videos too that U can hopefully check out/listen to/watch To Better Understand who the globalists are, what they are doing & plan to do against humanity, Here’s some to check out 🌐 ⤵️

1️⃣. NWO/Globalism Doccies❕➡️ https://rokfin.com/JasonBermas 📱🖱️

2️⃣. It’s like a 1 hour video..❕➡️ https://rumble.com/v1kvkax-nwo-humiliation-rituals-and-the-war-against-humanity-jason-bermas.html?mref=6zof&mrefc=2 📱🖱️

3️⃣. “NWO criminal cabal” ❕🙂 ➡️ Read Melissa’ writings trying to uplift us.. https://freedomforce.live ! 🙂 ⤵️

About that 1000 year rule ➡️ ;

4️⃣. Understanding the Globalists’ master plan.. ➡️ https://www.redvoicemedia.com/video/2022/10/understanding-the-globalist-master-plan-learn-about-the-organization-that-predicted-it-all-video/?utm_source=daily-email-breaking&utm_medium=email 📱🖱️

5️⃣. Wow, these guys have been warning people for a while now (there’s a list of different dates..Click from May/2020 upwards to now.. Amazing – Great job, guys❕Mwah ! 🥰) ➡️ https://911nwo.com/2020/04/21/homepage-of-gangstalkingmindcontrolcults-com-updated-3-21-2021/ 📱🖱️

6️⃣. ICYMI this comprehensive 9 hour audio book on The Great Reset – Download it now for free ➡️ https://report.globalreset.news/globalreset.html 📱🖱️

7️⃣. Yes, U’re donating to help the same very great Mr Alex Jones of https://www.infowars.com ,Also check out his https://banned.video site ,TY❕& https://saveinfowars.com 📱 🥰 ⤵️

Coz the democrats.. are now suing him for $1Billion !? Check out this video (first 10 minutes & then From especially the 40th minute of this abt 1 & a half hour video) to hear the facts/truths that say They’re NOT supposed to be suing Mr Jones for 1 cent, let alone $1Billion ❕😠 ➡️ https://rumble.com/v1nsuwu–live-daily-show-louder-with-crowder.html?mref=6zof&mc=dgip3&utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Steven+Crowder&ep=2

8️⃣. This is a 40 minute video about the transhumanism future the globalists/elites are doing (Listen to the last 8 minutes of this video – Its SO sickening to hear how they wanna merge us with all their neuro-implants, nanotech.. They wanna put self-replicating nano robots into us.. 😣 WithOut our consent.. U’d have to be insane to let them inject U with all this nanotechnology , U’d have to be insane to agree to be Their lab-rats that they will test all their nanotech on ! – & They Are making every Non-christian insane, So that Those people would just agree to be injected with all that nanotechnology❕These scientists or whatever they call themselves are heathens/pagans/atheists ie. Non-christians So, They are NOT qualified to.. This is sinful evil humans messing with our God-created human bodies, They are playing with life (God Created Us In How Own Image Now, these evil scientists wanna create us in their own image – After their sinful/godLess selves < This is supposed to make U sick to your stomach..!) So While They’re trying to Re-Create us.. They’re telling U that U’re gonna look like this..! ➡️ But In Reality, Things can go so wrong so quickly, man! They could end up turning yall into ghouls or stg..! 🤭😆 Of course, I’m Not really laughing..! > ) ➡️ https://rumble.com/v1m7fi6-musks-optimus-robot-and-the-age-of-spiritual-machines.html 📱🖱️

9️⃣. ⤵️

1️⃣0️⃣. This guy wrote this post https://www.wisdomofgod.us in 2019 ⬅️ 4 years from 2019 is 2023 ⬅️ That’s next year in 2 months time ! Which means this guy’ writing is correct Coz we all know things are gonna go Down in/from 2023 next year❕❕😦

1️⃣1️⃣. BUY to Read it now❕🙂 ➡️

1️⃣2️⃣. Maybe buying & watching this 4 DVD set from Mr Dennis Wise will help U understand this NWO thing better❔🙂 ➡️

▶️ Buy to read this Book 📓 by Mr Alex Jones to Better Understand The Great Reset the Globalists are doing against humanity ⤵️

(I doNt know if He has an e-book version for a quarter of the price for the millions of others who would love to read this book but caNt afford the this hard cover version of it, Ask on this site > https://www.infowarsstore.com/the-great-reset-alex-jones-autograph 📱🖱️)

Here’s Another Book to BUY & read..❕📙 🙂 ➡️

▶️ A Look into our Christian Nationalism (a safe & peaceful life for us – awhh..! 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 🙂) ⤵️

Jenny, Clara..:”If Mam could have kids, They would all be happy nerds who would grow up to be happy intellectuals..! 🤭 While today’ kids have their tech gadgets/smartphones stuck to their hands, Mam’ kids & us will have Books 📚 stuck to our hands..❕” ; & notice how those kids are reading their books Outside..Not suffocating locked in a room like we’ve been, these 20 years..!

