Truths #Everyone Must Think On Everyday


images (23)The Time Will Come When Winter Will Ask Us : What Were You Doing All The Summer ?! (Its Autumn Where I Am Already ,Autumn Is Asking Me :What I Was Doing All The Summer ? Lol!)

Curses Are Like Processions. They Return To The Place From Which They Came ! (Don’t Curse ,Leave Your Enemies To God -For God To Kill -God Might Surprise You Kill Them Sooner Rather Than Later! 😉 )

Its From The Little Things, We Can Learn So Much (Once We’ve Given Up Life In The Sinful World Are Now Only True Christians/Living Only True Christianity -The Life Of Being Alone With God!)

We Should Be Comfortable, But Not Cosy ! (Comfortable=Productive/Progress ;Cosy=Obesity/Burdened Life) 🙂

We Must Take Up The Challenge (Of Being True Christians/Apart Of Gods’ Chosen Few) Not Try To Avoid It.

DoN’t Let Your Past Affect You (Your Peace,Happiness,Progress Of) Now 🙂