All True #Christians Worldwide Who..


(All On Their Own Survived Remained Righteous During Their Tribulation Lives (Not Trials Or Tests!) Would Know THIS ! > Our Enemies Went On On Increasing In Their Sinning/Evil Against Us Because We Went On On Overcoming Their Every Single Attempt 2 Kill Us (While God Stood By Watched Got Everything That He Wanted From Us) & Because We Remained Righteous (Evil Righteous CaNNot Live In The Same Apartment/House Together) , They CouldN't Stand Our FIRE Which Was More Powerful Than Their Fire & They Kept Us (Who Are Exceptional Speakers) Suppressed, Oppressed, Silenced Imprisoned Because They (Who Are Really Demons Evil Spirits In Human Bodies) Are NOT Good With Words -Haha! I Can Laugh Because I -All On My Own (The 100s Of People In My Life All Around Never Came 2 My Rescue ,So I'm Obviously Speaking From Experience!) Survived My Tribulation Life Into My New Life (This Is Me Speaking It Into Being By Writing It Here) *Stay Encouraged/Blessed* 🙂