▶️ Know The Destroyed Future the Globalists have planned for us, by reading this blog ..Join Us, Instead❕🙂 ⤵️


I love this CBC idea..❕✔️ Now, They must make it available in Every Town In Every Province In Every 3rdWorld Country ⬅️ Coz it’s Here where the Poor multiply in poverty & are great problems to the whole world (& why the globalists wanna Exterminate all of us & replace us with robots & transhumans just now !). Africa’ population is 1Billion, China’ population is over 1.4Billion, India’ population is 1.375Billion, S.E.Asia’ population is 600+Million, Middle East’ population is 400+Million ⬅️ If Only CBC was active in these countries everyday for these past 7 decades=70 Years, These Population numbers would be Half of what it is now & We’d All be happier/better off..❕ I’m gonna donate to CBC whenever I can. People, Please Donate to CBC = ChildFree By Choice ,whenever U can – TY❕👍 🙂

Dean, Amie, Tommie.. :”The globalists created this 3rdWorld infestation problem, too❔❕” ⬅️ Yes, They did – So that they can then use these 3rdWorlders to outbreed/ outnumber & kill off the precious White people❕😠😢 The globalists are destroying the 3rdWorlders, & at the same time Using them to destroy the white race..❕😠🙁

⌛ Clearly, like the Globalists – We Nationalists too want a Depopulated Earth..❕The Globalists got distracted by all the distractions that They created these 7 decades – Lol❕& The Now when they’re depopulating this earth, They’re doing it the wrong way ➖ While We Nationalists, would’ve depopulated this earth the Right way, If Only They got out of our way..❕Well, It’s Not too late for the Globalists to scrap all their evil plans for us humanity.. There’s Still some time left for them to..& Join Us Nationalists in Depopulating this earth, the Right Way❕⏳


First, Some Basics for those of yall who doNt know ⤵️

  1. Hashtags like #EndTheFed 🔸#DefundTheFBI & CIA 🔸 #TaxationIsTheft So #AbolishTheIRS 🔸 #DissolveNATO 🔸 #Brexit (which is Britain Exiting otu of the EU ie. The European Union – Which Supposed to have meant Closed Borders & No more blacks & muslims flooding in..& yet every week/month, these black & muslims are flooding into the UK & the UK Taxpayers – Yall are paying £10Million a day for them < When Yall caNt afford this❗) #DefundTheUN have all got to do with the Same thing ie. Ending Globalism because all these organizations (The Davos Group, The Fed ie. The Fed Government, The FBI, CIA, IRS, NATO, The EU, The UN ie. United Nations, WEF ie. World Economic Forum, The WHO ie. World Health Organization,…) are globalists-controlled organizations that do alotta Corruption against us Therefore people Rightly want these organizations defunded/disbanded /dissolved etc. Now❕ ✅ After reading posts like this, More & More people should want to Exit the Globalists’ Agenda. I heard of #Swexit recently 🤭 ⬅️ This would be Sweden 🇸🇪 Exiting the EU, #Frexit would be France 🇫🇷 Exiting the EU.. ; DoNt worry Mr Putin & Russia 🇷🇺 ! Because we know the truth about what happened with yall in the past centuries ➡️ ⬅️ Is Why we’re standing with yall against the whole world, it seems..❕🤦‍♂️ Hugs ! 🥰 (therefore it breaks my heart that Mr Elon Musk is on the enemies’ side, using his satellites to help Ukraine 🇺🇦 / globalists’ puppet Zelensky to cheat & win over U Mr Putin..❕😢) ; Wow – 2 days ago I heard that even Poland 🇵🇱 is getting in on the action & Now even Romania 🇷🇴 too getting in on the action of trying to seize West Ukraine..❕😯 & now on the 6/Nov/22, I heard even Belarus 🇧🇾 is now helping Russia ➖ WOW❕ It’s So touching & sweet to see them going & helping their Brother Russia.. 🥰 & even an enemy is helping Russia ! because they know that the Globalists are using the USA & Ukraine to do war against Russia, Obviously Coz Russia is an obstacle on the way of Their globalists plans, So they’re trying to Remove by destroying obstacle Russia 😢 ; Omg – “denazification” is a new word I learnt today..! 🤭

