Happening Now #Worldwide


We’re Living In “The Latter Times” >>

1 Timothy 4:1 (NIV) >> The Majority Of People Calling Themselves Christians Have Abandoned The Faith (ie. Living ONLY In Agreement With & Obedience 2 Jesus Christ) & Are Instead Following Deceiving Spirits (Having Sold Their Souls 2 Satan 4 Him 2 Use Them 2 Do All Kinds Of Sin Destruction (These 2 Are Inseperable!) Worldwide) {These People Are Christians By/In Name Only -Calling Themselves Christians REALLY Living Against Us True Christians God ,Bringing The Greatest Dishonour/Mockery 2 Jesus -As They Get Along So Well With The Heathens ,They’ve Convinced Themselves Of All Lies Including That God (Jesus) DoesN’t Exist They’re Deceiving God (Which They’re NOT -God Just Gives These Bitches Bastards ,A Long Rope 2 Eventually (ie. NOW) Go Hang Themselves With ! (As We Say Here In The Townships -These Are Indeed The False Christians)}

Matthew 24:12 >> Because Iniquity Shall Abound ,The Love Of Many (The Majority Of People Calling Themselves Christians) Have Grown Cold (These False Christians Are Daily Chosing 2 Be Intentionally Knowingly Sinning With Their Normal Brains -They Have Not A Single Acceptable Excuse 4 Any Bit Of Their Sinning -They Will Be Burning In Hell 4 All Eternity Just Now!)

Daniel 12:4 >> Many Are Running To & Fro (Travel Tourism Industry Is Booming) & Knowledge Is Being Increased (Technologically-Driven Daily Lives -Satan Trying 2 Have Technology Only 4 Use Of His Sins Evils Against Us Humans (Gods’ Creation!)

Matthew 24:14 >> The Gospel Of Gods’ Kingdom Is Being Preached In All The World As A Witness Unto All Nations & Then Will The End Come (SOON -Think One World Government Money System!)

2 Corinthians 5:18 >> I/We Have The Daily Privledge Of Urging Everyone 2 Come Into Jesus’ Favor & Be Reconciled 2 Him 🙂

1 John 2:18 >> The AntiChrist Is Coming (SOON ! -Think One World Government…)

Luke 17:28-30 >> As It Was In The Days Of LOT…Even So It IS Now ,Just Now The Son Of Man Will Be Revealed (rapture) 🙂