@Facebook #Blocking Ppl’ Accts..is worse than #Censorship !


Around the 27/Feb/2017, I saw facebook blocked my acct (whose name (not url) was “Carson Trump”) (they say “temporarily blocked” but since i cant use my acct at all, it feels like they’ve permanently blocked my acct!)

After i enter my login details, they ask me to rewrite a word captcha then they ask me to “upload my govt-issued ID which must include your name, D.O.B. & photo. Acceptable IDs include ; your passport, driving licence, military ID card, immigration ID with signature. Bear in mind that we cant accept your profile picture” (my profile pic was of a collage of Mr Trump & Dr Ben Carson…). More than once they say they’ll delete our IDs after they’ve reviewed it but…dont know if we can believe this.

It seems like this “upload your ID” thing is Compulsory coz when u click on “continue”, Under “choose file”, theres a box to tick & in brackets next to it, it says :(i understand thast i wont get help getting my facebook acct back, if i dont upload my ID)! On Thursday 2nd/March/2017, i Uploaded my ID ,afterwards it said ; “Thank u, we’ll get in touch with u at the email address u provided, after we’ve revieved your ID. U will now be logged out of facebook”. Afterwards they sent me a sms (text) with a link (coz i used to login with my cellphone (mobile) number , Not with my email address), clicking on this link went to Facebook Help who said : “U contacted ¬†facebook, thank u for submitting your ID (open) Case no.#___”

About 3 hours later, they sent me a 2nd sms with a link, clicking on this link Facebook Help said “Thanks for contacting us. It looks like we couldNt confirm that u’re the owner of this acct because u didnt provide ID with info that matches the acct details (this is a lie coz they could’ve matched my facebook url to my ID name & seen that i am the owner of this acct & my ID upload DID show clearly my name, D.O.B. & photo but maybe there was a problem coz there’s Many other ppl with the same name…but then facebook shud’ve told me this!). The info we need includes :your name,D.O.B. ,your photo. If u dont have an ID, u can use other docs to confirm that u own this acct. To learn more about what docs u can send, pls visit the help centre & take a look at options 2 & 3. Then the link in this reply goes to : What types of ID does facebook acccept : 1. Govt IDs (10 different types are listed) ,2.Non-Govt IDs (17 different types are listed including : medical record, social security no.

We can see that by asking for my ID ,facebook has tried to make this look like this is about “there being More Transparency (& therefore safety) at facebook” but from the fact that they said they caNt accept my profile picture (which is of Mr Trump & Dr Ben Carson), we can see that this is about them clamping down on & to remove us patriotic christian conservatives off social media (as if we’re the illegal aliens….!) & i used to login to my acct just once a week & had a “Page” (about an online income opportunity) to take care of. My Bio said ; “indian introvert christian conservative” so they could’ve matched this to my ID & accepted my ID !!

Even though god knows we post truths to the world through our social media accts, sometimes god will take our social media accts away from us coz they were on the way of what He wants us (& what we’re just supposed) to be doing & so then to get us to simplify our lives so we’ll clearly see what He wants us to be doing & to get us to Really focus our clear minds on that particular thing He wants us to be busy with (especially like in my case, having to login to my facebook acct even just once every week was an extra burden that i just couldnt carry on with anyway so…)- & when we do this, thats when we do excellently in it -god loves us & wants us to excel in only the good & the right things in this short life of ours! ūüôā


#FreedomOfReligionSA #forsa All Christians in SA object 2 the @CRL_Commission ‘ #CommercialisationOfReligionReport


forsalogoI’m objecting to this excerpt abt the CRL Rights Commission Commercialization Report : “The CRL wants ¬†churches to be regulated by government through a peer review process. They say: anybody who holds any positions in the church has to be licensed before they can preach or take leadership in the church. ¬†This is what they recommend to the Parliament: 1. That all religions in SA be controlled by one body ie. The peer review council, & all ministers must obtain a license from this body before they can minister. ¬†2. That a ‘place of worship’ must first be licensed before it can be used for worship & that such places must comply ¬†with the regulations of the local municipality before it is licensed. ¬†‚óÄ- this means If any place isn’t zoned as a church by the local municipality, ¬†then it will be shut down (churches in factories, ¬†school classrooms, ¬†shops, tents, garages, ¬†makeup hus, ¬†under trees & open air services – will be shut down”

