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Hempi bought/paid & emailed proof of my payment for this product on the 5th/sept/2017 (on this Tuesday. Kirsten emailed me saying : “thank u 4 your payment. we’ll now process your order” , THEN on Friday the 8/sept/2017 Kirsten emails me saying : ‘”your order will be shipped off on Monday morning (the 11/sept) , we’ll send a tracking no. thrgh 2 u, I hope u have a lovely weekend” <- iHeal could’ve posted this 2 me on friday morning so U can  imagine how i felt!

It got to my po on the 15/sept/2017, I picked it up on the 27/sept/2017. When I finally got to opening it, even though it was wrapped well, oil was still all over its plastic…!

It says “Ozone Hemp Healing Gel” so i expected a nice-smelling cooling gel, but instead its a horrible-smelling oil (the fact that its a horrible-smelling oil, this adds to our conditions & makes us more sick ; which is very irritating to use during our now warm/hot spring 7 summer seasons…!) ; If u want healing within a week (applying this on your skin conditions, candida etc. once or twice a day) ,this product is Not 4 u ,it will take time ; But yes, u need 2 use small amounts (with the tip of your finger) coz it does work

My Rating : Does It Work ? – 5 stars ; But its smell/feel ? – 1-3 stars


.. #Music playlist -> @RealBojoMujo ‘songs/tracks ! :)

This guy was greater than  oskido, dj sbu, (dj fresh etc. are nobodies compared 2 this guy coz its Not what the mainstream media forces down our ears, but its about what WE Like!). I say this guy “was” because he died in feb 2015 -yeh, he was 1 of those artists who died young..possibly killed by a fellow black/black artist (if so, I hope whoever killed him is really suffering & that Bojo’soul is resting in peace ; If a fellow artist killed him then thats probably the artist (who was signed under the same record label : House Therapy that Bojo was signed under)  who rose 2 fame in the 3 months after Bojo’death! Coz even though Bojo did his own thing & was underrated/under-recognised by the mainstream media/sa music industry ( as u can see from the no. of followers on his social media accounts, If the media/industry recognised him, Bojo too wud have millions of followers!), TO US Bojo was a multi-platinum DJ/artist -a Legend! Coz his songs/tracks (like a few other artists like Nathi, Mankayi, Mpumi…) crossed racial lines & brought out the africanesseven in us non-blacks ,& any black artist….whose songs can do that, is gonna b great/successful in Our eyes!

Of the 20 songs of his I listened to, 16 are nice/great & I’ve kept 7 on my playlist while off other famous DJs/artists, 8 are/great & we keep only 3 or 4 on our playlists <-look at that difference! If you know only overseas DJs’names then according to us, (its the voices of we the masses on the ground that matter, Not that off the ‘top dogs’in the media/industry!)  Bojo was like the Armin van Buuren or Avicii or Tiesto etc. from africa (obviously, not in terms of earnings/being the richest DJ but in terms of something far more important ie. good music that Uplifted our spirits ,made us happy & got us through life! His 7 best songs that will permanently b in my playlist & shud b in yours too are: Hlonolofatsa, Shiwele, Shine On Me, Unbelievable, Buya Kim, ThandoWam & Amazing Grace! 🙂bojmuj1bojmuj2

#FreedomOfReligionSA #forsa All Christians in SA object 2 the @CRL_Commission ‘ #CommercialisationOfReligionReport


forsalogoI’m objecting to this excerpt abt the CRL Rights Commission Commercialization Report : “The CRL wants  churches to be regulated by government through a peer review process. They say: anybody who holds any positions in the church has to be licensed before they can preach or take leadership in the church.  This is what they recommend to the Parliament: 1. That all religions in SA be controlled by one body ie. The peer review council, & all ministers must obtain a license from this body before they can minister.  2. That a ‘place of worship’ must first be licensed before it can be used for worship & that such places must comply  with the regulations of the local municipality before it is licensed.  ◀- this means If any place isn’t zoned as a church by the local municipality,  then it will be shut down (churches in factories,  school classrooms,  shops, tents, garages,  makeup hus,  under trees & open air services – will be shut down”

My Objection Says: Even though I agree that anyone who wants to be a minister/pastor/reverend/bishop etc. Must get a license first,  They shouldNt have to get it from government (the peer review council in this case) , They should have to get it as apart of/on completion of a compulsory 2 or 3 year bible college/seminary or college/university degree! That 00.1% of False pastors like the one who was spraying doom Into the eyes of ppl to cure their eye conditions etc. At that false church Shembe church, must be removed by the people not government ◀- Government should Not regulate the whole of christianity (church in/of SA) just because of cases like this false church/false pastor!

I object to all religions in SA being controlled by the same one body of your peer review council because there’d be Non Christians on that council who would Abuse their positions three & would be biased/unfair against all things Christian related.

