… #Wow Music Category -> @Kalash972 ! :)

From listening to his Top 10 MAIN  Tracks  (i like : Bando, Free Me, Chanson Du Mwaka & Mechop ; i dont like : AdmiralT  & Plezi), I say this guy is Greater than 99% of those famous american rappers etc. (like jayz, kanye west…) (Kalash shud tweet correctly & have a couple million followers). From the time I heard this guy’No.1 hit (Bando) , I asked : whats different about this guy? While watching the videos of this guys’ songs, I realised we really needed 2hear music like this (theres been too much of the usual & we’re tired of that), As I went on watching videos of his songs, I saw whats different & If music really is his life, he wont have too much of that wrong lifestyle (of smoking, drinking,drugs, bitches) in/make up his music videos (alot of beautiful young women in his music videos would cause him 2 Lose fans coz in reality, the majority of women dont look like that!) & I noticed that like other artists in the past, Kalash has opened the door/made a way 4 others like him 2 showcase their talents ,these ones must Not b copycats, they/their songs must b original &they must treat Kalash like a legend they look up & wanna b like! & will they last or soon wither away/ we’ll see! 🙂

Alotta artists had no.1 hits but werent Not able 2 maintain that, If ppl wanna have 20-30 year long music careers, they must b able 2 maintain ‘having hits/great songs’ throughout those 20-30 years

Ppl need 2 upload the videos of his songs 2 mobisite : http://www.waptrick.one asap! 🙂