The Constitution Of #India Says It Declared…


The Right To Freedom Of Religion To Be A Fundamental Right” -This Is Obviously A Lie (which even we outside India can see!) With Hindus Persecuting/Killing Christians Regularly & With 80% Of The People Still Trapped In Hinduism ,14% Trapped In Islam & Only 2.5% Of The Population Getting To Be Christians ,Free In Christ !
Reading On Hinduism/The List Of Hindu Deities ,We See That Hinduism Is Complicated & NOT Worth Following , While Christianity Is Simple & Worth Following As We All Need A Simple Life To Reach Our Goals ,Be Successful/Accomplished & Prosperous Today!

Never Fear For The Stupid, Intolerant Hindus ,Muslims etc. (Who prove they are off satan by coming against Christians !)
Become Apart Of 1 Or All The Christian Ministries/Organizations/Missionaries Nearest To U
Daily Live Deep In Jesus Christ Today ! ๐Ÿ™‚


#TechBasics Everyone Has..


imagesTo Know Off By Heart Nowadays ->>

What Is Broadband ?
It Is The Faster Computer Internet Connection Available On The Market ,It Gives U An Awesome Internet Experience!

How Does Broadband Usage Work ?
All Online Activity (Like Checking Your Emails ,Browsing Websites, Downloading ,Movie Streaming Or Being On Social Media USES Data.
We Must Buy Data Bundles -These Bundles Come In Soft Capped ,Hard Capped Or Uncapped >
Soft Capped Is :If U Buy A Monthly Data Bundle Of 5Gigs & U Use Up 5Gigs ,U Will Have Reached Your Soft Cap -This Means :Your Limit Has Been Reached But U Will Still Have Limited Functionality At Much Lower Speeds…
Hard Capped Is :When U Have Reached TWICE Your Actual Purchased Limit EG. If After Your Soft Cap Of 5Gigs Has Been Reached ,U Still Manage To Download Another 10Gigs Off Local Sites (This Is TWICE Your Actual Purchased Limit Of 5Gigs) -U Then Will Get Cut Off ,Your Connection Will Be Unusable Until Your Next Months’ Bandwidth Becomes Available Or U Buy More Data.
Uncapped Is :U Get Unlimited Internet Access For A Fixed Monthly Price.
We Can See :Uncapped Wins! ๐Ÿ™‚

Broadband Speed -How Do U Choose ?
Bandwidth Speed Data
Look At Different Speed/Price Packages To Help U Decide What U Need In Terms Of What U Can Afford ;Figure Out The Speed U Need By Looking At What U Do Online >
If U Only Use Basic Email & Web Browsing ,A Slower Speed Will Be Fine.
If U Often Stream Music Or Videos ,U’ll Need A Slightly Faster Connection , Gaming & Online Video Conferencing Will Require A Very High Speed.

Kbps Mbps MB GB
Broadband Plans Will Show U Two Numbers -One For Speed & One For Usage >
Mbps (Faster) Is Better Than Kbps (Slower -Anything Less Than 256kbps Cannot Be Called Broadband).
GB (More Internet Usage) Is Better Than MB (Less Internet Usage).
We Can See : Mbps & GB Wins ! ๐Ÿ™‚

Should U Have More Than One Broadband Connection In Your Home ?
Its NOT Necessary Coz U Can Connect Many Computers/Gadgets With ONE Connection Via A Wired ADSL But Especially Via A WiFi Network.

What Is WiFi /WiFi Connectivity ?
WiFi Is Short For : Wireless Fidelity. WiFi Is A Wireless System That Allows U To Connect Computers ,Tablets Or Smartphones To The Internet Through A Wireless Transmitted Signal Via A ROUTER ,Rather Than Plugging Into An ADSL Cable.
*If Your WiFi Goes Down For Any Reason ,U Can Still Stay Connected Via A 3G Connection*

What Is The Difference Btwn 3G & WiFi ? On Your Smartphone/Tablet ,U Might Be Able To Switch Btwn Wireless Connections & 3G >
3G Uses A Cellular Signal To Access The Internet ,Wherever U Have The Right Signal ,U’ll Have 3G (But Only One Person Can Use It At A Time).
WiFi Is Faster Than 3G But Finding An Available Connection Can Be Difficult…(But MORE Than One Person Can Use It At A Time).