1️⃣. Eliza, Joan.. :”Mam, U say Under Christian Nationalism, we’ll live segregated but what defines a White person❓” ⬅️ If they & everyone in their family have fair skin & their hair is straight from its’ root (they usually have blonde or brown hair, colored eyes, a nose with a bone..). Some Hispanics & Latinos are fair skinned..will they go under “white”❓ ⬅️ I hear they are of mixed races …mestizo..& we’ve learnt from history that people who are of mixed races are quick to join the blacks against us So, maybe it will be better then if they go under their own races of “Hispanics” & “Latinos”, like Indians, Asians & Muslims go under their own races ✅

2️⃣. Lea, Josh.. :”So Covid is Not a pandemic❔” ⬅️ No, Covid is currently 1 of Top 3 things the Globalists are using to kill us off with, So they can Replace us with their robots just now 🙁 ⤵️

https://stopworldcontrol.com & https://www.vaccines.news📱🖱️

& I heard that The Globalists are so determined & desperate to inject us with a Covid Vaccine – withOut our consent ,That if we doNt go get a Covid Vaccine.., They are even weaponizing insects against us – They’ve already created mosquitoes 🦟 to come & inject all those poisonous/toxic Covid stuff into us – withOut our consent❕😮 So yeh, Since we doNt wanna be slaves controlled by them is Why They Really wanna kill off as many millions of us as they can with these Covid Bioweapons of theirs ❕Check Out This Documentary about Covid, if U haven’t already❕🙂 ➡️

3️⃣. Kian, Tim.. :”Mam, Fit the 5G piece into this Globalism puzzle for us, please❓” ⬅️ Yes, Like how the Covid Vaccines, are actually their Bioweapons that they’re using for their control/depopulation agenda against us, & like how their Online Censorship of us is to control us – 5G is Not about giving U access to faster internet speed, faster data transfers & faster downloads etc. As tech shops advertise < This is the alibi they use to manufacture your consent to this weapon > [CellTowers doNt just Lower The Value of Your Property – In the 3G days only, cell towers were killing 6.8 million birds a year as far back as 2012, Its very bad for our health Coz CellTowers & the electric things all around (self-driving cars, Bluetooth devices, license-plate readers, cameras, smart meters, mobile phones, WiFi routers, any wireless or so-called ‘smart’ device, TVs, microwaves, GPS, electric cars) are emitting permanently hazardous ELF/RF/EMF/ MW=microwave radiations Which like nuclear radioactive radiations are causing people to suffer from fatigue or chronic fatigue/insomnia/sleep disruption or inability to sleep/headaches/dizziness/chest pain & heart palpitations/depression/suppressed immune systems or frequent infections & illness/altered brain function , brain fog/impaired memory & learning/brain damage & brain, leukemia, breast & testicular cancers These Radiations are toxic chemicals & genotoxic – yes, with these electronics, they are slow poisoning us to death, guys – So now U know > If there’s a celltower, 5G mast, micro-cell, high-tension electrical line.. Near your home, Your Property is worth peanuts❕⬅️⬆️ Now Yall know why More & More since the 90s, early 2000s, humans have been so weak/sickly.. On top of killing us with electronics, they’re killing us with Covid Vaccines, Unnecessary Wars… So things are the worst now – why even the people who live sober caNt think/function properly – So it’s Not always coz they’re lazy, No – It’s the tech radiations all around us, causing them to be so stupid/useless❕🙁]

▶️ Since 2020, On top of 3G/4G infrastructure & cctv, U are now surrounded by 5G CellTowers, micro-cells, mini-cells, 5G masts..have popped everywhere – even in the most empty countryside, in your village/community/town /city ,there are MWR antennas on your light poles, utility poles..5G, A social credit score, smart cities & smart homes brought to U by globalists’ puppet : BigTech Corps, AI (artificial intelligence) etc. Are apart of their Weapons that’s apart of their Surveillance grid/Toxic technology/Social engineering /Technocracy (which actually began in 1938 but it was identified as early as 1932..!) /Scientific Dictatorship that they’re using for their control/depopulation agenda against us ⬅️ my European babies really did it in 2022 last year..❕🙂

▶️ [fake pandemics, like the Covid scamdemic, energy shortages, fake or manufactured wars, illegal immigration crisis, fake news.. Are distractions to Prevent us from seeing/knowing these truths ⬆️ > they want to have total control over us & if we doNt comply, if we doNt agree to live under their total control, they wanna Exterminate the billions of us & Replace us with their AI (robots) which they will have total control over ⬅️ Yep, that’s their plan/end-goal..! 🙁] – Disabling &/ destroying all 5G infrastructure (& all their stuff for that matter then) will obliterate these totalitarian projects of theirs, We either destroy it Or it will destroy us ; 5G will enable nightmare surveillance grid that humans woNt be able to Opt Out of,

