O, My Fellow #Bitcoiners !


Many May B Asking The Facuets : Why AreN’t U Paying Me Out When I’ve Reached That Huge 10 000 Satoshi Mark ??!? Answer : The Dollar Surging (The Euro Falling, The Yen Crashing) (The Bitcoin Price Is Wrongly Tied To How The Dollar Is Doing) May Be The 1st Cause ;U May Have A Wrong Bitcoin Address Set With A Particular Faucet (eg. U May Have Your x-value.com Bitcoin Address Set To Receive Your Hard-Earned Satoshis From A faucet ,& U Must Change This Coz x-value.com is a scam That’s No More !) ;I’m Weekly Tweeting About The Performances Of Our Faucets -This Should Help Keep Them Behaving ie. Paying Us Out Soon (not waiting for us to reach over 40 000 satoshis in order for them to pay us out) & Communicating With Us (faucets areN’t communicating with us ,is a big problem -yeh, I know!) http://www.bit.ly/1zQHg8p 🙂


O, My #Dear Fellow BTCoiners !


As The BTC Price Is At Its’ Lowest , Let’s NOT B Dismayed/Doubt ! Let’s All-Together Keep Believing (That As We NEED BTC 2 Pay For Our Online Jobs Because We CaN’t Get Menial Where We Live ) In Jesus (The Only God There Is) That He’ll Remove The Evil Forces Coming Against Our Only BTC Solution Get Its’ Price Back Up To $360-$380 -We Must NOT Give Up Seeing Headlines Of WW3 In Progress etc. ,We Must Go On Fighting FOR BTC Supporting The Faucets If We CaN’t Afford To Support The BTC Mining Sites (Like HP ,CM etc.)…. Time To Put Your “I’m Staying Positive” Skills In Practice ! 🙂

Unbelievable! #People ,Please Buy Your..


Their 65% Discount Ends/Ended Today (At 12:59 EET) They’ve Already Just Now Given Out A Up To 70% Discount On The Final Sale Of The Smartmining Hashpower (Use PromoCode : HPUU7KG8 After U’ve Signed-Up Free Clicked On The “buy kh/s” Page/Tab Now -As This Discount Is Valid Only Til Wednesday ,The24th 2014 !! This PromoCode Can Be Used Only Twice ) , Once These Discounts Are Over , Everyone Will Be Able To Buy Only ASIC Hashpower (Whose Efficiency In Mining Bitcoins For U Is 30-40% Lower Than This Smartmining Hashpower) >> http://www.bit.ly/1yJCQfF 🙂