Using The Bible Example Of #Daniel…


Using The Life Of Daniel ! 🙂

The Babylonians Tried Their Best To Get Daniel To Forsake His Jewish Life Live Only Their Babylonian Life (Just Like How The Sinful Ppl In Our Lives All Around Us Have Tried Are Still Trying To Get Us To Forsake Our True Christian Lives Live Their Sinful Life (Microchipped Like Them!) )

That Fiery Furnace That Shadrach , Meshach Abednego Were In ,Was 7 Times Hotter Than Usual They DidN’t Die (This Is My Tribulation Life Fiery Furnace Right Now Too -I Will NOT Die!)

(Obviously Daniel Was Wrongly Put Inside That Lions’ Den) Daniel Trusted /Had Continuous Faith In God/Jesus While He Was In That Lions’ Den Got Rescued Out (Just As I’m Doing ,So I Too Should Miraculously Get Rescued Out Of My Tribulation Life Just Now!)

Our Enemies Will Go On Sneakily Publicly Plotting Against Us (Righteous, Faithful) True Christians From All Sides 24/7 ,But We Will Go On Living In God….!

When The Israelites Were Rescued Outta Egypt ,They Were On An Extremely Spiritually Low Level But God Did Incredible Miracles For Them Anyway Because They Remained Continuously Faithful In God (Just So, Even If We True Christians Are Not Continuously Perfect Here In Our Fiery Furnaces ,God IS Gonna Intervene For Us Here Anyway !)

Faith In God Is The Key That Opens The Door To Miracles. The Power Of Faith In Jesus Is So Great That It Can Overpower/Overcome Our Shortcomings Most Evil Enemies ,So DoN’t Despair. If God Can Turn Those Fierce Lions Into Gentle Kittens For Daniel ,Imagine What’s Possible For U !! 🙂


Yes, My Dear True #Christians …


After Our Enemies Lost To US (Imagine ? We ,All By Ourselves/On Our Own -Won The Full Blown Cancers They Were To US In & Around Our Lives!) ,They Carried On Lying Not Just About Us ,But Even To US About Our Actions In Their Last Ditch Attempt In Really Trying To Either Make Us Mental Of Kill Us (This Is Usually In The Last Minutes/Hours/Days Of Our Tribulation Lives) ,Almost Lying 24/7 Just Their Father Satan ,So God (Jesus Christ The Only God There Is…) HAD To Kill Them For US (As We Christians Do Good On This Earth ,So If We’re Killed ,There’ll Be Only These Stupid ,Sinful/Evil People Here On This Earth) *Stay Blessed My Fellow True Christian Winners!* 🙂