▶️ 5G is about total surveillance, 5G is 1 of the backbone of the surveillance grid, Bill Gates & 5G – 5G is about surveillance of every person on this planet ; Recognize It, Stop It, Refuse It, Escape It, Protect From It & Destroy It ⬅️ This is Not me telling anyone to be violent – No, This Is : The Globalists (& all corrupt politicians, sinful/evil rich people) keep creating things to destroy us, that we have therefore destroy 1st ✔️

Yes, whatever industry/sector/business (especially the big businesses that are known worldwide)/ invention we create/invent for good/human advancement/progress /modernization – The Globalists Come & Take Control Of It & Use It For Their Evils against us Therefore More & More people are now calling them :”Those Globalists Parasites”❕🤭

So if people go around burning these CellTowers all over the place, It’s because they learnt the truth : 1. These CellTowers have made their properties valueless 2. Have been making them to be sickly or making them to die early 3. It’s apart of the globalists controlling everyone

🛍️ This Australian company created products U can Buy & put around your home etc. To keep the tech radiations Away from U & your family – Besides the fact that we doNt know if it really works (of course this site says it works – Coz they want U to buy their products..!), Most of us caNt afford most of their items eg. Their $198 product is a Huge R3564 in my currency (⬅️ This R3564 can buy me 6 months worth of groceries.. So that money is alot..!) ; As U’ll visit this site to buy your anti-radiation products, Remember that Even when U’re using anti-radiation products in your home, office, vehicle.. The Globalists are in control of all technology & They are using it/Through all the Tech things in your life, The Globalists will still be surveilling & controlling U – Getting Rid Of The Radiation will NOT get rid of the globalists’ control over U❕➡️ https://www.orgoneffectsaustralia.com.au/collections/featured-products/products/stellar-dome 📱🖱️

🛍️ Here’s Another Anti-radiation product.. Cheaper & looks better but it seems to be only to stick on ypur smartphone.. 📱➡️ https://youremfshield.com/products/emfdefense%E2%84%A2-negative-ions-sticker-and-emf-shield-for-phone-smartphone-home-radio-1-1

4️⃣. Dylan, Zara.. :”Mam, what do U say to/about the people who call this conspiracy theories❓ ⬅️ They are junkies who are the useful idiots of the globalists, walking like zombies to their own enslavement 🙁

We were dying to buy 5G phones & other smart devices but now the globalists have spoilt this too for us..! – We fell into their technology trap withOut knowing..! 🙁 ⬅️ Nevermind this, with the CellTowers etc. Being burnt down.. How will we ‘do just fine’ using old technology (4G/3G/2G..) In this fast paced 5G modern tech world❓🙁

https://stop5g-resistance.whynotnews.eu/ 📱🖱️

5️⃣. Mam, Their CyberBullying Of Us is a great problem 😣 ..❓⬅️ Yes it is.. Support movements like Ms Mindy Robinson’ #OperationSunlight here..❕🥰 ➡️

#OperationSunlight: The Movement to Breakthrough Through the Media Censorship About Everything

Their Online Censorship Of Us is 1 of the main ways the Globalists are silencing Truths Coz they doNt want people set free by the Truths, They instead want everyone to remain bound in suffering! 🙁 Its like the Globalists have now gotten Biden’ (& every country’) Admin to create/sign into law a “misinformation bill” that Forces everyone/ every website/MSM site to abide by, where : They must punish us for writing & speaking Truths.. If they doNt punish us by just closing/deleting & taking our accts away from us, Then they the MSM sites will somehow be punished instead < Yes, This is the Globalists threatening every website/ MSM site/the whole internet..[all the liars are supporting this misinformation bill – Just like how all the parasites have been all these decades & are still trying to support globalism (because it’s been benefiting only them)..!] ⤵️

6️⃣. Kiera, Tim.. : Mam, comment on globalization

Answer : Not “together” parasites – but “apart/segregated”❕🤭😆 ; From/Between the 20-23/Oct/2022, I See the globalists are paying activists in 3rdWorld countries to fight for globalization to deceive 3rdWorlders into thinking that globalization is a good thing.. 🤦‍♂️ When U mention the word globalization, It’s Not just ‘Trade between the different countries’ that comes to mind – Another thing that comes to mind is : The 3rdWorld countries living like parasites off the 1st & 2nd World countries ,bringing the 1st & 2nd World countries Down (& if U bring the 1st & 2nd world countries down, who are they gonna then live off of..❗❓ ⬅️ But these stupid 3rdWorlders doNt wanna think about this..! 😠). Under this Globalism, the moment things are NOT working out in their countries, They wanna flee to America, Europe etc. Ie. The white countries! It NOT supposed to be this way! Under our Christian Nationalism, people will have to stay & make things work in their own countries ⬅️ This will result in More countries working ⬅️ & that’s good for the whole world❕✅👏 (In the meantime, many are trying to steer clear from globalization by flocking to hyperbitcoinization❕❔🤭) ➡️