What Is The Difference Btwn Mobile Internet & ADSL ?
Mobile Internet Gives U Access To The Internet When U Are On The Go ,Thanks To A Mobile Internet Connection Like 3G.
With Mobile Internet Like 3G ,U Can Still Connect To The Internet Even If U Are Away From Your Fixed Line (ADSL) Connection.
ADSL Runs On A Fixed Line (Like Your Landline Telephone) ;Because Its NOT Dependant On Signal Availability ,Its Very Reliable & A Very Cost-Effective Option. U Can Run Many Devices (PCs ,Laptops ,Tablets etc.) Off One Connection Thanks To A Router Or Wifi-Modem ,Which Allows The Internet Connection To Be Split To Your Many Devices On That Fixed ADSL Line Of Yours.

What Is An ISP & Do I Need It ?
ISP Is Short For : Internet Service Provider. An ISP Is Any Company That Connects U To The Internet ; WithOut An ISP ,U Cannot Connect To The Internet.
So Yes, U NEED An ISP To Connect To The Internet !!

Content Streaming ?
There Are Two Ways U Can Experience Photo ,Movie & Music Files Online >
1st Way : U Download The Files To Your Computer.
2nd Way :U Stream The Files (Where The Data (Of The File/s) Is NOT Permanently Downloaded To Your Computer (We’v All Heard Of Terms Like :”Streaming Audio”..)
*U Use Content Streaming When U Listen To Online Radio For EG.*
Streaming Has Many Benefits -Like Immediate Real-Time Usage Of Data & Files & The Ability To Watch Videos Online (Like On YouTube).
We Can See : Streaming Wins ! ๐Ÿ™‚

#BlessChrist ,Transform Lives !! :)


U Can Provide A Pull Cart At $110 ,A Motorized Sewing Machine At $145 ,A Pair Of Goats At $130 ,An Embroidery Machine At $145 ,A Cow At $365 ,A Weaving Loom At $136 ,A Rickshaw At $190 ,A Bicycle At $100 ,A Jesus Well At $1000 AND A LCD Digital Projector Kit At $1650 For The Impoverished Families Of South Asia Via [U Can Also Buy The Books :”Destined To Soar” , Touching Godliness” ,”Broken For A Purpose” ,”Dear Sister” ,”Even Donkeys Speak “Living In The Light Of Eternity” -All At $9 Each -Anytime , Yearly !!

Using The Bible Example Of #Daniel…


images (8)Using The Life Of Daniel ! ๐Ÿ™‚

The Babylonians Tried Their Best To Get Daniel To Forsake His Jewish Life Live Only Their Babylonian Life (Just Like How The Sinful Ppl In Our Lives All Around Us Have Tried Are Still Trying To Get Us To Forsake Our True Christian Lives Live Their Sinful Life (Microchipped Like Them!) )

That Fiery Furnace That Shadrach , Meshach Abednego Were In ,Was 7 Times Hotter Than Usual They DidN’t Die (This Is My Tribulation Life Fiery Furnace Right Now Too -I Will NOT Die!)

(Obviously Daniel Was Wrongly Put Inside That Lions’ Den) Daniel Trusted /Had Continuous Faith In God/Jesus While He Was In That Lions’ Den Got Rescued Out (Just As I’m Doing ,So I Too Should Miraculously Get Rescued Out Of My Tribulation Life Just Now!)

Our Enemies Will Go On Sneakily Publicly Plotting Against Us (Righteous, Faithful) True Christians From All Sides 24/7 ,But We Will Go On Living In God….!

When The Israelites Were Rescued Outta Egypt ,They Were On An Extremely Spiritually Low Level But God Did Incredible Miracles For Them Anyway Because They Remained Continuously Faithful In God (Just So, Even If We True Christians Are Not Continuously Perfect Here In Our Fiery Furnaces ,God IS Gonna Intervene For Us Here Anyway !)

Faith In God Is The Key That Opens The Door To Miracles. The Power Of Faith In Jesus Is So Great That It Can Overpower/Overcome Our Shortcomings Most Evil Enemies ,So DoN’t Despair. If God Can Turn Those Fierce Lions Into Gentle Kittens For Daniel ,Imagine What’s Possible For U !! ๐Ÿ™‚

We Must All #MeetGod Soon ! :)


download (4)

Are U Prepared ?

