We Must All #MeetGod Soon ! :)


Are U Prepared ?

Your Eternal Happiness Or Misery Is Involved In The Above Question !
If Your Answer Is “No , I Am Not Prepared” Or ” I Am Not Sure” ,Then Carefully Consider Your Condition/Examine YOUR Life!

Isaiah 53:6 -ยป “All We Like Sheep Have Gone Astray Have Turned Everyone To Their Own Way” (Through Gossip ie. Lies ETC.!) & Boy, O Boy -Am I Seeing This In My Family But Especially In My Neighbourhood ( Everywhere , Really!) 24/7 !

Yes ,Jesus Died In Our Place ,Sacrificed Himself For Us BUT Only Hearing Believing In Jesus Bible Word Is NOT Gonna Make U Be Saved On Judgement Day Soon.
U Have To Live Righteously (ie. Live Only The Bible Word) ie. The Exact Opposite To How The Sinful People All Around Us Live , TO SAY >> U’ve Confessed U’re Like A Lost Sheep Without Jesus ,Repented Of Your Wrongs ,U’re Forgiven ,U’re Always Protected By Jesus ‘Blood Wherever U Go ,U’ve Received Jesus Into Your Life (ie. Only Jesus Lives In U) ,U’ve Accepted Christ As Your Saviour ,U’re Saved On The Way Of Life Through Jesus That Leads To U Living In Heaven For All Eternity (Like ,Duh!).

The Cross Jesus Died On Forever Stands Between Death Judgement For Us Who Believe In Live Only For Jesus Christ.

Romans 10:13 -The World ,Satan ,Sin (Wrongs) , Death ,Judgement Eternal Punishment (Hell) Holds Everyone -The Only Way Of Escape Is To Turn From Sin To God By Calling On Jesus Christ ๐Ÿ™‚