Things We Need From @lunomoney

lunobitcoinย  WOW! -> like, 140 ICOs have already made up to $2Billion !?! Since most ICOs are scams, Maybe if @lunomoney put up the 3 most real best ones to invest in, I too would’ve gotten into this trend! ๐Ÿ™‚

I just checked out the best websites/exchanges/trading platforms i can sell my BCH for btc, on & i just registered with but im so disappointed at the security & verification process we need to do before we can start using our acct & then the site is Not simpleย  us crypto newbies 2 understand so i just emailed them 2 close my acct – all because…! SO, Luno really must make it possible 4 us 2 sell our BCH for BTC or ETH on luno (both,their site & APP !) now!


Currently, the Top 5 cryptos (accrdg to : are : BTC ,ETH ,BCH ,Ripple & IOTA -Since Luno is doing so well in having made it so easy for us to buy & sell our BTC & ETH even on their app, we REALLY Urgently Need them to do this (& they must keep it simple) for the other Top 3 cryptos ๐Ÿ˜ฆcrypto1


O, My #Dear Fellow BTCoiners !


As The BTC Price Is At Its’ Lowest , Let’s NOT B Dismayed/Doubt ! Let’s images (26)All-Together Keep Believing (That As We NEED BTC 2 Pay For Our Online Jobs Because We CaN’t Get Menial Where We Live ) In Jesus (The Only God There Is) That He’ll Remove The Evil Forces Coming Against Our Only BTC Solution Get Its’ Price Back Up To $360-$380 -We Must NOT Give Up Seeing Headlines Of WW3 In Progress etc. ,We Must Go On Fighting FOR BTC Supporting The Faucets If We CaN’t Afford To Support The BTC Mining Sites (Like HP ,CM etc.)…. Time To Put Your “I’m Staying Positive” Skills In Practice ! ๐Ÿ™‚