Things We Need From @lunomoney

bitcoin  WOW! -> like, 140 ICOs have already made up to $2Billion !?! Since most ICOs are scams, Maybe if @lunomoney put up the 3 most real best ones to invest in, I too would’ve gotten into this trend! 🙂

I just checked out the best websites/exchanges/trading platforms i can sell my BCH for btc, on & i just registered with but im so disappointed at the security & verification process we need to do before we can start using our acct & then the site is Not simple  us crypto newbies 2 understand so i just emailed them 2 close my acct – all because…! SO, Luno really must make it possible 4 us 2 sell our BCH for BTC or ETH on luno (both,their site & APP !) now!


Currently, the Top 5 cryptos (accrdg to : are : BTC ,ETH ,BCH ,Ripple & IOTA -Since Luno is doing so well in having made it so easy for us to buy & sell our BTC & ETH even on their app, we REALLY Urgently Need them to do this (& they must keep it simple) for the other Top 3 cryptos 😦crypto1


My #MightyEarplugs From @EarplugsOnline Arrived!

I had such high hopes on these earplugs but unfortunately i have a Negative Review – they didNt work 4 me ,for my extremely Bad homelife (where theres noise all around almost 24/7 AND im going through the last & worst bit of my Tribulation Life suffering! 😦 I followed the instructions ,stuck it in my ear & it didnt block out even my “mothers” noise in the kitchen. These Earplugs should be R90 & come to a total of R130 with shipping&VAT. I hope to find earplugs (that look like those earpieces celebrity singers wear when they’re on stage) that will work like soundproofing -soon 😦

To #PersecutedChristians in #SouthAfrica

Sites U shud regularly visit >> (VOM) , , ,, , persecution,org (ICC) , << Im being ostracized & persecuted by my family & neighbours (& a few others) 4 being a christian, praying 4 me is great, thanks but I’d like 2 Connect with you, who are out of/way past your tribulation lives coz maybe you can help me (the person who helps me must be preferably a man)

The Problem With #SACompanies


(Between 11th-18th August 2014 Blacklisted My Bidorbuy Account Just Because I Used The Word: “Kaffirs” Somewhere In My Communication With Anthr BOB User! A BOB Employee Emailed Me Telling Me To Call Xolani Simphiwe On 0861 88 0861 (Which I Obviously DidN’t Because We Minorities Refuse To Hear These Blacks’ Rubbish Of How We Must Respect Them ,When They DoN’t Respect Us!) ) -MANY South African Companies Have Or Are Closing Down Because (As They Have 2 Have The Majority Of Their Employees Be Black According 2 This New SouthAfrica’ Apartheid Labour Laws) Their Kaffir Employees Are Causing US (Customers/Members) 2 Lose Our Accounts With These Companies By Putting Their Personal Feelings Before/Above These Businesses/Companies !