#One&All Worldwide


The Way Of Sin (Doing Wrong Things) Is Complicated ( Made Up Of Alotta Stuff !) But The Way Of Life (Being A True Christian One With Jesus) Is Plain Simple (Wonderful/Fulfilling) ¤

1 Cor 15 :1-5 •Jesus Crucified (He Died 4 Us) ;Jesus Buried (He Blotted Out Our Sins) ;Jesus Rose From The Dead (He Saved Us Completely) ;Jesus Manifested (He Is Coming To Earth Again Via The Rapture) ¤

Romans 1:16 •The Bible Word Is The Power Of God Unto Salvation To Every Person That Believes Lives It ¤

So Believe Live The Bible Word Now.
Receive Jesus As Your Saviour Now.
Don’t Put It Off, Coz Delay Is Satans Way (Is One Of Satans’ Devices To Keep U From Being Saved).
Satan Says: “Do It Tomorrow” (Knowing Your Tomorrow Is Not Certain) ,Jesus Says: “Do It Now” (Coz U Can Come Into True Christianity Anywhere At Anytime ,Not Just In A Church).

Say Live This Prayer Every Hour Everyday For The Rest Of Your Life (In Receiving The Saviour Now): “Knowing That I Am On The Way To Death (Earthly Life Lost ,Empty Miserable ; Eternal Life In Hell) ,I Now Enter The Way Of Life (Earthly Life Fulfilled ; Eternal Life In Heaven) By Receiving Jesus As My Personal Lord Saviour (Money, Lying/Gossipping, Cheating, Latest Trends, Shopping… Will NEVER Be Your Lord Saviour Again !)