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carprez2We Want Only Dr Ben Carson To Be America’ Next President. For This, We Have Deny Trump From Getting Those 1237 Delegates.

The 1st Way Is To : Vote For Rubio To Split Up The Voting Totals (To Prevent Trump From Reaching That 1237 Delegates Before The 18th/July/2016 Convention).

But Since We DoNt Want To Vote For Any Of The Other Candidates ,We Want To Vote Only For Dr Ben Carson Throughout 2016 (primaries ,caucuses) ,We Can Do Only The 2nd Way –>

The 2nd Way To Deny Trump From Getting That 1237 Delegates..& Ensure Dr Ben Carson Is The Nominee & Our Next President Is To : Be At That Convention (if brokered ,we wind up voting Dr Carson in at that time! 🙂 )

To Be At The Convention, U Must Get Yourself A Local (county or district) Republican Party Membership ,Inform Them U Want To Attend The National Convention, Then Attend Their District & State Convention & Then U Have To Voted To Go To The National Convention !

There’s A Process For Everything, If We All Follow This Process In Faith In God -Dr Ben Carson Will Be America’ Next President (as if no voter fraud & evil rich people exist!) 🙂


Save America By Joining @realbencarson ‘ #Events From Today!! :)


images (14)Jan 25th -Join The College Townhall Meeting At Faith Bible Baptsit College , 1900 NW 4th Street ,IOWA !

Jan 25th -Join The ‘Trust In God’ Townhall Meeting At Simpson ,701 NC Street , Indianola ,IOWA !

Jan 25th -Join The Colorado Caucus Training Meeting At Douglas County , Fairgrounds & Events Center Conference Room #2 ,500 Fairgrounds Drive ,Castle Rock ,CO ,80104 !

Jan 26th -Join Revive714 At The Heritage Assembly Of God ,5051 Northeast ,5th Street ,Des Moines ,IOWA 50313 !

Jan 27th -Join The Denver Organizational Meeting At The Great Scotts’ Eatery ,Cruzin’ Room ,No Host Breakfast Buffet ,1295 Cortez Street ,Denver ,CO !

Feb 6th -Join The Del Norte County Organizational Meeting At The Republican Headquarters Office ,290 I Street ,Crescent City ,CA !

Feb 7th -Join The Humbold County Organizational Meeting At Eureka Womens Club ,1531 J Street ,Eureka ,CA !

Feb 11th -Join The San Diego County Organizational Meeting At Dennys’ Conference Room (No Host Dinner) ,4280 ,Clairemont Mesa Blvd, San Diego ,CA ,92117 !