Your Eternal Happiness Or Misery Is Involved In The Above Question !
If Your Answer Is “No , I Am Not Prepared” Or ” I Am Not Sure” ,Then Carefully Consider Your Condition/Examine YOUR Life!

Isaiah 53:6 -ยป “All We Like Sheep Have Gone Astray Have Turned Everyone To Their Own Way” (Through Gossip ie. Lies ETC.!) & Boy, O Boy -Am I Seeing This In My Family But Especially In My Neighbourhood ( Everywhere , Really!) 24/7 !

Yes ,Jesus Died In Our Place ,Sacrificed Himself For Us BUT Only Hearing Believing In Jesus Bible Word Is NOT Gonna Make U Be Saved On Judgement Day Soon.
U Have To Live Righteously (ie. Live Only The Bible Word) ie. The Exact Opposite To How The Sinful People All Around Us Live , TO SAY >> U’ve Confessed U’re Like A Lost Sheep Without Jesus ,Repented Of Your Wrongs ,U’re Forgiven ,U’re Always Protected By Jesus ‘Blood Wherever U Go ,U’ve Received Jesus Into Your Life (ie. Only Jesus Lives In U) ,U’ve Accepted Christ As Your Saviour ,U’re Saved On The Way Of Life Through Jesus That Leads To U Living In Heaven For All Eternity (Like ,Duh!).

The Cross Jesus Died On Forever Stands Between Death Judgement For Us Who Believe In Live Only For Jesus Christ.

Romans 10:13 -The World ,Satan ,Sin (Wrongs) , Death ,Judgement Eternal Punishment (Hell) Holds Everyone -The Only Way Of Escape Is To Turn From Sin To God By Calling On Jesus Christ ๐Ÿ™‚

All People Who #Worship Can Be Divided Into 3 Categories :


images (10)Which One Are U From ?

Category 1
The Heathens > Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists ETC. -These People Usually Do NOT Question The Fact That Jesus Did Live ,They Just Say He Was A Good Man Or A Great Teacher Or A Prophet.

Category 2
Some Of The Many Cults Out There > Mormans ,Jehovahs’ Witnesses , Christian Science Unitarian Universalists ETC. -These People Deny The Trinity ,They Deny Or Look At The Deity Of Christ In A Much Different Way They Deny That Jesus Resurrected ,They Reject Salvation By Teach That Man Must Achieve His Own Salvation (Which Man Can Never Do Coz Man Is Sinful !)

Category 3
The False Christians > Baptists , Roman Catholics ,Christian , Church Of Christ ,Episcopalian , Greek Orthodox , Pentecostal ,Anglican ,Russian Orthodox ,Church Of God ,Lutheran , Methodist ,Presbytarian ,Quaker ,United Church Of Christ ,Independents , Non-Denominational -These People Believe The Trinity ,The Deity Of Christ ,Salvation By Grace The Resurrection Of Jesus.

[Category 4 Is Obviously The Atheists , Godless ,Lawless ETC. People Who Think/Say That Man Can Be God Who Are Living As Gods (Playing Gods With People’ Lives) -These People Are The Ones Who Have Destroyed This World Has Made Daily Life Unbearable 4 All Of Us -THE MOST ; Together With The People From The First 3 Categories ,They’re Gonna Be Burning In Hell SOON Coz Only Us True Christians Are Gonna Be In Heaven.

They Made Their #Choice


images (29)

Using Their Free Will To Reject Jesus , Means They’re Miserable Problems To Society ,Using Our Free Will To Accept Jesus ,Means We’re Peaceful/Peacemakers In Society -If ,On Top Of Rejecting Jesus ,They’re Also Gonna Interfere With Us Out Of Their Misery/Boredom ETC. (As They Usually Do -Interfere With Us ,That Is!), We’re Gonna Have To Kill Them Out Of Our Peace ! Every Christian Must Be FOR Gun Rights (2nd Amendment/All Amendments/Demanding Everyone Lives The Constitution ,Not The Democrats/Liberals’ Words), Not Gun Control !