7️⃣. Tim, Joan.. :”Mam, How Did The Blacks.. Destroy South Africa❓”

Answer : This is 1 of the Top 2 ways Blacks destroyed SA 🙁 ➡️ Take The Dischem (of https://www.dischem.co.za ) Incident that happened around 20/Oct/2022 was the latest example of : What the Blacks have been doing in SA against us these 20 years to now – The Blacks have been/still are being most pathetic living in the long ago past feeling sorry for THEIR shit selves & so, doing against the Whites/all Non-blacks in SA=SouthAfrica, What the Blacks did against the Whites in Zimbabwe 🇿🇼 in the past 20 years ie. Coming & Taking all the things (industries/sectors/companies) that Whites built❕(& Did doing this crime, make those Black Zimbabweans a better people /nation❓❗ No, it made them worse..& Yet these Stupid fkg Black South Africans are doing the same thing here in/to SA..❕😠)

So that’s Howcome, when Yall come from overseas to South Africa & see all these buildings/companies/businesses (that everyone knows, Whites built !) but Yall see almost only these black, muslim & hindu parasites all over the place acting like they built & own those companies/businesses❕🤢 Yes, it’s a very ugly & painful sight, isNt it ❕❔ Yeh, we know – We are So so sorry to all of us about this !❕Coz only White people are supposed to be By their companies /businesses , Indians By their own companies/bu.., Coloureds By their own companies/bu.. etc. – The black, muslim & hindu parasites are NOT supposed to be anywhere in sight (Malcolm :”.. they’re supposed to be tucked away in Their own “blacks-only”, “muslims-only” & “indians-only towns – out of sight, out of mind.. like it was during those good ole days of white apartheid before 1994, hey ?!” ⬅️ Yes, Coz all they do is spoil & destroy everything for us.. U must see how disgracefully they live here in the townships ⬅️ This automatically Disqualifies them from getting to be near.. White ppl/us ! 😠)

Blacks Coming & Taking it all – Using their racist/biased laws of the Globalists-created’ : Democracy ie. : BEE=Black Economic Empowerment, EEA=Employment Equity Act & AA=Affirmative Action ❕Because the Blacks are lazy/stupid sub-humans, They doNt want to work to create their own industries/companies/businesses all by themselves like we do.., They want everything ready-made for them, They want us to build industries/companies /businesses & then they just want to come take it all from us & this is how they’ve already destroyed 100s of companies ..We do all the real hard work but these stupid fkg Blacks take all the credit – Lying to everyone that They are building SouthAfrica ,Allowing their black population to Steal 100s of Millions every year from various companies.. & lying saying they are prospering their black population ! ❕😠 ⬅️ Blacks doing this, Is Blacks making us Hate them (yes, Blacks give us so many reasons to Hate them !) & giving us the Right to kill them.. (Coz As Blacks would Not want Us going into Their Towns & Taking Their companies, Blacks are NOT supposed to come into Our towns & take Our companies..) ❕

Because Blacks & Muslims etc. are sub-humans, is why They DoNt want to live the Right Way ie. Segregated From us, building & working in Their Own Companies/Businesses in Their Blacks-Only & Muslims-only Towns..❕DoNt worry dear precious White people, the more Blacks/Non-whites come & take your things, The More We’ll Hate & Kill Them – For the good of us all.. Coz really, We doNt owe them anything & Coz Blacks destroying the White ppl’ companies/ businesses, Is Blacks destroying our Economy – To leave us with No Economy & to leave us then as just another shithole country like are the African countries above us ! ⬅️ & we’re Not supposed to tolerate this❗😠 & dear AfriForum, Solidariteit etc. – doNt worry, Even when we doNt reply to your SMSes & PhoneCalls (Coz they are always in complete Afrikaans – which is Not our mother-tongue so, we caNt understand what yall are saying..!) , We are Still fully supporting Yall.. Hugs ❕ 🥰

Yes, As U Can See – We are very protective of the White people [ (Not the sinful whites because No one is allowed to be sinful ; They caNt Sin & Still have us protecting them ! The Deal Is : If They want us protecting them, then They must True Christian Conservatives Like us ! ✔️) , We love & are protective of only the True Christian Conservative Whites Coz Only They wanna destroy the Globalists & Globalism, as much as we do❕] because withOut whites, there would be No modern civilization, No life, No beauty on earth (Really !

