#ccot WHY Are We..


Righteous People (ie. Us Gods’ Chosen Few) Suffering Like This ??! (I’m Still In My Tribulation Life ,Begging God 4 That Simple Humble Life He Knows I Finished Earning Just Deserve 2 Now Finally Be Living -As God Has My All ,As I’m Burning In This Fiery Furnace He Has NO Reason 2 Keep Me Here Every Reason 2 Finally Have Me In My Recovery Phase!) Because God Sees Him Ending This World Now (Is What Him Blessing Only Satan’ Children Is) As More Important Than The Far More Precious Human Lives Of Us His Chosen Few ! God, We’ve Given Still Giving U Our All 24/7 ( U Know We’re Not Gonna Sin After We Have Our Justice/Miracles !) -Please STOP Failing Our Precious Short Righteous Human Lives ,Thank U !