My Objection Says: Even though I agree that anyone who wants to be a minister/pastor/reverend/bishop etc. Must get a license first,  They shouldNt have to get it from government (the peer review council in this case) , They should have to get it as apart of/on completion of a compulsory 2 or 3 year bible college/seminary or college/university degree! That 00.1% of False pastors like the one who was spraying doom Into the eyes of ppl to cure their eye conditions etc. At that false church Shembe church, must be removed by the people not government ◀- Government should Not regulate the whole of christianity (church in/of SA) just because of cases like this false church/false pastor!

I object to all religions in SA being controlled by the same one body of your peer review council because there’d be Non Christians on that council who would Abuse their positions three & would be biased/unfair against all things Christian related.

Even though I agree that a ‘place of worship’ must be licensed first before it can be used for worship, Our local municipalities must Not get to create the regulations it must comply with (that will determine whichever places they’ll zone as a church) because the majority of people & therefore in our municipalities of our Indian townships for eg. ¬†Are Hindus, ¬†Muslims etc. & are Non-christians in other towns & they will be corrupt & Abuse their power to make it difficult or nearly impossible for us to get other up ‘places of worship’ licensed! ¬†First, ya’ll wanna stifle/silence us then kill us just because we Christians live & speak truths & ya’ll don’t!

Catch the World Summit for Persecuted Christians in Washington DC , in May 2017 ‚ėÖ

Sign & Share forsa’ change . org Petition against this ‘commercialisation of religion report’ -‚Ė∂ www. change.org/p/crl-rights-commission-keep-religion-free-from-regulation-in-south-africa? Utm_medium=email&utm_source=notification&utm_campaign=signature_receipt&share_context=signature_receipt&recruiter√∑10255673

Im objecting to this excerpt abt the Dep. Of Justice’ Hate Speech Bill : “The Dep. Of Justice wants to Prosecute (put in jail for a maximum of 10 years) anybody who preaches or presents material (bibles, christian books, cds, dvds, etc.) which they/ungodly may see as hate speech. If anyone can find any communication or hear any sermon which THEY say is discriminatory towards them, then they can take you to court & have you criminally charged for hate speech – U will serve time in jail for saying sin is sin – If just anyone can take offence at what u say! The Dep. Of Justice defines communication as : gesture, display, expression, written or illustrated or other descriptive matter, oral statement, representation or reference & electronice communication (like Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, WordPress….!!)”

My Objection Says : I/we also object 2 the Dep Of Justice’ ¬†Hate Speech Bill which wants 2 Prosecute christians 4 communicating their christianity 2 ppl coz from what I’ve seen 99.9% of christian behaviour is peaceful Not harmful/disciminatory/offensive ¬†& we dont force any1 2 listen 2 us & convert 2 christianity -only those non-christians who try very hard to, might find something 2 b offended by, While we christians can very easily b offended by things by ppl of other religions but you ndont see us getting Them ciminally charged !!

This & other such bills will open the door 4 & allow non-christians 2 abuse it ie. tthey’ll intentionally cause problems/trouble outta nothingwhen they’ll intentionally choose 2 babnormally extra sensitive to & feel offended by/discrimated againstby something from christianity-they’d do this 2 stifle us christians & 2 remove christianty outta public life 2 make more space 4 their messedup selves& replace christianity with the islam cult etc.

For submitting your comments (objections) to these 2 Bills ,its as follows : The Deadline for the Hate Speech Bill is 31/Jan/2017 (u can email your objections to hatecrimes@justice.gov.za ) ; The Deadline for the CRL Rights Commission’ Commercialization Report is 28/Feb/2017.

If U’re interested in taking action, contact Mr Julius Moloi (President of the CMCSA) (whatsapp him) on 0739262407 or email him at juliusmoloi@gmail.com.