▶️ If there were No White people, If there were only blacks in place of whites, the whole world would still be a bush, with delapidation, filth & stink everywhere & maybe some mud huts some would be living in – Maybe some mud huts, there wouldNt even be shacks with aluminum roofs ! Coz I think Blacks learnt how to make mud huts & shacks only After Whites settled here in Africa & after seeing Whites building homes a few centuries ago..❕), Only The Whites built everything – the water & electricity systems, the roads & all kinds of transport systems, schools, clinics, hospitals & all kinds of buildings, All technology.. So the least we can do is adopt their English as our only language & adopt their Christianity /Jehovah Jesus Christ as our only religion/God – To show the White people our gratitude/thanks/appreciation for all that they’ve done & are Still doing for us❕🙂 🥰 ⬅️ & we shouldNt have to tell anyone this, Coz it’s just so obvious – everyone on their own, is just supposed to know this❗✅

From 1994 & at least from Aug/2022 when I was writing these blogposts, Instead Of hating & coming against us for Exposing the TRUTHS about them – The Blacks Supposed to have been building their own companies /businesses in their “Blacks-Only Towns /Townships” far far away from us, for their demanding Black Race, So that Now when Segregation is gonna be the law, The Blacks woNt have any problem going & living & working only in their Blacks-Only Towns far far away from us..❕💁 ✅ 🔶 We are trying so hard to go Forward & live as the most modern advanced human beings (which is only the White people’ way !), but These horrible Blacks are taking us Backwards into the Bush to live as sub-humans like & with them..❗😠

What is the actual issue❓ ➡️ In Every Multi-Racial Country but it’s the Worst Here in South Africa, The Blacks (Undeservingly & illegally) already have the majority of the land & Yet On Top Of That, From 1994 to Now (& of course, it’s the Worst Now❕) , The Blacks have been coming into , working & living in Our provinces/towns/neighbourhoods (coz the blacks saw that only our areas were the most developed & was creating jobs for ppl..) – WithOut our permission❕⬅️ Forcing us to co-exist with them..! Blacks coming & taking it all..! ⬅️ This is Not just Greed/blacks being Greedy – No, it’s that “radical change” that they’ve always dreamt of & are still dreaming of..!

A shit black family moved in to my block of flats on 1/Feb/2023 – Thank God We can keep hating these blacks [coz we’re telling them nicely they are NOT allowed to come near us & live amoungst us, & They are STILL coming near us & living amoungst us..! (Larriel & Luisa :”Mam, & if the Blacks come talk to us..what do we do❓” ⬅️ Act like yall caNt see & hear them, stay away from them..all blacks do is destroy so, treat them like the rubbish that they are ! & if they keep trying to force & talk to yall, kill them because we’re telling everyone nicely : Blacks or anyone caNt use this democracy to Force us to talk to them, be nice to & get along with blacks – & yet they are STILL doing this ⬅️ & this is how the Blacks are forcing us to kill them..!). This Black Cancer is spreading & spreading people, & what do we do with cancers ❔❕ That’s Right – We kill cancers..! ] ;

No matter how “educated & decent” they are, Remember – blacks are criminals by nature, who will always want/try to advance their black race First & who are still using this evil of democracy to come & take everything away from us..[If they’re really Educated & Decent, they would join us in fighting for Segregation – But they’re NOT joining us in this, Therefore their education (college diplomas, university degrees), celebrity status etc. Means Nothing❕✔️ 👏 ]. Really, because blacks only destroy everything – All blacks must get from us, is only our hatred..! 👏 Because Blacks live the LIE that the whole of South Africa is their land & we’re living on their land – When The Truth Is : This land was Uninhabited when we got here, Therefore we settled here, If the blacks were here, believe me – we would NOT have settled here, We would’ve Gladly gone back to where we came from (coz No one in their right mind, would choose to settle down near/next to black people – especially back then, when they were More sub-human than they are now..!)❗👏

Why has this Globalists’ Black Cancer of a Black Race gone on spreading throughout our Coloured, White & Indian Towns/ Townships from 1994 ,like this❓❗ Because Yall stayed quiet, believed their Lies & agreed to all their democracy crap ❕ While at least when we talk up like I’ve done in these blogposts, Blacks will know how much we hate them, that we’re NOT living on their land – We’re living on our own land & They must get & stay the hell away from us❗👏 We all knew this day was gonna come (when the Blacks’ Lies & parasitic living was gonna be exposed) , God could’ve used YOU to do it but he’s using me So, doNt be stupid seeing me as the enemy here ,people..❕

