The Blacks Across #America …


Protesting (ie. Taking Incidents (Like Ferguson From Oct/Nov) & Turning Those Incidents Into Reasons To Protest) ,When Clearly No One Is Supposed To Be Protesting etc. Over Those Incidents ,Is The Blacks Only Telling The Whole World That The Black Race Is The Problem. These Stupid Democrat African Americans Are Not Suffering In Africa ,They Have It All In America & Have NO Reason To B So Disgaceful As They’re Choosing To Be (There’s The Daily Black-On-Black Chicago Deaths) ,If Al Sharpton & Company Weren’t Causing These Sinful Distractions (To Prevent Us From Seeing How Obama Is Destroying America ,From Inside The Whitehouse , On His Trips ,Meetings etc.)) If Only We Had Segregation, These Stupid Ungrateful Blacks Would Not B Putting On A Show For Us All Like This ! People -Have The Balls To Fight For Segregation Wherever U Are (ie. Racial ,Religious,& Class Segregation)! Thank U.