Im looking 4 #PrisonMinistries in #KZN #SouthAfrica 2 Support

The Prison Ministries in durban must be Legit otherwise I will report & expose them. Thank you


Unfortunately, I Also Have To Recommend #Fasting :)


All Believers Are Suppose To Fast (Mark 2:20)

Young People Fasting
Women (Including Wives Mothers) Fasting
Men (Including Construction Workers) Fasting
The Elderly Fasting

DoN’t Eat A Large Meal Before U Begin Your Fast…
DoN’t Be Disturbed Over Headaches (This Is Your Body Burning Up Toxins/Poisons ,& Its A Sign That Your Fast Is Working)
Drink Plenty Of Distilled Water Coz Tap Water Has Chlorine That Will Make U Sick ;If Your Back Hurts ,This Is Coz U’re Not Drinking Enough Water
Repent Of Your Failings/Confess Them (Like In Psalms 139:23-24)
Intercede For Others ,Pray A Different Person Everyday
Concentrate On Gods’ Word ,DoN’t Watch Tv etc.
If U Can Fast For The 1st 3 Days, U Can Fast For The Whole 21 Days
Overcome Everything, Pray/Talk To God ,Your Breakthroughs Will Come
When U Break Your Fast ,DoN’t Eat Meat/A Large Meal -This Will Hurt Your Body -Drink Juices/Eat Fruit Instead

Isaiah 58 Is The Chapter Of Fasting

And Nothing Will Be Impossible Unto You ,But By Fasting & Prayer (Matthew 17:20-21)

Yes, My Dear True #Christians …


After Our Enemies Lost To US (Imagine ? We ,All By Ourselves/On Our Own -Won The Full Blown Cancers They Were To US In & Around Our Lives!) ,They Carried On Lying Not Just About Us ,But Even To US About Our Actions In Their Last Ditch Attempt In Really Trying To Either Make Us Mental Of Kill Us (This Is Usually In The Last Minutes/Hours/Days Of Our Tribulation Lives) ,Almost Lying 24/7 Just Their Father Satan ,So God (Jesus Christ The Only God There Is…) HAD To Kill Them For US (As We Christians Do Good On This Earth ,So If We’re Killed ,There’ll Be Only These Stupid ,Sinful/Evil People Here On This Earth) *Stay Blessed My Fellow True Christian Winners!* 🙂

All True #Christians Worldwide Who..


(All On Their Own Survived Remained Righteous During Their Tribulation Lives (Not Trials Or Tests!) Would Know THIS ! > Our Enemies Went On On Increasing In Their Sinning/Evil Against Us Because We Went On On Overcoming Their Every Single Attempt 2 Kill Us (While God Stood By Watched Got Everything That He Wanted From Us) & Because We Remained Righteous (Evil Righteous CaNNot Live In The Same Apartment/House Together) , They CouldN't Stand Our FIRE Which Was More Powerful Than Their Fire & They Kept Us (Who Are Exceptional Speakers) Suppressed, Oppressed, Silenced Imprisoned Because They (Who Are Really Demons Evil Spirits In Human Bodies) Are NOT Good With Words -Haha! I Can Laugh Because I -All On My Own (The 100s Of People In My Life All Around Never Came 2 My Rescue ,So I'm Obviously Speaking From Experience!) Survived My Tribulation Life Into My New Life (This Is Me Speaking It Into Being By Writing It Here) *Stay Encouraged/Blessed* 🙂