Duane :”Mam, (alotta the Black parasites are getting worried from wondering how they gonna live withOut us their hosts..! 😆🤣😂); In this “be politically-correct & doNt offend anyone globalism/democracy evil” ,the stupid blacks are feeling really offended /disrespected by your writings – What Do U Have To Say About This…❓” ⬅️ The Blacks are experiencing our hatred coz THEY are the ones wanting to live amoungst us (democracy), We never wanted & we will never want democracy… While if they lived Segregated from us, they would NOT experience our hatred – So they caNt then scream & charge us with racism, hate-speech etc. (Coz the question is NOT :”Who is the majority race..❓ the majority race gets to own & lead” – No, The question is : “Who developed the land/country…❓the race that developed the land the most & gave it an economy.. gets to own & rule/lead” ⬅️ & that’s only the Whites – So only the Whites are the Rightful owners & rulers of & must lead South Africa & every country❕)❗👏

The Blacks Know that they are demons & we humans caNt co-exist with them & yet they keep coming & living amoungst us/Die Swartes Weet hulle is demone & Ons mense caNt bestaan saam met hulle & tog bly hulle kom & leef ons..❕- They come to live amoungst us NOT because oh, “we just wanna be accepted & treated with dignity & have the same opportunities & quality of life as the non-blacks” as they say – NO, The Blacks come to live amoungst us, purely to kick us out (Coz they know that When They move in, We’ll move out coz we humans caNt co-exist with their sub-human selves ⬆️⬅️ & this is how Blacks have so easily been coming & taking everything away from us & kicking us out of our lands, & taking it all for themselves..❗) & take Our land & everything that we suffered & worked so hard to create/build/develop..❗ We all know that this great Sin is what they did to all the Non-blacks in all the other African countries above us, & Now (for these 30 Years..) They’re doing that same sin against us Non-blacks here throughout South Africa, America, Europe..❕😠 We caNt let them go on doing this to us ; Wherever We Go, The Blacks like real demons, keep following Us ! So, We caNt keep running away from these demons. At some point (ie. Now) We’re gonna have to stay & kill them, So that we will get to keep Our land & everything & so that we will get to live in Peace on Our land.. by the Blacks NOT doing the simple Right thing of living Segregated from us, The Blacks are daily provoking us to war ⬅️ If there’s ever a land war/any kind of war, This is how The Blacks started that war ❕👏

▶️ If Yall doNt join us in Ending Globalism, This is gonna be the end just now (also coz communism/socialism is Not the answer /solution to any country’ problems)❕⤵️


UPDATE : See numbers 1️⃣➖5️⃣ of the “conservative” sites Parler, Rumble etc. Below Here ⤵️❓❓ From June-12/Nov/2022, they acted like they were true/real conservatives but After 12/Nov/2022 (yes, the USA 2022 Midterm Elections time), Maybe the Globalists got to/threatened them.. & they therefore changed [When We are United, the Globalists mess with us & this is how they cause divisions amoungst us Coz when we are United, we are powerful & Can destroy the globalists & their globalism but when we’re divided, they the Globalists will keep getting away with Their evils they’re daily doing against us❕; They messed with me from Feb-Nov/2022 which are the months I was sending those big amounts of traffic to these 3 main WordPress Blogposts of mine🔸

They kept eating up my mobile data with their spyware/malware – it felt 100 different people/websites/companies were spying on me, watching/following my daily online activity ❕⬅️ A tech expert will tell U, that This spying is always gonna eat up all your mobile data or wifi data ..poor me..❕(& eating up my money at the same time, Coz we buy data with money) making my 6-Month Data Bundles to finish in 1 Month (causing me to spend R550 per/month – when I caNt even afford to spend R100 per/month..! 😠) ⬅️ This is very shocking & Unacceptable..! By this, is how they threatened me by saying : “When U send big amounts of traffic to your blogposts, we’re gonna eat up all your data (& money) !” ⬅️ & They’re also telling the people at all the sites that I use to Rob me, or to overcharge me.., to do things to Stop me from progressing (Quora.com is blocking the traffic that I’m sending to my “dear quora family” post ➡️ ; The main TE I use is Not giving me 75 sites, not even 30-40 sites to do everyday anymore & other TEs were told to Not send my traffic to my blogposts or certain other sites I have up these TEs ; They’re watching my online activity – They see when I get online & Then they tell everyone (which includes my own sisters !) that I’ve just gotten online & so they must sin against me to spoil & destroy.. These demons are doing everything to Prevent me from being online & to force me out of here, when they know I’m Not meant to go anywhere.. Which means They are trying to kill me..!) ⬅️ This is Them making me choose between my data/money and setting people FREE with the TRUTHS – Knowing so well that I caNt Choose between either Coz Both are just as important ! 🔸 This is how they’re forcing me to be silent ,They want us to be silent & just let the black, muslim & hindu parasites destroy everything ➖ So, This is Howcome/Why I’m Not sending traffic to these my blogposts ; So, consider the fact that 100s/1000s/millions of demons are coming against just me! – Before Yall expect or ask me to lead this our world peace revolution..!]