Even though I agree that a ‘place of worship’ must be licensed first before it can be used for worship, Our local municipalities must Not get to create the regulations it must comply with (that will determine whichever places they’ll zone as a church) because the majority of people & therefore in our municipalities of our Indian townships for eg.  Are Hindus,  Muslims etc. & are Non-christians in other towns & they will be corrupt & Abuse their power to make it difficult or nearly impossible for us to get other up ‘places of worship’ licensed!  First, ya’ll wanna stifle/silence us then kill us just because we Christians live & speak truths & ya’ll don’t!

Catch the World Summit for Persecuted Christians in Washington DC , in May 2017 ★

Sign & Share forsa’ change . org Petition against this ‘commercialisation of religion report’ -▶ www. change.org/p/crl-rights-commission-keep-religion-free-from-regulation-in-south-africa? Utm_medium=email&utm_source=notification&utm_campaign=signature_receipt&share_context=signature_receipt&recruiter÷10255673

Im objecting to this excerpt abt the Dep. Of Justice’ Hate Speech Bill : “The Dep. Of Justice wants to Prosecute (put in jail for a maximum of 10 years) anybody who preaches or presents material (bibles, christian books, cds, dvds, etc.) which they/ungodly may see as hate speech. If anyone can find any communication or hear any sermon which THEY say is discriminatory towards them, then they can take you to court & have you criminally charged for hate speech – U will serve time in jail for saying sin is sin – If just anyone can take offence at what u say! The Dep. Of Justice defines communication as : gesture, display, expression, written or illustrated or other descriptive matter, oral statement, representation or reference & electronice communication (like Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, WordPress….!!)”

My Objection Says : I/we also object 2 the Dep Of Justice’  Hate Speech Bill which wants 2 Prosecute christians 4 communicating their christianity 2 ppl coz from what I’ve seen 99.9% of christian behaviour is peaceful Not harmful/disciminatory/offensive  & we dont force any1 2 listen 2 us & convert 2 christianity -only those non-christians who try very hard to, might find something 2 b offended by, While we christians can very easily b offended by things by ppl of other religions but you ndont see us getting Them ciminally charged !!

This & other such bills will open the door 4 & allow non-christians 2 abuse it ie. tthey’ll intentionally cause problems/trouble outta nothingwhen they’ll intentionally choose 2 babnormally extra sensitive to & feel offended by/discrimated againstby something from christianity-they’d do this 2 stifle us christians & 2 remove christianty outta public life 2 make more space 4 their messedup selves& replace christianity with the islam cult etc.

For submitting your comments (objections) to these 2 Bills ,its as follows : The Deadline for the Hate Speech Bill is 31/Jan/2017 (u can email your objections to hatecrimes@justice.gov.za ) ; The Deadline for the CRL Rights Commission’ Commercialization Report is 28/Feb/2017.

If U’re interested in taking action, contact Mr Julius Moloi (President of the CMCSA) (whatsapp him) on 0739262407 or email him at juliusmoloi@gmail.com.

The Problem With #SACompanies


(Between 11th-18th August 2014 Bidorbuy.co.za Blacklisted My Bidorbuy Account Just Because I Used The Word: “Kaffirs” Somewhere In My Communication With Anthr BOB User! A BOB Employee Emailed Me Telling Me To Call Xolani Simphiwe On 0861 88 0861 (Which I Obviously DidN’t Because We Minorities Refuse To Hear These Blacks’ Rubbish Of How We Must Respect Them ,When They DoN’t Respect Us!) ) -MANY South African Companies Have Or Are Closing Down Because (As They Have 2 Have The Majority Of Their Employees Be Black According 2 This New SouthAfrica’ Apartheid Labour Laws) Their Kaffir Employees Are Causing US (Customers/Members) 2 Lose Our Accounts With These Companies By Putting Their Personal Feelings Before/Above These Businesses/Companies !

Wake Up #KZN ..!


As A Non-White Defending The Whites > (As 20 Years Since The Good Apartheid Has Gone By) I’m Sick n Tired Of The Kaffirs (The Black Population) ,The Coloreds (The Messed Up MixedRace Population) Some Indians Blaming Their Own Evils (Of Having ±14 Per Family While “Suffering In Poverty” etc.) On The Dear White Race ,While Benefiting SO Much From The Good The White Race Has Gone On Doing For US ,Yet Saying “Evil White People Evil Apartheid” !! STOP Living In The Past ,Live ONLY In The NOW ,Looking Forward Towards A Prosperous Future Of Your Own Making (DON’T Have A Kid ,Coz Its NOT Worth It Coz We’re STILL Recovering From The Overpopulation Of Our Races During Apartheid Fight For Segregation (U Will Fight For Segregation If U Call Yourself ,A Man Or Woman!) )