Wake Up #KZN ..!


As A Non-White Defending The Whites > (As 20 Years Since The Good Apartheid Has Gone By) I’m Sick n Tired Of The Kaffirs (The Black Population) ,The Coloreds (The Messed Up MixedRace Population) Some Indians Blaming Their Own Evils (Of Having ±14 Per Family While “Suffering In Poverty” etc.) On The Dear White Race ,While Benefiting SO Much From The Good The White Race Has Gone On Doing For US ,Yet Saying “Evil White People Evil Apartheid” !! STOP Living In The Past ,Live ONLY In The NOW ,Looking Forward Towards A Prosperous Future Of Your Own Making (DON’T Have A Kid ,Coz Its NOT Worth It Coz We’re STILL Recovering From The Overpopulation Of Our Races During Apartheid Fight For Segregation (U Will Fight For Segregation If U Call Yourself ,A Man Or Woman!) )