The Constitution Of #India Says It Declarred…


The Right To Freedom Of Religion To Be A Fundamental Right” -This Is Obviously A Lie (which even we outside India can see!) With Hindus Persecuting/Killing Christians Regularly & With 80% Of The People Still Trapped In Hinduism ,14% Trapped In Islam & Only 2.5% Of The Population Getting To Be Christians ,Free In Christ !
Reading On Hinduism/The List Of Hindu Deities ,We See That Hinduism Is Complicated & NOT Worth Following , While Christianity Is Simple & Worth Following As We All Need A Simple Life To Reach Our Goals ,Be Successful/Accomplished & Prosperous Today!

Never Fear For The Stupid, Intolerant Hindus ,Muslims etc. (Who prove they are off satan by coming against Christians !)
Become Apart Of 1 Or All The Christian Ministries/Organizations/Missionaries Nearest To U
Daily Live Deep In Jesus Christ Today ! 🙂


All People Who #Worship Can Be Divided Into 3 Categories :


Which One Are U From ?

Category 1
The Heathens > Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists ETC. -These People Usually Do NOT Question The Fact That Jesus Did Live ,They Just Say He Was A Good Man Or A Great Teacher Or A Prophet.

Category 2
Some Of The Many Cults Out There > Mormans ,Jehovahs’ Witnesses , Christian Science Unitarian Universalists ETC. -These People Deny The Trinity ,They Deny Or Look At The Deity Of Christ In A Much Different Way They Deny That Jesus Resurrected ,They Reject Salvation By Teach That Man Must Achieve His Own Salvation (Which Man Can Never Do Coz Man Is Sinful !)

Category 3
The False Christians > Baptists , Roman Catholics ,Christian , Church Of Christ ,Episcopalian , Greek Orthodox , Pentecostal ,Anglican ,Russian Orthodox ,Church Of God ,Lutheran , Methodist ,Presbytarian ,Quaker ,United Church Of Christ ,Independents , Non-Denominational -These People Believe The Trinity ,The Deity Of Christ ,Salvation By Grace The Resurrection Of Jesus.

[Category 4 Is Obviously The Atheists , Godless ,Lawless ETC. People Who Think/Say That Man Can Be God Who Are Living As Gods (Playing Gods With People’ Lives) -These People Are The Ones Who Have Destroyed This World Has Made Daily Life Unbearable 4 All Of Us -THE MOST ; Together With The People From The First 3 Categories ,They’re Gonna Be Burning In Hell SOON Coz Only Us True Christians Are Gonna Be In Heaven.