We are Suffering So much EVERYDAY from everything that the Globalists have done/are doing & Yet, these “conservatives” doNt have the same Urgency & Desperacy that We have – in Destroying the Globalists 😢 (Maybe If They lived here in South Africa, Then They would have our same Urgency & Desperacy.. They must Stop accepting people telling them :”In 2 to 3 more years, there’s gonna be the global economic collapse..” They caNt keep printing money ⬅️ This could suddenly Stop, & Then what will they do ❓❗ Just because of their Trillion Debt, They are Supposed to have our same Urgency & Desperacy in Destroying the Globalists ❕) Which Means that together with the Democrats, The RINOs in Congress etc. & Trump & DeSantis & their supporters, They are Disconnected From We The People,

They doNt care about us [Doing the worst evils against us, is a joke for them (it’s painful & sickening to see them choosing to live in Denial about the terrible state America is in – just Coz They get to print money !) – No wonder they are Destroying America & the world – They deserve to be destroyed then, I guess❕& No wonder many people therefore doNt bother to be on & are just Not on the Internet or doNt support any of these so-called “conservatives” either..❕😥], So Why must we support them & their media sites & vote for these False/Fake conservatives ❓❓❗Unlike me, They have Jobs & nice lives compared to me So, the onus is on them to unite & destroy the Globalists & they’re NOT doing this ! So Yall/We doNt have to Support them. They caNt stick with or be on the Globalists’ Side & Still have our support❕Looking at 1️⃣➖5️⃣ Below – The fact that during October/2022, I put Them Under our Christian Nationalism Shows us how much I wanted them to be hardline conservatives like us but It turns out that they’re Not hardline conservatives like me, They’re only Partly conservative, So we’ll only Partly support them (With the way They’ve Failed Us Or ..the Globalists have Forced them to fail us, I could delete all their stuff from this post.. So I’m being very kind to keep all their stuff in this post..!) ✔️ Coz the Criteria we’re now holding every media personality (this includes the preachers) & politician by is : Are They Destroying the Globalists..❓❓❗ If They are, Then They have our full support ; If They’re NOT doing anything against the Globalists, Then They must Never have our support❗✅ When They are destroying the Globalists, Then I will tell Yall to Support them.

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Frances, Mariya.. :”Mam, who do U think the antichrist is❓” ⬅️ Some think it’s the Pope but It’s Probably 1 of or the richest globalist ..So, Yall are supposed to ask :”Who’s the richest globalist❔” ⬅️ The answer to this, Is probably the guy who is the antichrist❕

Coming into Oct/2022, I got the Answer to our main WHY questionThe Question Is : Why are all these people all around us living like atheists, Why do they keep intentionally Sinning – creating problems, conflicts & wars (that are killing millions of people a day it seems) repeating this history ,when they know Not to, Why are they Not doing anything to stop all the destruction all around us, Why are they Not killing the Globalists❓❓❓❓❗ The Answer Is : They thought/think that if they stopped all their sinning & if they let there be peace on earth, Then the Rapture would happen & that would be the End of this Earthly Life – & They doNt want this Earthly life to end, So they therefore said that They’ll keep having wars (hell on earth) & Not peace❕😠 (While God Wants to do the Rapture & end this earthly life.. So God said to humans :”If Yall doNt want this Earthly life to End, Then I’m gonna make it continuously hellish like this for Yall – by allowing the Globalists to keep destroying Yall..!” )🔸 Well my dear children, At least we can keep hating & killing them..❕

▶️ Are Yall On The Right Side With Us ❔❕⤵️

▶️ This is that post-human future the Globalists dream of & are making happen ⤵️

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https://wwww.truthforhealth.org 📱🖱️🙂 Speaking of Faith Over Fear..❕😀 🥰 ➡️

▶️ & On the lighter side..! 😅 (there’ve been many over these months but these are some of the latest ones I’ve seen..!) 🥰 ⤵️